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The Circle is Open!

The Circle is a super cool (and mega affordable!) brand new way you can work with me!  Huzzah!

This Month's topic is Releasing!

Releasing kit new age hipster

I'm always banging on about "releasing" this, and "letting go" of that, but people are always asking me, "how exactly do you go about releasing old emotional, spiritual or mental junk that no longer serves you?"

This month I'm gonna share with you some of my fave tools and tips for letting shiz go.

December is the perfect time for releasing. For looking back on the year, reflecting on all the good times, the lessons and the blessings, and for doing some energetic, spiritual, physical, mental and emotional decluttering before we head into those shiny new January vibes!

The Kit this month includes a 25 page PDF e-book full of info, activities and journal prompts, an exclusive spread to help you get clear on your releasing stuff and a downloadable MP3 meditative journey which will help you lighten your load big time.


Currently only available through The Circle Membership

What the members say...

Fiona Phillips Global Village Witch

Fiona Phillips

Global Village Witch

"I wanted to let you know how good your guided meditations are.  I've done a fair few the past year or so from a range of people and yours are by far the most clear, best thought through, most professional and they are just getting better all the time.  So.  Positive affirmations coming your way."


Carrie Pawley

Carrie Pawley

"I joined The Circle after being one of Vix's Woo Woo School students and I already love it. The workbooks and meditations are just awesome and the community Vix has created is so supportive of each other's journeys. It's a great space to share stories, ask questions and get advice on all things woo woo, as well as an opportunity to meet new people from across the world. I've even found a couple of people who live pretty close to me who I'd never have met otherwise!  It's fab!"

What is The circle?

It's a monthly subscription to totally awesome sauce exclusive content to assist you on your spiritual journey.

Always #DogmaFree this membership is not about me just about me giving you content and saying - this is the way it is! It's about us all discovering our own separate paths together. :)


What do I get?

Each month we focus on a different topic, and you get:

  • A PDF workbook including info about the topic, ritual ideas, activities and whatever else needs to go in
  • Worksheets to print out and scribble on (or journal with!)
  • An MP3 meditative journey to download
  • A spread for your Tarot or Oracle cards or to use as journal prompts if cards 'aint your thang
  • A super safe sacred secret Facebook group where the real circling happens (hanging out, helping and supporting each other, sharing our own stuff, sharing our spreads, maybe even doing spreads for each other and definitely making new friends!


When will I get it?

This is a manual process so it can take a little time. You should get an email to welcome you into The Circle within about 48 hours and your first kit should come in shortly afterwards

Also note that this will be sent to the email address linked to your PayPal account. You can email me to have it changed no problem. If you haven't received anything within 24 hours it's likely popped into your spam folders. 


What kind of topics will we be working with?

The first few topics have already been decided - cord cutting + self love will be the first two months, but from there I'd love to create content based on what's coming up for people in The Circle.


Am I trapped in this thing forever?

Nope. You are free to leave anytime, and you are also free to come back anytime, because you'll probably miss us.


How much will it be?

£11 a month. That's approx US $14 or AU $19 and I reckon that's a total bargain for what you're gonna get! :D


Will I be charged VAT?

Nope. This is not a digital product, it's a service. :) x