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He-Man Spread for Tarot or Oracle Cards x

He-Man Spread.png

Last week I posted a She-Ra Spread to help us with standing in our power.

I talked about how I reckoned that She-Ra was an embodiment (uh, cartooniment?) of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine.

And because I'm all about equality of the sexes I decided that it wouldn't be right not to follow up with a He-Man spread for connecting with our own inner divine masculine!

If you've got a bit of time you might want to check out all my spreads here, and if you wanna know how you can connect with He-Man in spirit guide form check out my post about Pop Culture Spirit Guides! :D

Okies, now go grab a cuppa and a deck of cards (oracle or Tarot, anything will do!) and I'll meet you back here!

Here's one I did earlier with the Revelations Tarot. x

Here's one I did earlier with the Revelations Tarot. x

What beliefs do you hold about your own masculine energy?

There's a lot of issues with the Patriarchy right now and it's easy at times to like, not want to connect with our own masculine energy because of it. But the divine masculine is cool. It's like all the good aspects of masculine energy.

This card will show you what beliefs (positive or negative) you have around connecting with your own masculine energy


What are your power tools?

This is not about literal power tools, like chainsaws. This is about using the tools you already have (material or within you) to connect to your power.


What is your heart strength?

The Divine Masculine is so total heart strength. What is yours?


What's up with your willpower?

Willpower is pretty useful when it's working. This card will show you what you need to know about your own strength of will.


How to connect with your courage and strength

And lastly, a card to show you how to connect with your inner courage and strength as you move forward on your path of power!


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With love, light and powers of Greyskull,



She-Ra Princess of Power Spread for Tarot + Oracle Cards

She-Ra tarot spread x

Is it any coincidence that right at the same time the planet needs a major rising of peeps standing in their power She-Ra explodes onto Netflix?

Probably not.

She-Ra is Goddess energy personified and dressed in a very awesome gold and white 80's outfit and I personally feel like she's here to remind all of our inner little girls (boys you too have an inner little girl) of our own divine power and strength in these tricky times!

So grab your tarot, oracle, angel, or whatever cards, make yourself a raspberry slushie and let's get down to some connecting with our power She-Ra style.

Here's one I made earlier with the  Starchild Tarot  x

Here's one I made earlier with the Starchild Tarot x

CARD ONE: What is calling you into your power?

Anything at all can be the catalyst to our rising into our own power.

A situation where our power has been taken, a feeling of helplessness, a desire to help and heal others or even just a desire to live a more balanced life. This card will show you what is calling you to rise right now.


CARD TWO: What beliefs are hindering or helping you?

We all have so many thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, most of which are so not true. Some thoughts can stop us from hopping into our power suits, other thoughts, the more positive ones, can help us to stand strong! Which beliefs are asking to be seen and heard?


CARD THREE: Your obvious super power

This super power may actually only be obvious to people who know you, and not necessarily to you personally. But either way, this is a power that you have that is definitely not a secret!


CARD FOUR: Your secret super power

Here's some info about your secret super power/s. This power may be a secret to you too!


CARD FIVE: Where and how to stand in your power now

Now that you know what your powers are, what are you going to do with them? This card will give you some insight into where to stand in your power and how to do it!


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The OA Tarot Spread

The OA Tarot Spread

If you're not totally losing your shiz over the OA on Netflix you're not doing 2017 right.

Me and the bf binge watched it over a couple of nights after being totally hooked from the start. Interdimensional travel, Angels, a killer soundtrack and the best choreography you've ever seen in your life? I mean, OMG. Stop even reading this and just go watch it.

The story line revolves around our girl Prairie who has a near death experience and then gets kidnapped by a creepy doctor who wants to do experiments on her, and others like her.

So obvs, the idea of feeling "trapped" was the inspiration for this spread.

If you want to know what's going on in your own life with feelings of being trapped and how to break free, this is the spread for you!

Tarot, Oracle and especially Angel cards are welcome for this one! 

5 cards, 5 movements! :O #TheAngelOracle by Ambika Wauters x

5 cards, 5 movements! :O #TheAngelOracle by Ambika Wauters x

CARD ONE: Where are you trapped?

This card will give you an idea of where you're trapped in your life.

In what areas of your life are you feeling stuck?


CARD TWO: Who or what has trapped you?

Hopefully not a creepy doctor, but perhaps it's a person, a situation, a belief or thought, perhaps something from the past holding you?

This card will show you who or what is responsible for your stuck-ness.


CARD THREE: Escape plan

Here you'll gather your resources and come up with a way out of this.


CARD FOUR: Interdimensional assistance

Even the best of us need a little assistance from another dimension now and then.

Advice coming in from your Angels right about now!


CARD FIVE: Way out

This card shows you the step/s to take to move out of this trapped and stuck feeling and out into freedom.

