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Daredevil Tarot + Oracle Spread to connect you to your divine mission

Daredevil Tarot Spread to connect with your divine mission x

I've been on a bit of a Marvel binge lately, and I gotta admit, Daredevil is my current fave (sorry Danny Rand)!

I feel like there are many parallels between Matt Murdock's story and being a witchy woo woo lightworker on a divine mission.

Like, obvs, us lightworkers and shadow workers (or whatever you like to call yourself) don't usually go out at night beating up creeps (or at least, we probably shouldn't), but the basic gist of going undercover to help the world out is kinda in the same vein.

So grab your Tarot, oracle, New Age Hipster InstaOracle or whatever cards you have lying around and get ready to tune into your own mission!


CARD ONE: The faith that grounds you

A big part of Matt's dealio is that he's a Catholic. That means no killing, and drinking lots of whiskey.

What are the unshakeable beliefs that ground you into who you are?

CARD TWO: Your current mission

What is your divine mission of the moment? This card may show you the big picture or the details you need to know for the now.

CARD THREE: What challenges you

Matt Murdock is blind, which is a pretty big challenge, although it's also the thing that actually makes him Daredevil.

What is your challenge to overcome right now?

CARD FOUR: What your mask hides

Matt wears his mask so he can do work his mission in secret. Why are you wearing yours? What does it hide?

CARD FIVE: The truth of who you really are

Who are you really? When you take that mask off when you get home after a big night out working your mission, who are you?

CARD SIX: How to fulfil your mission

Matt gets confused sometimes about how best to help. Is it through the law? Or smacking people with sticks? It's super confusing sometimes. This card will help you to see the best way to fulfil your mission.


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With love, light and fulfilling divine missions,




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Dreamweaver Dream Interpretation Spread for Tarot and/or Oracle cards x

Dreamweaver Dream Interpretation Spread for Tarot and/or Oracle Spread x

K, hands up who's been having some super funky dreams lately? Me! I have!

So has Seinfeld! Also, when the actual eff is Seinfeld coming to Netflix already??

Seinfeld strange dreams

I had a real corker of a dream the other night, you know those ones where you wake up and you kind of feel like it really happened?

And then you kinda know that there were some big messages and important insights in that dream but you pretty much have no idea WTF they are?

Yep. Totally right?

So I made this spread for when that happens.

So grab a deck and hit play on the video below for your soundtrack. :D

1. Dreamseed: what seeded this dream?

So this is like the foundation of the dream, what seeded it, what's been going on for you that may have been the the starting point for this kind of dream to turn up in your life.

2. Who or what sent this dream?

If you're into the idea of angels or guides or galactic forces of some kind delivering dreams to you in the night, this card may help you to work out exactly who or what energy has sent this to you. It may just be that your subconscious or fears or someone or something in your waking life sent it too.

3. What is the subconscious up to?

The subconscious can be doing all sorts of things we aren't usually all that aware of. Uh, obvs. This card can help you to understand what your subconscious is really up to

4. What is this dream trying to communicate to me?

Here you'll find some clarity around the message of the dream for you.

5. What do I do with this experience and knowledge?

It can be tricky sometimes to understand what we're meant to do with this kind of full on experience. This card will help you figure it out.

6. What am I supposed to learn/know from this?

Here you should find a clear(ish) message about what you are supposed to have learned or understood from this dream

7. How can I bring this understanding into my waking life?

And here you'll find some info about how to integrate what you've learned about this dream into your regular waking life.

Strange dreams x

So how was that for you? I hope this spread helps you to find some clarity around your dreams. You may want to pull more cards for each position, use more than one deck and/or also include some journalling in your process for extra clarity.


If you're looking for more spreads to play with head to the Start Here page!

And be sure to share your spreads with me on Instagram! Tag me in your posts so I can find you and maybe even help you out if you're stuck, and feel free to share this spread with your friends who are also having freaky dreams too! :)

If you're really stuck and can't shake your freaky AF dreams you can grab a session with me here.


