The OA Tarot Spread

The OA Tarot Spread

If you're not totally losing your shiz over the OA on Netflix you're not doing 2017 right.

Me and the bf binge watched it over a couple of nights after being totally hooked from the start. Interdimensional travel, Angels, a killer soundtrack and the best choreography you've ever seen in your life? I mean, OMG. Stop even reading this and just go watch it.

The story line revolves around our girl Prairie who has a near death experience and then gets kidnapped by a creepy doctor who wants to do experiments on her, and others like her.

So obvs, the idea of feeling "trapped" was the inspiration for this spread.

If you want to know what's going on in your own life with feelings of being trapped and how to break free, this is the spread for you!

Tarot, Oracle and especially Angel cards are welcome for this one! 

5 cards, 5 movements! :O #TheAngelOracle by Ambika Wauters x

5 cards, 5 movements! :O #TheAngelOracle by Ambika Wauters x

CARD ONE: Where are you trapped?

This card will give you an idea of where you're trapped in your life.

In what areas of your life are you feeling stuck?


CARD TWO: Who or what has trapped you?

Hopefully not a creepy doctor, but perhaps it's a person, a situation, a belief or thought, perhaps something from the past holding you?

This card will show you who or what is responsible for your stuck-ness.


CARD THREE: Escape plan

Here you'll gather your resources and come up with a way out of this.


CARD FOUR: Interdimensional assistance

Even the best of us need a little assistance from another dimension now and then.

Advice coming in from your Angels right about now!


CARD FIVE: Way out

This card shows you the step/s to take to move out of this trapped and stuck feeling and out into freedom.

Here's one I made earlier with the Linestrider Tarot + the Vessel Oracle x

Here's one I made earlier with the Linestrider Tarot + the Vessel Oracle x

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