Here's one I made earlier with the Linestrider Tarot + the Vessel Oracle x

Here's one I made earlier with the Linestrider Tarot + the Vessel Oracle x

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Pumpkin Spice Latte Autumn Equinox Tarot or Oracle Spread

Pumpkin Spice Latte Autumn Equinox Spread.png

The Autumn (or Fall!) Equinox is upon us! We know this because we either follow the wheel of the year or we've noticed that Pumpkin Spice Latte is back! :D

I love Autumn. I love big chunky 80's jumpers, YA novels, chain drinking tea and of course, binge watching Netflix on the couch with the doona.

As we head into this beautiful season it's a great time to pull out your fave deck of Tarot, Oracle or whatever cards you have lying around and check in!

I also did this reading for us all which you can check out by scrolling down or popping over to the New Age Hipster YouTube channel.

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PS - if you're in Aussie or other Southern Hemisphere places you might wanna check out the Spring Equinox Reading.



What do you need to be grateful for at this time? Where could you be more grateful? What are the wonderful things in your life you don't notice enough? Grounding yourself in gratitude now will get you through the colder months. It's great to make a note of this, put a picture or a phrase on your wall or somewhere you'll see it often to remind you.



Where and  how should you ground your energy at this time? How are you going to stay grounded now that there are less opportunities to go rub your feet in the grass?



This card can represent that which has grown beautifully in your life, the stuff you need to be really proud of. Notice what's grown! Or it can represent anything that needs to be cut away. Harvesting is about collecting pumpkins, but also getting rid of those veggies that didn't grow so well.


Stock up

It's a great time to stock up so you don't run out later. What do you need to stock up on now so you can get through the winter without running out?



Where will you find warmth when it does start getting chilly? What is your energetic hot water bottle?



It would be great if we could take time off and just sit with the Kindle until Christmas, but we still have to work. Here you'll find a message about how to get up and get going on your work, projects and dreams even when it's pitch black outside and you just wanna doona burrito yourself.



Where will you find joy at this time? How can you best connect to that delicious whipped cream feeling?


If you wanna chat about your own spread pop on over to Tarot Nerds or Spiritual Journey Pitstop the two groups I admin on Facebook!

May your Autumn be full of pumpkin spice lattes!

With so much love and light,



The Circle



A monthly membership to support you on your spiritual path.

Each month we dive into a new topic, and you get a PDF workbook including info, journal prompts + a tarot/oracle spread, downloadable MP3 meditative journey and access to a community of gorgeous like-minded souls.




Stranger Things Tarot + Oracle Spread

Stranger Things Tarot Oracle Spread New Age Hipster x

If you haven't seen Stranger Things yet close all tabs immediately, except for Netflix, and go watch it. 

As a hard core 80's enthusiast and woo woo woman the TV show Stranger Things has been everything I ever wanted in a TV show. Telekinesis powers, a freaking killer soundtrack,  I mean, it even has Winona

But enough fan-girling, let's get our decks out!

A big theme running through this show is the search for truth, so I thought it would be be totes aprope to centre this spread around our own personal search for truth

You can use Tarot, Oracle, Angel, Uno or whatever cards you have. 

PS - this spread is not for the faint of heart. Serious truth seekers only!


Here's one I made earlier... x

Here's one I made earlier... x

What you don't want to see

This card can give you some insight into what truth you are ignoring, truth you are afraid to see, or truths that you just haven't even noticed until now.

I got Transition (Death) reversed. Ah gah. I'm always telling everyone else to stop resisting change, and here I am, totally resisting it. 


Where the truth is hidden

Sometimes others are hiding truths from us, sometimes we hide them within us, sometimes they are hiding under bushes. This card will help you work out where the truth is hiding.

With the Ten of Swords coming up for me, my truth is pretty clearly hiding in the completion of a cycle. This next to Death is pretty truth telling! :o


What blocks the truth

Who or what is blocking you from seeing the truth? Are outside influences stopping you seeing the truth about your own life? Or is it something within you?

With the Three of Cups reversed in my spread I know this is a pretty specific message about how I like to call things in, but I sometimes forget I have to go out and find them too.


Your Strength - who or what has your back

This card could represent the people around you who have your back, spirit guides and angels working with you, or aspects of yourself to draw on right now.

The Page of Swords here for me feels very much like my own power, sort of new-ish power, but it's powerful all the same. I'm totally ready for this battle, even if I'm kind of freaking out on the inside! 


Double sided glass to shatter

What illusions do you need to let go of to really see the truth about where you are and who you are and what you need to do to live in the truth of it all?

I got Eight of Wands reversed and for me I know this is all about dropping the illusion of struggle and fighting against the energy that's around me. A big kick in the butt to work with energy I'm in, rather than struggle.


The truth

Now we have the truth of the situation. What is the ultimate truth you need to see right now about yourself, your life or your situation?

I got The Magician reversed. Lol. So my truth right now is that I'm not yet reaching my full magic, manifesting, witchy woo woo potential, and I have some serious work to do on it before I will, but it will totally happen if I want it to!


Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this spread and found it useful! And if you do want to grab a reading with me you can do that by clicking here.

Oh, and if you really want to start living in your truth Woo Woo School might just help you do that too!