With love, light and sweet dreams,



Summer Solstice Tarot Spread x

Summer Solstice Spread by Vix from New Age Hipster

Wahoo! It's Summer Solstice time in Australia! :D I'm currently on vacay and missing the Winter Solstice in the UK, if you're looking for a spread to help you through the chilly months click here.

The Summer Solstice is a great time to acknowledge and work with the light, the sun energy, the divine masculine and to stand in your own power gosh darn it!

This spread will help you navigate through this powerful time. As with all my spreads you can use Tarot, Oracle, Angel or whatever cards you have lying around. There is no real order to this spread, so feel free to start where it suits you.


Here's one I made earlier with the amazing Linestrider Tarot x

Here's one I made earlier with the amazing Linestrider Tarot x

CARD ONE: Your Source of light

If you're feeling a bit like OMG it's midsummer and I want to be enjoying myself and basking in the light and making some serious magic but how?? this card will tell you.

If you're already feeling mega magical - YAY, use this card as a compass pointing you towards where more light can be found.

I pulled the Queen of Wands - Boom! This reminds me that my source of light this solstice is within and in connecting with my own inner Queen of Wands!


CARD TWO: Keys to abundance

Oh man, don't you hate it when you lose your keys to abundance? D'oh! This card will remind you where you put them.

I pulled the six of cups, naaaw. My keys to abundance can be found in reconnecting with who I really am, and the things I used to really love.


CARD THREE: Reward yourself for this

We just don't reward ourselves for pretty much anything these days. This card will let you know where you've been going well and deserve a cheers!

I pulled the Devil for this card. This feels like it's time to throw a party for overcoming some fear and chains to negativity. Hoorah! Pizza and beer on me! :D


CARD FOUR: The Divine Masculine

This card can be read in many different ways depending on what the Divine Masculine means to you. It can be a message from the Divine Masculine, a message about connecting to this energy, or a message about how to work with and connect to the masculine energy within yourself.

I pulled the Lovers! Ooooh! This feels a little like falling in love with both masculine and feminine parts of myself...


CARD FIVE: How to create future success

When the sun shines down on you you can't go wrong. So what do you need to do to harness the sun's power and create future success in your life?

I pulled the Ace of Pentacles, and this feels like a message about how important it is to acknowledge the small successes, and connect to the abundance already in my life, the pennies in my purse and the food in my fridge. :)


I hope this spread serves you! Please do tag me in your pics on Instagram and hashtag #newagehipster so I can find your readings! :D

With so much love, light and sunny summer vibes,





Daily Energy Spread

Daily Energy Spread for Tarot or Oracle Cards - New Age Hipster

Here's a tiny little two card tarot spread (or oracle, or angel or whatever cards of your choosing!) to help you navigate the energy of your day.

Pull these cards in the morning to help you understand what's going on with the energy around you and how you can best work with it. You can use any type of cards you like. I like to do this spread with one Tarot and one Oracle card.

This spread has been my go to over the last few weeks as the energy out there has been super crazy! Some days you wanna pull a whole big spread and sit and contemplate your journey for a while, on other days you just wanna know wtf you're dealing with and how to get through the day.

If you want more info you can pull two cards for each or as many as you need.

Card one: Energy you are in

This card will help you work out what energy you're in and what forces are at play for you today.

Card two: How to navigate through this energy

This card will let you know how you can work with the energy around you in the best way possible. 

Starchild Akashic Tarot + Keepers of the Light Oracle deck x

Starchild Akashic Tarot + Keepers of the Light Oracle deck x

As always I'd love to see your spreads on Instagram! Tag #newagehipster or tag me @newagehipster333 in your pics so I can find you!

If you're looking for more spreads you can find them here.

Happy Tarot-ing!

With love, light and awesome energy navigating,



Pumpkin Spice Latte Autumn Equinox Tarot or Oracle Spread

Pumpkin Spice Latte Autumn Equinox Spread.png

The Autumn (or Fall!) Equinox is upon us! We know this because we either follow the wheel of the year or we've noticed that Pumpkin Spice Latte is back! :D

I love Autumn. I love big chunky 80's jumpers, YA novels, chain drinking tea and of course, binge watching Netflix on the couch with the doona.

