She-Ra Princess of Power Spread for Tarot + Oracle Cards

She-Ra tarot spread x

Is it any coincidence that right at the same time the planet needs a major rising of peeps standing in their power She-Ra explodes onto Netflix?

Probably not.

She-Ra is Goddess energy personified and dressed in a very awesome gold and white 80's outfit and I personally feel like she's here to remind all of our inner little girls (boys you too have an inner little girl) of our own divine power and strength in these tricky times!

So grab your tarot, oracle, angel, or whatever cards, make yourself a raspberry slushie and let's get down to some connecting with our power She-Ra style.

Here's one I made earlier with the  Starchild Tarot  x

Here's one I made earlier with the Starchild Tarot x

CARD ONE: What is calling you into your power?

Anything at all can be the catalyst to our rising into our own power.

A situation where our power has been taken, a feeling of helplessness, a desire to help and heal others or even just a desire to live a more balanced life. This card will show you what is calling you to rise right now.


CARD TWO: What beliefs are hindering or helping you?

We all have so many thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, most of which are so not true. Some thoughts can stop us from hopping into our power suits, other thoughts, the more positive ones, can help us to stand strong! Which beliefs are asking to be seen and heard?


CARD THREE: Your obvious super power

This super power may actually only be obvious to people who know you, and not necessarily to you personally. But either way, this is a power that you have that is definitely not a secret!


CARD FOUR: Your secret super power

Here's some info about your secret super power/s. This power may be a secret to you too!


CARD FIVE: Where and how to stand in your power now

Now that you know what your powers are, what are you going to do with them? This card will give you some insight into where to stand in your power and how to do it!


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With so much love, light and powers of princesses,




Past Life Power Spread

Past Life Power Spread - get a glimpse at your past life issues! - Vix www.newagehipster.co
Past Life Power Spread - get a glimpse at your past life issues! - Vix www.newagehipster.co

I've spent a whole heap of time developing my clairvoyance and it's sooooo cool to get glimpses into my past lives, and the past lives of others! But my clairvoyance has an eye of it's own (lol!) and it always works better when I have some pretty pictures to kick it into gear, and Tarot cards are so perf for this purpose! OMG I just wrote perf. :/

But you don't have to be clairvoyant to get a glimpse of your past lives and be able to use this information to help you in the here and now, because it's super cute to know you were a shoemaker in some little Eastern European town in the middle ages, but how can that help you right now? So here's a Past Life Power Spread I created so that we can all get some messages about our past lives no matter how psychically developed we are!

<3 Get started

You can focus on a question for this, such as "what past life issues relate to the shit I'm going through at work", or just go ahead and ask "what past life stuff do I most need to know about right now?"

<3 Card One: Soul or Soul Lesson

This card represents your soul, or soul lesson. It can show you where you are at and what your life lesson is right now, for example what this shitty job is teaching you. Or it can focus on a bigger life lesson like learning to speak your truth. This card can show you something about your soul! If you get the Star card you have a super shiny soul! If you get the Devil, don't freak out, this is probably just a message for you for you to get out of the bondage that is your shitty job!

<3 Card Two: How this past life affects you now

This is what you have brought with you from your past life into this life. Usually this card is going to show you something that you need to let go of. Whatever is in this card is about your past life, not this life! Let it gooo, let it goooo!

<3 Card Three: Past life power to embrace!

Sometimes we forget the power that we held in past lives, the personality traits we had that were really cool! This card calls you to embrace this power in this life. What's the point of having past lives if we don't get smarter and stronger over the centuries?! Am I right grrls and guys?!

<3 Card Four: A message or memory

So this one is a little vague on purpose. This is a message or memory that your past life has for you. We've seen what we need to let go of and we now know our power, but there might be something else this life wants to show you. A little reminder of who you were, and who you are!

<3 Words of wisdom

Looking into your past lives can be pretty full on. If you aren't ready to, don't go there. You can use this spread without the past life influence like this:

1. where you are right now

2. what you need to let go of in this life/situation

3. your power to call on

4. something to remember about yourself

If you wanna see this spread in action check out the video below! I was just doing an example spread but it ended up being an awesome message for me about a past life!

Let me know how it goes for you, I'd love to know who you were in a past life! Maybe we made shoes together, or hung out under palm trees in Egypt!

<3 Love, light and powerful past lives! <3



#Caturday cat cards - King of Swords

photo (28)  

It's Caturday at last! I don't know about you guys but this has been a crazy week for me! I've been e x h a u s t e d! No matter how much sleep I got, or how much time I had I just seemed to be kind of done this week.

But the King of Swords is telling us that we have the power! We can do whatever we want today! If you want to just sit and finally finish that book you've been reading for weeks (Hello Clockwork Prince!), or if you want to get cracking on some of those projects you're up to, or even if you want to veg out and watch Sorority Girls on iPlayer (OMG why am I so obsessed with that show when it's SO BAD?), or even if you want to go out on a date with someone your friends are telling you is so bad for you - screw what everyone else thinks about how you spend your time - you are the King of Swords dammit! Do whatever you want! (Within reason right? Like if that guy is bad for you don't get into a silly situation!)

Remember this Caturday that the power is within you!

And make sure to check out my Free Readings page if you are looking for a reading!

Love, light and kitty power!