With love, light and truth,



An Interview with Josh LaFayette, creator of the Food Fortunes deck

Any New Age Hipster worth their weight in Amazonite has been eyeing up the Food Fortunes deck by Josh LaFayette.

When I first cracked this deck open I was like - OMG the art is freaking incredible! Then I was like - OMG it's pizza on a Tarot card! Then I was like OMG how do I read this thing, like does this actually relate to RWS (Rider-Waite Smith) symbolism or what the actual heck is going on with this deck? So I made a video about that, basically like "what are you doing with this deck, Josh LaFayette?" along with my awesome interpretations of the Knight of Sides card (it's about following your mashed potato dreams, obviously).

When Josh popped up in my inbox with some of the answers, I was like OMG Josh is like the coolest Tarot deck creator ever! And then I thought I should probably get him on the blog and share these answers with you because maybe you've also been sitting around trying to make your pizza match up with your Magician or your banana split with your Wheel of Fortune

But never fear Tarot Nerds! Josh is here to explain it all! 

Josh, all the New Age Hipsters are loving Food Fortunes, it's such a cool quirky and fresh new take on the Tarot, where did the idea come from?

Thank so much, Vix! I drew a version of “The Slice” back in 2013 as part of my Daily Drawing series. My original idea/concept was to take something deeply mystical and revered and strip it of all that by making it about food. Tumblr loved it lol. Katy Perry posted it on her Instagram account (with no credit obvi!) and that’s when I thought “dang, people might really be into a full deck?”


Are you actually into Tarot and woo woo stuff? Or was this more of an art project than a spiritual one? (Obviously art is spiritual, but you know what I mean)

I had to look up “woo woo” if that gives you any idea! :) I was raised in a New Religious Movement in the Southeastern U.S. that was an offshoot of a Christian sect called The Shepherding Movement (I abandoned it in my 20s). As a kid, I was shielded from all things even remotely related to occult practice/imagery or witchcraft or clairvoyance or anything. But, I was raised with a heavy emphasis on numerology and spirituality and meetings with prophets and stuff, so I guess I basically just got one end of the spectrum and was “sheltered” from the rest. I was always taught to look for symbolism in the things around me and to take meaning from things that most people might otherwise ignore (also I went to art school and that’s basically what they teach you lol). All that to say—once I set myself free to explore all mystical imagery (not just Christian), I really fell in love with the RWS deck around 2012/13.


How long did it take you to create the deck and how many of the cards are based on your actual dinners?

As I mentioned, I drew the first card in 2013. I drew about 10 more that year. All for my own pleasure. Then in 2014 I started grad school for an MFA in Illustration and I used those 10 illustrations (and the concept of a full deck) as the focus for my thesis. In late 2014 Chronicle Books in San Francisco reached out and developed an interest in publishing a full deck. I worked on the 78 proper Food Fortunes cards from about October 2014 to July 2015.

I definitely put a lot of my favorite foods in the deck! Also, I hid a lot of easter eggs in the cards based on my personal experiences—words in Arabic, Latin, Italian, Japanese, and Turkish, old hobo symbols, alchemical symbols, a drawing of my childhood home, and the name of my wife, Lou. I really had a lot of fun doing all of that!


We're all super interested in how the cards relate to the Rider Waite Smith symbolism, or like, if they don't? I've been clawing my eyes out trying to find the symbolism between pizza and the magician (pizza is magic?), please explain! 

Haha I love seeing you and all the New Age Hipsters striving to make the connections! So, Food Fortunes is only related to the RWS deck superficially through imagery. When I started working with Chronicle to make the deck a real thing, I studied the RWS like crazy. I fell in love with Pamela Coleman Smith’s illustrations and with the thought of A. E. Waite basically rethinking tarot and making it something he wanted it to be. Tarot is such an old tradition with so many lasting concepts and guidelines, that I knew I didn’t (and still don’t) understand it all. Instead of taking years to familiarize myself with the interworkings of tarot, I decided to make something new (this is why the word “tarot” never appears anywhere on the deck/box/booklet). But I didn’t want to completely leave RWS behind, so I borrowed/appropriated/referenced imagery from the deck. The meanings of the cards don’t overlap—not intentionally anyway. I have heard some good arguments for how they do coincide, though! Maybe the Universe had deeper plans than me :)

My main hope is that this deck will help “regular” people decide what to eat. But after hearing so much from the tarot community, I hope that Food Fortunes can help card readers sharpen their intuition and deepen their practice in a not-so-serious way. 

What deck/s did you check out while making your deck? Do you have a favourite tarot deck?