As we head into this beautiful season it's a great time to pull out your fave deck of Tarot, Oracle or whatever cards you have lying around and check in!

I also did this reading for us all which you can check out by scrolling down or popping over to the New Age Hipster YouTube channel.

If you need a personal reading head to my Readings page for info on how to hook that up!

PS - if you're in Aussie or other Southern Hemisphere places you might wanna check out the Spring Equinox Reading.



What do you need to be grateful for at this time? Where could you be more grateful? What are the wonderful things in your life you don't notice enough? Grounding yourself in gratitude now will get you through the colder months. It's great to make a note of this, put a picture or a phrase on your wall or somewhere you'll see it often to remind you.



Where and  how should you ground your energy at this time? How are you going to stay grounded now that there are less opportunities to go rub your feet in the grass?



This card can represent that which has grown beautifully in your life, the stuff you need to be really proud of. Notice what's grown! Or it can represent anything that needs to be cut away. Harvesting is about collecting pumpkins, but also getting rid of those veggies that didn't grow so well.


Stock up

It's a great time to stock up so you don't run out later. What do you need to stock up on now so you can get through the winter without running out?



Where will you find warmth when it does start getting chilly? What is your energetic hot water bottle?



It would be great if we could take time off and just sit with the Kindle until Christmas, but we still have to work. Here you'll find a message about how to get up and get going on your work, projects and dreams even when it's pitch black outside and you just wanna doona burrito yourself.



Where will you find joy at this time? How can you best connect to that delicious whipped cream feeling?


If you wanna chat about your own spread pop on over to Tarot Nerds or Spiritual Journey Pitstop the two groups I admin on Facebook!

May your Autumn be full of pumpkin spice lattes!

With so much love and light,



The Circle



A monthly membership to support you on your spiritual path.

Each month we dive into a new topic, and you get a PDF workbook including info, journal prompts + a tarot/oracle spread, downloadable MP3 meditative journey and access to a community of gorgeous like-minded souls.




The Biz Spread

The Biz Tarot + Oracle Spread by Vix New Age Hipster x

This spread is for you if you run your own biz, or even if you're just starting out on the spiritpreneurs path.

Whether you're a fellow Tarot Reader, doing other awesome spiritual work, running your own cafe or even if you're the CEO of a big company this spread is fab for any time you just want to sit down and take stock of where you are with some tips for moving forward.

You can use Tarot, Oracle, Angel, Old Maid or any other other type of cards. 

If you'd like me to do this reading for you (or do you something else!) check out The Biz Reading on my Etsy Store.


Here's one I made earlier. x

Here's one I made earlier. x

Biz Cards - Where your biz is at

This card will give you some idea of where your business is at right now and some of the vibes you've got working with you.

I pulled the Eight of Wands! Hoorah! :D Looks like things are moving for my biz. Although, in the Connolly Tarot the wands don't look so lined up, need to get my wands lined up for even smoother sailing.


Chair - Support

What or who is your biggest support right now? This card may represent someone in your life, an aspect of your own self or even your spirit guides and helpers.

I got the Six of Cups. Usually I'd say this is about support from family and old friends, but there is a figure in this image looking over the girl who's giving the boy some flowers. Pretty sure that's one of my guides, he looks a bit like Big Mike! 


Sent Items - Completion

What is finished? What have you done well? What can you finally stop worrying about in your biz? This could be projects, energies you no longer have to work with, relationships, anything that is now completed. 

With the Ace of Swords reversed in my own spread this feels like I've made some great progress in standing in my power, changing my story and my thoughts to help me move forward. It also feels a bit like "you've done really well, but this is still something to remember!" Gah. x


Spam - Blocks

What is blocking your business from really taking off?

I got the Tower, ah crap! Hahah! Looks like some stuff needs to go. I have books and books of ideas scrawled down for New Age Hipster, it might be time to let some of them go so I can make room for some new ones!


Window - Distractions

It's very hard when you work for yourself not to get distracted. This card will show you where your distractions are and/or how to stay focused.

