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New Age Hipster is more than just a website, it's the idea that anyone can be spiritual. Whether you're a corporate kind of chic, a student kickin' it in Converse, a working Mom or a Stay at Home Nomad, everyone can connect with their intuition, chat with the Divine and live a magical life!

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All about me, Vix, this New Age Hipster person, and why you should trust me to help you be even more awesome than you already are.

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Work stuff, getting into a bit of a woe is me and then totally raising our vibes! Wahoo! :D x 

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Wanna know if you are on the right path? Wanna know if that guy is the right guy? Wanna know WTF you should be doing with your life?

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Vix’s energy is infectious and real. She totally gets it.
— Kate, www.upcoaching.com