Work with me

Working with me is like getting your best friend from high school to read your cards.

You don't have to do your hair or bring anything to the table except your gorgeous self. 

You are welcome at my table (or my floor, I do a lot of readings on the floor) whether you're just starting out on your spiritual journey or are running your own spiritual empire.

I am not a predictive reader or a fortune teller.

I don't tell you what your future holds.

I'm much more interested in helping you to create the future that you want.

My thing is helping you to find your own way. Helping you work out how to get from where you are to where you want to be and holding the umbrella for you while you navigate through the storms.

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Intuitive Readings

An Intuitive Reading is super if you want some guidance about a specific situation in your life.

These readings are where it's at if you need someone else to tune in on your behalf, help shed some light and give you some info, advice and action steps to help you move forward.

We can chat about relationship stuff, career, money, home life, family, travel, projects, your spiritual journey, spirit guides, past lives and anything else that is coming up for you.

I use Tarot and/or Oracle and Angel cards. If you prefer an Angel reading or Tarot only just let me know.

Keep scrolling for the Tarot FAQs!

Intuitive Readings can be done over Skype, email or video.

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Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring is for you if you're getting serious about your spiritual path and want to increase your connection to your own intuition and guidance.

Whether you're just starting out on your spiritual journey or need some help reconnecting, these sessions hold space for you to find your own way

Although I share with you many of the tips and tools I use, I also tune in intuitively to pass on info specifically for your own personal path.

Book yourself in for a one off or first session here.


Biz Mentoring

Biz mentoring is for business owners looking to grow their businesses, or peeps who are thinking about starting their own biz and need a cosmic hand making it all happen.

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Tarot Reading FAQs

Q: What's the difference between a Skype, Email or Video reading?

A: A Skype session is great if you have an hour to spare and you want to have a good old chat about everything as well as a card reading.

An Email reading is great if you like going back and re-reading the messages. Email readings are usually more channelled than Skype sessions.

Video readings are similar in energy to my Monthly Readings which you can check out on my YouTube channel.


Q: Can you predict my future?

A: Yes and no. I do sometimes have clear flashes of potential outcomes, but these visions can come true or not depending on your choices. My work is focused more on looking at where you are now and helping you move forward. Often when I'm making predictions I'm looking at where you're potentially going if you keep following the same path. 

Sometimes major life purpose messages will come through but even then I feel that these are changeable.


Q: Why do you need me to ask questions? Shouldn't you just be able to know what I want to know?

A: Some readers work like this, I don't. The more information you give me the more information I can give you in return. It's super energetically exhausting to try to figure out your questions and then give you a reading. If you're looking for someone to wow you with reading your mind I'm probably not the right reader for you


Q: Can you give me information about someone else? E.g about my partner's finances, my ex's new relationship etc.

A: If you come to me with a question like this I will rephrase it so we're looking into your own relationships and your own stuff.

I do not read on behalf of others or snoop around in someone else's energy without their consent.


Q: Do you read on health issues?

A: No. I can look into other factors that may be influencing your health, but I do not read on health issues. Get yourself to a doctor first and then we can chat about your chakras.


Q: Do you read on legal or financial matters?

A: No. We can look into what's going on for you, what's up with your prosperity consciousness for example, but I do not give legal or financial advice.


Q: Are you a medium? Or a Psychic?

A: I don't call on passed over loved ones although they do occasionally pop up. I work with my Spirit Guides and Angels and yours, as well as Archangels, Jesus, Mother Mary and the rest of my motley crew.

I prefer the term "intuitive" for what I do. I pick up on things, tune into energies and get guidance and messages for you through the Tarot, Clairvoyant images and Clairaudient phrases and words. I'm predominantly Clairgognizant which means I just sort of  "know" stuff.

I can see your past lives and Spirit Guides and tap into your karmic contracts. I can also just give you practical steps to help you get from the job you hate into a job that will light you up.


Q: Can I hold you responsible for decisions I make based on your reading?

A: No. Tarot readings can be incredibly helpful and affirming, they can also kick your ass, but ultimately you are the creator of your life. You make your own choices and you walk your own path. A Tarot Reading is not designed to be a replacement for your own judgement and intuition. 

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