I got The Empress reversed. Sometimes I do get very distracted by thinking "OMG I have to create that right now!" I also tend to have creative ideas that I never allow time for. Looks like I need some balance with that.


Inbox - Action

Where do you need to take action in your business right now

I got Transition (AKA the Death card) reversed. o_0 Thanks team. I guess the best place for me to take action right now is to start pruning! A great reminder also to let go of attachment to outcomes, surrender to the bigger plan instead of getting obsessive about to do lists.


Coffee - Nourishment

When you run your own biz it's very, very easy to get totally deep fried. This card will give you some idea of how to nourish yourself and your biz to avoid this as much as possible!

My card is the Nine of Wands. Protecting my energy, time and space is super important for me right now. Boundaries are the best self-care in business. 


If you dug this spread you can check out my other spreads here or hook up a reading with me here

With so much love and light,



Stranger Things Tarot + Oracle Spread

Stranger Things Tarot Oracle Spread New Age Hipster x

If you haven't seen Stranger Things yet close all tabs immediately, except for Netflix, and go watch it. 

As a hard core 80's enthusiast and woo woo woman the TV show Stranger Things has been everything I ever wanted in a TV show. Telekinesis powers, a freaking killer soundtrack,  I mean, it even has Winona

But enough fan-girling, let's get our decks out!

A big theme running through this show is the search for truth, so I thought it would be be totes aprope to centre this spread around our own personal search for truth

You can use Tarot, Oracle, Angel, Uno or whatever cards you have. 

PS - this spread is not for the faint of heart. Serious truth seekers only!


Here's one I made earlier... x

Here's one I made earlier... x

What you don't want to see

This card can give you some insight into what truth you are ignoring, truth you are afraid to see, or truths that you just haven't even noticed until now.

I got Transition (Death) reversed. Ah gah. I'm always telling everyone else to stop resisting change, and here I am, totally resisting it. 


Where the truth is hidden

Sometimes others are hiding truths from us, sometimes we hide them within us, sometimes they are hiding under bushes. This card will help you work out where the truth is hiding.

With the Ten of Swords coming up for me, my truth is pretty clearly hiding in the completion of a cycle. This next to Death is pretty truth telling! :o


What blocks the truth

Who or what is blocking you from seeing the truth? Are outside influences stopping you seeing the truth about your own life? Or is it something within you?

With the Three of Cups reversed in my spread I know this is a pretty specific message about how I like to call things in, but I sometimes forget I have to go out and find them too.


Your Strength - who or what has your back

This card could represent the people around you who have your back, spirit guides and angels working with you, or aspects of yourself to draw on right now.

The Page of Swords here for me feels very much like my own power, sort of new-ish power, but it's powerful all the same. I'm totally ready for this battle, even if I'm kind of freaking out on the inside! 


Double sided glass to shatter

What illusions do you need to let go of to really see the truth about where you are and who you are and what you need to do to live in the truth of it all?

I got Eight of Wands reversed and for me I know this is all about dropping the illusion of struggle and fighting against the energy that's around me. A big kick in the butt to work with energy I'm in, rather than struggle.


The truth

Now we have the truth of the situation. What is the ultimate truth you need to see right now about yourself, your life or your situation?

I got The Magician reversed. Lol. So my truth right now is that I'm not yet reaching my full magic, manifesting, witchy woo woo potential, and I have some serious work to do on it before I will, but it will totally happen if I want it to!


Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this spread and found it useful! And if you do want to grab a reading with me you can do that by clicking here.

Oh, and if you really want to start living in your truth Woo Woo School might just help you do that too!

With love, light and truth,



The Empath Spread

The Empath Spread New Age Hipster x

Being an Empath certainly has it's challenges. I dunno, I think we're all Empaths really, but some of us are hiding our Empath-ness under a bunch of other stuff and some of us aren't so much. If you're reading this, you're probably an Empath.


Empath in a nutshell: someone who picks up energies from other people, places, situations, whatever and is affected by them, OFTEN in a negative way.


E.g. if you hang out with grumpy people  you get grumpy. You can pick up all sorts of junk when you're an Empath,

but if you want to, you can totally clear it, protect yourself and use your Empath powers for good!