My main source of inspiration and study was the RWS—I bought that deck right away when I had the idea and I bought and read books about RWS to learn as much as I could. I’d have to say it’s my fav. I did look at a lot of other decks to familiarize myself with the tradition and make sure that I gave myself context before I started. I looked at a lot: The Épinal Tarot, The Marseille Tarot by Charles Cheminade, The Marseille Tarot by Jean Dodal, Oliver Mundy’s Tarot (which I believe is contemporary), Il Tarocchino Bolognese, Il Tarocchino Lombardo, The Aquarian Tarot (1970), The Black Power Tarot (a majors-only novelty deck), The Major Arcana by Oliver Hibert (another majors-only novelty deck); I also followed the creation of the art for the forthcoming Modern Spellcaster's Tarot by Melanie Marquis and illustrated by (my friend!) Scott Murphy, and the forthcoming Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and illustrated by Elisabeth Alba (Scott Murphy’s partner).


Your art is pretty awesome. How did you get into it?

Thank you!! My mom would buy me sketchbooks and markers very frequently when I was a kid. I honestly didn’t grow up thinking that drawing was something unique to me—I thought everybody drew the same way everybody watches T.V. or eats or whatever. Art classes weren’t offered in the public schools I attended, but I went to college for a BFA in Graphic Design and really fell in love with expressing ideas through design. In 2012, I transitioned from design to illustration in my personal practice and now I’m magically an illustrator. In July 2016, I’ll have a big piece of paper that says I’m a MASTER of illustration and it’ll have a gold seal and everything on it so it’s super official, and that’s cool :)


Do you have any advice for people who might want to create art but think they suck at it? (I'm just asking for a friend)

I used to suck at art. It was nearly impossible for me to translate what was in my head onto the paper (this is even after I transitioned into calling myself “an illustrator”). I started a daily drawing project in 2011, so I’ve done over 1000 daily drawings and that is how I became “good at art.” If you want to be good at anything all you have to do is practice it over and over and over and over and talk to other people who are practicing the same kind of thing over and over. I think there are certain people who are born with a natural ability to do something and that’s great. But most normal people suck at everything and we just have to try and fail one million times until we’re good at it. I find no shame in that whatsoever!


What else do you do when you're not creating art? 

I’ve been writing/recording music and playing in bands since I was 16, and I think that’s something I’ll always do! Going to listen to bands, going to look at art, and playing with my son are some of my favs. I also love to eat (obviously!!)


Which card in this deck best describes you?

Ooo that’s a tough one! After much thought, I think I have to say for who and where I am right now it’s The Refried. It’s not my favorite card in the deck, but it feels so somber and introspective. There are two suns, which I find disorienting—and there is green grass beyond the sand/dirt landscape, but it’s upstream and there’s no clear path to get there. I’m juggling a lot right now in life and work and I find myself feeling confused frequently—but at least it’s bright outside and I’ve got plenty of water. Also I love beans :)

What's your favourite pizza topping?

I haven’t always felt this way, but after living in Italy with Lou for a while in 2009/10 I gotta say just gimme fresh mozzarella! Nothing beats a proper pizza margherita!


Do you actually keep your deck in the kitchen to help with meal planning? And can you provide us with a printable meal planner to go along with the deck? :D

Yes! Sometimes we use it to help decide which restaurant to visit and sometimes we use it as a list of ingredients for a meal to cook. It has actually been really helpful for us a number of times! Haha I already provided a meal planner—it’s called Food Fortunes! :D


Do you have any tips for vegans, vegos or pescatarians on how we can substitute some of the meatier cards?

Yes! So, my family and I are definitely omnivores, but we eat vegetarian/vegan often because, really, it’s better all-around for the earth and our bodies. I think when you’re in the veg mindset, you sort of develop an intuition that helps you quickly know what to substitute in for meat/eggs/dairy. For example, the King of Mains is a huge steak. But if I’m in the veg mindset and I pull that card, the first thing I think of is a big ol’ grilled portobello mushroom—yum! This is making me hungry. 


Do you have any plans to create another deck? If so, what themes are you considering?

I’m glad you asked these last two questions together because while I was drawing Food Fortunes I kept thinking that it would be so great to have a vegetarian or vegan version of the deck. I would personally love that. Sometimes planning a vegan diet is exhausting, and I forget what I’m able to eat and I just end up eating tons of sweet potatoes and lettuce. Having a handy deck of 78 vegan ingredients would be super helpful! We’ll see what the future holds—maybe I’ll have to sign up for a genuine New Age Hipster reading and find out whether that’s a good route to pursue! :)


Thanks Josh! It's been so awesome to chat with you and we're all eagerly awaiting the next deck! :D


And now you're going to wanna check out Josh in all these places:

website: joshlafayette.com 

collection of Food Fortunes promo images and links: joshlafayette.com/foodfortunes

@joshlafayette on twitter and instagram.

tumblr: joshlafayette.tumblr.com

facebook: facebook.com/joshlafayette.biz


And make sure you grab this deck for all your meal planning and culinary intuitive needs!

With love, light and dinners done,




Tarot with Friends (Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Joey, Ross and Phoebe)!

Friends Cast playing cards Some people practice their Tarot skills while hunched over a table with a couple of candles, a huge stack of books, some crystals and a deck of Tarot cards. While I do like this method on occasion there's a style of Tarot practice that is just way more me. You know I'm all about Pop Culture Tarot and Tarot making sense in the real world and so that's how I practice!