If you're somebody who's super sensitive to energies, this spread is for you!

Come hang out in Tarot Nerds if you wanna share or ask for help with your spreads or hashtag me #newagehipster on social media so I can find you!


Your Heart

This card is all about who you are without all the energies of everyone else, and everything else around you. What's really going on in that heart of yours? Where's your heart at? What's in your heart when you take away all the other hunks of energetic junk around you?


How to Ground

This card will give you some info around what's the haps with your grounding. Are you grounded? If not, what can you do about it? How can you get groundedAs an Empath you gotta get grounded babe


Who/What is affecting you

This is what is majorly affecting your energy right now. Could be what happened today at work, or on a bigger scale - like some big stuff going on that's been wearing you down for ages. This card should help you make sense of it.


How to Clear

When you're living life as a Empath clearing your energy is everything! This card will give you some insights into what/how to clear away that gunk!


How to Protect

Protecting yo pretty self from bad juju is imperative guys. Your protection bubble is your best friend here sweet pea, so check out what this card has to say about protecting your energy.


Moving Forward

So now that you know what's going on with your energy and what's affecting you, where do you go from here? What do you need to be aware of? What do you need to take action with? Being an Empath is no excuse for not living a freaking awesome life, so get out there and make it happen! Rarrr! This card should inspire you to do so, or at least give you some ideas on how to get there.


Now check out the video if you wanna see this spread in action! :D


With so much love, light and empath hugs!



PS - if you wanna share this spread around social media and your blog it's all good with a credit to New Age Hipster. x

Nashville Shadow Work Tarot Spread

Things I love: Nashville, Tarot + a bit of personal development.

Shadow work is not a term I use a lot. Not because I don't do it, but as a "lightworker" I kind of feel like my whole life is shadow work! Shadow work to me is really just looking at our own shit and sorting it out. If you wanna be a lightworker you're not going to get very far by just ignoring your human self stuff and your ego. Shadow work helps us to work with our ego rather than against it, or just ignoring it!

But sorting yourself out does not have to be boring right?! 

Nashville has some interesting characters, and you can't really watch it without thinking - OMG these guys so need to do some shadow work. 

You can use this spread with any kinds of cards although I find regular ole' Tarot the best for this kind of thing. 

You don't need to know the show to use this spread, but I highly recommend checking it out, especially if you're into cute cowboys and country music. I think it's a past life thing for me. Or maybe in a parallel incarnation I'm actually Taylor Swift before she went mainstream. Just a thought. 

Word of warning: shadow work is not for the faint of heart. It often kicks your butt and pisses you off before it sets you free. It shines light on all the places where you're being a dick and some people don't dig that kind of thing. Personally I find it quite liberating as long as I'm in the right frame of mind to be doing it.

Don't attempt shadow work on a day when you're feeling sorry for yourself or low vibe. 

image from www.metrolyrics.com

image from www.metrolyrics.com

LAYLA - what dream always evades you?

Poor Layla. She wants to be a big, big star but there's always someone or something holding her back.

This card will shed some light on that big dream of yours that just never seems to get any traction. 


WILL - what part of yourself do you hide from the outside world?

Will has spent a lot of time hiding his sexuality from the world, fearing that people won't like him if they know the truth even though I'm pretty sure we all love a gay cowboy with a great voice who looks a hell of a lot like Luke from the OC

This card will show you what part of yourself you're hiding from the outside world. 


MADDIE - what big dream are you not quite ready for?

Maddie just really wants to have a recording contract and be the next big thing in Country, but her Mom says she's not ready. Boo!

This card will show you something you're not quite ready for. Doesn't mean it's not going to happen, just not just yet! 


REYNA - what are you trying to control?

I love Reyna so much. I mean, her hair right? But she is pretty much a control freak.

What are you trying to control in your life right now that you should probably loosen the reigns on a little?


DEACON - what are you addicted to?

Deacon does a damn good job of dealing with his addictions. How are you doing with yours?

Addictions can be big or small; coffee, Facebook, drama or hard drugs. What's your poison? 