I gave myself some Tarot homework this week because every time I turn on TV these days, Friends is on. It never ends, and if you are still watching at the start of the next episode you can't get away!  As I found myself falling down the Friends rabbit hole earlier this week I thought I should make the most of it and play Tarot with Friends!

This is a crazy fun Tarot game and you can play alone or with Friends (Ha! LOL!). All you do is sit on your couch, turn on the TV and grab your Tarot cards. Look for cards that represent characters, storylines or locations. Make it harder by using only Court Cards, or Majors or Minors. Experts can use only one suit! Oh! You smarty pants!

I've been watching a lot of Friends lately so I thought I'd double up and so I give you a Major Arcana card and Court Card for each of our favourite TV Friends! 


Let's start with Ross... He's a total dork, a serious loser and a lot of people who've watched this show kind of can't stand him. I don't mind him, he's just a total Dinosaur geek right? So who better in the Major Arcana to represent a Dino Geek than the Hermit? Sure, the Hermit is usually a hell of a lot wiser than a guy like Ross. He mostly relies on book smarts to get by and rarely shows any 'wisdom'. But perhaps he's like a young Hermit. In like, 40 years or something, maybe he'll be wise. Ross is totally the King of Swords. He's all intellect and not so great with his heart, passion or earthly stuff, although Dinosaurs come from the Earth, hrmmmm. But books and History facts are his thing, which makes him a Swords guy. A very different version of the King of Swords than Eric Northman, he's probably more Page of Swords because he's kind of clueless and immature, but maybe he's just still growing into his King of Swords boots.

Ross Friends


Phoebe is a real mystery and a mixed bag. She doesn't totally fit into any of the archetypes of the Tarot that easily, but she's definitely got a whole heap of Moon qualities. Mystery alone makes her a Moon chic. She's a total space cadet with a deep hidden past - she mugged people as a kid and has even alluded to being secretly married in the Las Vegas episode. The Queen of Wands is Phoebe's court card. She's fiery, passionate, super confident (but not very musical!) and always sticks up for herself and her friends. Remember that episode where she was catering a wake with Monica? Monica was too soft to ask the widow for her money and Phoebe just walked right in there in a middle of the widow singing a show tune and demanded that they get paid! Woah, that's what a little Wands energy can do!

Phoebe Friends


And Joey is the Fool. Obviously. He's a kind hearted guy with not a lot going on upstairs, bless his cotton socks. Just like the Fool in the Tarot who is so in awe of life and a believer in all things good in the world, Joey steps off the cliff into the unknown every time he leaves the apartment because he always forgets what he went out for. In the Court Cards Joey is the Knight of Wands, mostly because he always acts first and thinks later, a pretty common Wands thing. He follows his passion, rocks up to audition after audition looking for his big break, but retaining his cool the whole time. His quick mouth often gets him into trouble, but because most of what comes out is completely Fool-like and innocent everyone just loves him even more. Nawww.

Joey Friends Pineapple


Moving onto Rachel and I cast her as the Empress. She's creative, easy going, looks after everyone and is a bit of a mother hen, especially to the boys. Monica thinks she is, but Rachel really tucks everyone under her wing whenever they need it. She's sweet and lovely and is pretty obsessed with the idea of creating an awesome life for herself. Empresses don't always have to be 'mothers' in the literal sense, but they do have a gorgeous nurturing vibe and if they're not giving birth to babies, they need to be giving birth to something else! Rachel is also the Queen of Cups. She's kind and intuitive and one of the things that her Empress is always trying to 'create' is the perfect love affair. Because the truth is, love makes this friend's world go round. Like a lot of Cups people who desire romance with all their heart, being single is even harder for them than for us Swords, Pents or Wands peeps.

Rachel Friends


Chandler, what a joker! His witty one liners give us a giggle, but in terms of plot, they don't get him very far. This makes Chandler the Hanged Man. If you think about it, Chandler is pretty much everyone else's side kick, and he has no real character development until he hooks up with Monica, which is like, ages later! He basically hangs around shooting out sarcastic remarks for years without anything really happening to him. He's having a great time in that tree, living in NYC, hanging out with friends, but is his career, relationship or life really going anywhere?! I've also made Chandler the Knight of Pentacles. He seems like an earthy kind of dude, much more than most of the characters in this show. Chandler may be a joker, but there's a real sense from him even at the start of the first series that all he really desires in life is a a good job with a decent salary, a pretty wife and a couple of kids. He's not into saving the world, he just wants to enjoy his world.

Chandler Friends


And Monica is the High Priestess. Not, in this case, because she's particularly intuitive, but because she's a little on her high horse at times. She thinks she's the High Priestess, the Queen of the apartment block, a little high and mighty. She doesn't do it on purpose, that's just how she is. She likes things a certain way and expects everyone else to just be OK with that. She's not big on compromise, and sees the world in black and white, she doesn't really do grey. Monica is the Queen of Pentacles too. She's the Queen who thinks her apartment and her space is her palace. She likes having nice things around her, good food (oh! Hello catering business!) and she likes to look nice too. She looks after her money and spends carefully, but is more likely to spend money on something nice for the apartment than a new pair of boots.