JULIETTE - what illusions do you have about your life and your dreams?

Juliette is super famous, and being super famous sometimes gives you some pretty whack ideas about life.

This card will help you discover what illusions you have about  your own life. 


JEFF - where are your morals a little sketchy?

Jeff isn't really a bad guy, but he sure does make some pretty ruthless decisions sometimes. Hey, none of us are perfect. Hopefully you're not blackmailing anyone into letting minors sign with your label or getting the police to cover up your almost-lethal pool parties...

But if your morals are a little sketchy in some way, this card will let you know where. 


AVERY - what negative thought patterns are holding you back?

I honestly have a big ole' country crush on our boy Avery Barkley, but I don't think I could actually date him. I mean, he's just a bit too much of a brooding downer most of the time. Urgh. Like lighten up a little man! 

This card will let you know where you're negativity is holding you back. 


SCARLETT - what old dreams need reviving? 

One minute she's having a meltdown on stage while playing for a packed out arena, next episode she's singing at the Bluebird! You can always revive old dreams, no matter how stale they are, or how much you swore you'd never do it again!

This card will let you know what old dreams you have that can be revived if you want them!


GUNNAR - where are you wearing your rose coloured glasses?

Gunnar is totes adorbs. He falls in love with every girl he meets and still holds a flame for them all, jumping at the first chance to get back with his ex, or his other ex, or his ex's best friend. It never totally works out for him though. I wonder why hmmm?

This card will help you see where you're wearing those rose coloured glasses in your own life. 


So go get your Nashville boxset and a deck of cards and get your shadow work on country style!

If you wanna share your spread on Instagram be sure to use the hashtag #newagehipster so I can find you! Or come chat about your findings in the Facebook group

With love, light and vegan cowboy boots,



Advice From Archangels Angel Spread x

Advice from Archangels x

A couple of weeks back I posted an Angel spread to help you connect with your Wingmen, and today we're taking it a little further and basically getting a whole heap of advice from a a bunch of Archangels in one go! YAY! 

This spread is perfect for when you want a general WTF is going on with my life kind of thing. A great daily, weekly or whenever it feels right spread.

This is not about getting your Archangels in a row - e.g pulling the Azrael card in the Release position, although it's been known to happen! This spread is just to help you connect with any Angels and Archangels to help you see what's going on for you in the moment. 

So go ahead and grab your Angel, Oracle or Tarot cards, pull out 7 cards and set them out as above!

Oh, and check out the video below for extra info!


How the Angels see you

Imagine you are zooming out of your life and looking down on yourself. Take a second here to see yourself how the Angels see you. They may want to remind you what you're doing well, give you a pat on the back, a huge hug or deliver a message about what you really need right now.


Michael - Life Purpose Stuff

Archangel Michael is great at clearing and protecting, but he's also pretty good at helping with life purpose and life path stuff. Here he's giving you a clue about what you need to know to make sure you're on the right path


Raphael - Healing

This card represents your healing journey. What needs to be healed? What does Archangel Raphael want to heal in your life? This can be related to any kind of healing that is taking place, or needs to be.

Healing professionals - this could also relate to your work! 


Ariel - Finances and Work

What does Archangel Ariel want you to know about your work and cash flow stuff? The messages here can highlight blocks but also give you some insights into ways to get your abundance is flowing. If you have pets they could show up here too. 


Uriel - Action

Archangel Uriel is all about that inner spark and he's here to encourage you to take action in your life. Uriel is also the dude for calling on if you need help with ideas. What idea do you have that wants to become a reality? What do you need to stop dreaming about and start doing? 


Azrael - Release

What do you need to release right now? A relationship, situation, mindset? This card is all about saying see ya later to this thing that no longer serves you to make room for other stuff that wants to come into your life. 


Gabriel - Self Expression

Archangel Gabriel wants you to know how to express yourself in the most authentically way possible. This card is all about creative pursuits and speaking your truth. What's inside you that needs to come out?


I would love to know if you found this spread useful! Comment below and/or make sure to share your pics of your spreads on Instagram! Hashtag #newagehipster so I can find you!


With love, light and Angel wings!