Monica Geller Friends


I hope you enjoyed reading my Tarot homework. Now your homework is to grab your cards and watch your favourite TV show (or any TV show!) and start pulling out some cards for your characters!

I'd love to know how you go with it so please comment below or find me on Facebook where I'm always around for a chat about Tarot, TV or whatever else you fancy!

<3 Love, light and Tarot with friends <3



WTF Court Cards: Queen Elizabeth II - Queen of Swords

Image from the Rider Waite/Pamela Coleman Smith deck x

See? I told you I'd keep working on the WTF Court Cards series! Why WTF Court Cards? Well, because when you learn tarot and first ask questions like "will I get the job?" and you pull the Queen of Swords it's like -" WTF Court Cards?!" Why couldn't I just pull a nice Ace of Pentacles or something?! Argh! It's enough to make even the most psychically gifted gal to go running to back to her magic 8 ball. I love magic 8 balls. I wonder if I can get one on Amazon...

Easier than Court Cards. x

Today in Pop Culture Tarot Queen Elizabeth II stars as the Queen of Swords!

WTF? You may be asking. How can Queen Elizabeth II an actual Queen represent a Queen in the tarot, because aren't all the Queens a Queen?! Good question. But no, not all Queens are created equal. Some are emotional wrecks, some are fiery war mongers while others prefer to sit on their thrones quietly and run the lands 'properly'. Liz is one of those ones. She doesn't dash about in her pants, take centre stage like Beyonce or pick up a wand first chance she gets to go into battle. Oh no, this queen rules using her intellect and logic - you know, the whole 'swords thing'.

Now love her or loathe her (I happen to love her), you have to admit Queen Liz has pretty much never put a foot wrong in her fifty-something years on the throne. I mean seriously, do you think the other queens would last that long without messing up or causing a scene or going losing it over the costumes for the 44th world tour? Lizzie stays level headed in all types of crises and always puts her people above all. As Queen, her job is simple - look after your subjects. Do the best thing for them and their country, even if they think it sucks at the time. She's like the dedicated teacher who spends hours planning so she can give you loads of extra homework and you get totally pissed, but then realise later that actually, you learnt a hell of a lot in that class. 

Queen Elizabeth young gif

Swords people aren't really into affection and they definitely aren't huggers. I mean hugging is just so - emotional, ick! Only super emo people hug. How about holding hands or kissing your hubby when out and about? Maybe a couple of times every 100 years or so. If Queen Elizabeth doesn't hug you back, it's not because she doesn't like you, it's just that one must stay professional and regal at all times and never show weakness. Affection is for weaklings! I don't need a hug! I'm the Queen of England! I don't even hug my baby, we just shake hands!

Shaking hands with babies

She doesn't even give Prince Harry a cuddle, although he's always being naughty so maybe you can kind of understand it, but he's just soooo hugable am I right girls, am I right? I mean come on, you must have a heart of steel to resist pinching these cheeks...

Prince harry smiling gif

Sorry where were we? Oh yes, so she's quite steely really, and she totally believes in honour and tradition. She goes to church and does all the other weird things that you are 'supposed' to do if you are Queen. While other members of the monarchy are rocking a hipster chilled out approach to being royal, Liz sticks with the tried and true. You'd never see her in a tabloid, dancing naked on a table or dressing up in a highly inappropriate costume for Halloween. It just isn't done! But she doesn't make a fuss (at least not in public!) about other members of the royal family doing their do, and for that we give her clicks!


The Queen of Swords is known for ability to give brilliant advice. She knows a hell of a lot and has seen enough to know what works, what doesn't work, what's going to get you where you want to go, and what's going to hold you back. But her advice will always be somewhat 'sensible'. If you ask her about whether you should get a real job or blow all your cash backpacking through the UK she's probably going to tell you to get a real job. But sometimes you need that person in your life, to tell you what's sensible, what's a 'good idea' and what's the 'right' thing to do for the greatest good, for others and for yourself. Although she may seem to lack any kind of emotional bone in her body, she really does look out for everyone else over herself. I mean come on, she's spent over 50 years as Queen. She's followed the rules, toed the line and has she ever complained about it? Don't think so. She's got on with it, for the benefit of everyone, and she'll encourage you to do the same.

Upright you can trust her completely and tell her everything. Reversed though this woman can be seriously manipulative and weave a web of lies that is so well thought out it's almost impossible to really catch her out. She can be truly heartless and ice cold, sharp and cutting with her words and basically just really, really mean.

Queen of Swords/Queen Elizabeth II Cheat Sheet:

<3 steely <3 logical <3 clever <3 intelligent <3 not affectionate <3 awesome ruler <3 likes tradition <3 honour <3 cold <3 icy <3 manipulative <3 calculating  <3 advice <3 professional <3 regal <3 devoted <3 sensible <3 knowledgeable <3 good at speeches <3 leader <3 ruler

So now the big question - how does this all help you in your readings? Perhaps this card can represent someone that you know, or an aspect of yourself, or the person you are reading for. It can mean you are being too logical and not thinking with your heart enough, or it could be that you should get into counselling, after all, counsellors have to have an element of the Queen of Swords within them. You can't be in a counselling session with crazy passionate opinions or balling your eyes out! When asking about a relationship - perhaps you need to be more affectionate. Asking about a job - stay professional and show your true leadership abilities! What about pulling the Queen reversed when asking if you should buy that round the world ticket - hmmm, might not be the most 'sensible' thing to do right now... but of course you are welcome to use your free will and go anyway!

Whenever you are feeling too emo or scattered try channelling your inner Queen of Swords and see if she can bring you back into your body and your brain and start making good solid choices again. After all, not every decision in life should be made with the fiery passion of the Wands or the heart-felt Cups. Sometimes we all need a little Swords energy around us to get things into perspective and use some logic occasionally!

queen elizabeth ii young, waving, wedding

Can you think of anyone in your own life or any other pop culture persons who are also Queen of Swords types? I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas, please come on over to Facebook and say Hi!

<3 Love, light and logical decisions <3


WTF Court Cards: Bridget Jones - Queen of Cups

Bridget Jones, Queen of Cups - Hanson Roberts Tarot It's been a while since I've blogged about pop culture tarot but don't freak out! I'm dedicating the first part of 2015 to finishing off the WTF Court Cards series! Yay!

For those not already in the know - when you first start out with the Tarot there are quite a lot of 'easy' cards. A man in a boat - hello you are going somewhere. A man looking sad because he spilled his drink - OK, this is about disappointment. Easy peasy lemon squeezy let's all be professional tarot readers and quit our day jobs wheeeee! And then you find yourself in the middle of an intense reading for your Mum or someone who's game enough to be your guinea pig, like your cat, and you pull the Queen of Cups, well WTF? It's just a chic on a chair with a cup. Is this about a person? Is this telling you to go to IKEA and get some new mugs? I mean seriously, it's not that helpful. These damn court cards are tricky, even for people who've been reading tarot for a gazillion years. But never fear - WTF Court Cards is here helping make tarot accessible to even the newest of new age hipsters.

Today in Pop Culture Tarot we are learning all about Bridget Jones - Queen of Cups.

Bridget Jones is probably not the first pop culture princess that comes to mind when you think of the Queen of Cups, but stay with me here. We know the Cups suit is all about emotions right? And who is more emotional than Bridget Jones, I mean really?

Bridget Jones gif new age hipster

So the vodka shooting Bridget is probably more like a Queen of Cups reversed card. The emotional wreck. The stalker. The girl who obsesses compulsively about romance, love, has crushes on six guys at once and can't get a proper date with any of them. She drinks too much and this is totally a reversed cups issue, along with depression and all those 'upside down emotions'. The cups people are super emo and their watery vibes are not only symbolic - tears, crying in the bath, wine, beer and vodka. It's all very reversed cups.

The Queen of Cups has a huge tendency to get obsessive about stuff. Men, women, relationships, friendships, family, any of the emotional stuff. They thrive on relationships, and when things aren't going well in that area of their lives it feels as if their lives are falling apart. And this Queen without her King?! OMG please don't even get her started.

bridget jones in a blanket eating ice cream new age hipster

While the Queen of Pentacles is going about her business making a career and a life for herself and the Queen of Wands is off saving her family from anything or anyone that gets in the way, the Queen of Cups is most likely to be complaining about how she doesn't have a boyfriend. Career?! She only goes to work because she fancies her boss!

But the Queen of Cups has a hell of a lot of redeeming features and when she's got her shit together she is one of the most sweetest, warmest, friendliest, charming, kindest, loveliest women you'll ever meet. She'll always help you if you ask for it, and even if you don't! She'd do anything for her friends and family and put up with a serious amount of crap to keep the peace. She's a brilliant peace keeper and her greatest desire in life (apart from getting married) is that everyone gets along. She's a hugger. You won't get away without a huge hug and maybe even a pink cover-stay lipstick print on your cheek. As a friend she's adorable and worth her weight in gold. In a relationship she puts it above anything in the world and will do anything to keep her partner happy. Although this means she can be clingy and a little crazy at times, when she's with someone who gets her, every day is like walking on clouds for the both of you. 

The Queen of Cups is the Queen of intuition. Does she think with her head?! Does she use logic? Oh no, hell no! This girl thinks with her gut all the time, making her intuition bang on as long as she's not drunk. When the love of her life is walking out of her flat she has two choices - let him go and talk to him later, or listen to her gut and run the hell after him now (even in pants).


So whenever you see the Queen of Cups come up in your readings be sure to think of Bridget Jones. Remember how even though she's an emotional wreck she is lovely, warm, friendly, romantic and super intuitive even if she doesn't even know it yet.

Queen of Cups/Bridget Jones Cheat Sheet:

<3 intuitive <3 friendly <3 romantic <3 has a crush on everyone <3 life purpose is to find true love (or so it seems) <3 could have a drinking problem <3 obsessive <3 hugger <3 helpful <3 sweet <3 kind <3 cries a lot <3 loves bubble baths <3 clingy <3 puts up with a lot of crap <3 wants everyone to get a long <3 nothing is more important than love! <3 emotional wreck

So how does this work when reading about a situation? OK, you want to know if you should pursue a relationship? Queen of Cups (upright!) says yes. Want to know if your crush fancies you? Queen of Cups reversed - maybe they would if you weren't so damn obsessed about them! Asking about work? Maybe you need to stop obsessing over one element of your job and get a change in perspective. What if your question was about your spirituality and connection to the Universe? Well, hello! You have awesome intuition so work it!

There are a gazillion ways to read the Tarot, and thinking of Bridge as the Queen of Cups is just one way I've used to get really clear on who the Queen of Cups is and what she's about. I'd love to hear about who you think of when you see the Queen of Cups come up in your spreads! Come over to Facebook and let me know how you see this gorgeous ga of the Tarot! x

<3 Sending you so much love, light and intuitive romantic vibes with a tub of ice-cream on the side <3


Molly Weasley - Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands from the Housewives Tarot These damn Tarot court cards can be so confusing! What's up with just people just standing there or siting in a chair? How the hell does that help me when it comes up in a reading?! Never fear tarot enthusiasts! Vix from New Age Hipster is here to solve all your tarot card meanings problems - in particular those darn court cards - by doing some simple Tarot/Pop Culture mash-ups!

And today in Pop Culture Tarot - Mrs Weasley as the Queen of Wands!

Everyone loves Molly Weasley. She's the coolest Mum around, and if you don't have a Mum around for whatever reason (Muggle/killed by Voldemort etc.) she'll happily take you in and bake you a bunch of banana muffins. She's warm and sweet and kind, but if you cross her or keep the flying car out too late - WOAH Nellie! - you'll be seeing her flashing around her Elemental fire balls like Wowzah! But then like two seconds later she'll make you a tea.


The Queen of Wands is the Elemental Queen - Elemental as in Fairies. The elementals are fiery, red headed, passionate creatures who live in a world of animals, nature and all that is wholesome. Think fairy houses, tiny doors in century old trees and oh, hey, The Burrow! They don't dig fast paced city life, concrete sky scrapers or fancy Asian fusion restaurants. Give them a pie and a hug and they're as happy as Larry.

Now you might be getting confused at this point - isn't Pentacles the Earth suit? Well, er, yes, technically, but Wands is the Fire suit! It's all about action, adventure, passion and not sitting around on your butt but no matter how comfy your hand knitted throw cushions are, if someone you love is in danger to hell with the muffins! Wands people grab the closest broomstick and beat the bad guy down! Fire spreads through Earth like... well, fire. While the Earth signs are solid, earthy and dependable, these Wands women will bake the best cake at the Hogwarts fair and tomorrow - save you from certain death! And do you know why? Because the Queen of Wands bloody well cares. She cares about nature, animals, family and she cares about those people in the world who are good, and she'll fight for what's right and good while other queens sit on their thrones delegating, making decisions or sending their boys to war. Not this Queen, she's out on the front line, protecting the realm of her Wands people.


Uh, OK, so every time you see the Queen of Wands are you going to read it as Mrs Weasley's coming over for tea? Not exactly, but you are going to have a pretty darn good idea of the archetype and what this card represents. All you need to do when the Queen of Wands pops up in your Tarot spread is think of Molly Weasley.

Queen of Wands/Mrs Weasley cheat sheet:

<3 loyal <3 warm <3 honest <3 family oriented <3 fiery <3 passionate <3 loving <3 loves nature and animals <3 keeps a cosy home <3 adopts children officially or unofficially <3 shouts a lot, but is never mean <3 has a temper! <3 looks like a fairy <3 possible red hair <3 fiery eyes! <3 bakes cookies <3 beats down baddies

So now you're probably thinking about of a bunch of people you know that could be a Queen of Wands type; your Mum, your cool boss at work, yourself, but what about the dreaded 'court card as a situation/outcome' meaning? OK - so you pull the Molly Weasley card when you're thinking about travelling - YES, buy your ticket! You pick the Molly Weasley card when you ask about a relationship - hrm, maybe stop throwing those fireballs huh?! The Molly Weasley card appears when you're asking about work stuff - hello, follow your passion! Doing a spread about your life purpose - easy peasy; the animals and the environment need you, get a job you believe in. Get it?!

Reversed I read her as too fiery or she's lost her passion. Totally unbalanced and unstable. Streaks of meanness may be present in a reversed Queen of Wands, or else she can sometimes be so busy looking after everyone in the end she forgets to look after herself and burns out.

Now you're cooking with gas! You'll never go blank on your Queen of Wands again!

Love, light and trouble-free tarot!