Secondhand vibes: the energy of secondhand clothing

The Energy of Secondhand clothing

If you’re a bit sensitive to energy (or a lot!) you may struggle with the idea of “wearing someone else’s clothes”.

But what’s really going on with the energy of secondhand clothes? If you are energy sensitive or psychic should you avoid secondhand clothes? Do secondhand clothes contain negative energy?

Let’s discuss! :D

How does intention and belief work when it comes to secondhand clothes?

We know that energy is all about intention. If you believe that wearing secondhand clothing is going to be a problem for you, guess what? It will be.

If you believe (like I do!) that wearing secondhand clothing is fun, ethical, sustainable and a brilliant way to help Gaia and save the planet, then guess what? It will be.

If you believe the bad vibes are gonna get you, then you can create that reality.

If you believe that wearing secondhand is no problem at all, in fact, it’s actually a more positive, high vibe and conscious way of living, then that’s the energy you bring into the thrift store with you!

I always feel just a little bit like Molly Ringwald in this shirt!

I always feel just a little bit like Molly Ringwald in this shirt!

Do secondhand or vintage clothes contain negative energy, or the energy of the person who owned them?

Most people who give away their clothes are cutting cords on their ownership.

When I put something in the bag for the charity shop I am energetically releasing that item, whether I’m doing it consciously or not. I’m energetically saying “I don’t want to own this any more”.

Take a second to think about any items you’ve given away in the past - do you think you still hold any connection to them? Or did you let go and forget all about them so someone else may find them useful?

People seem super concerned with the idea of their clothing retaining energy, but if you really opened up to it you’d realise other people’s energy is everywhere.

Do you own any secondhand books or furniture? How about when you stay in a hotel and you sleep in sheets other people have slept in and towels other people have used?

And how about the energy of the factory workers who made your clothing? Who literally stitched that item together? Do you think their energy could be in that too?

I personally feel much happier in a thrift shop full of beautiful items that people have willingly given away than I do in huge flagship stores on the high street that are responsible for unethical practices, employee suffering and a huge contribution to climate change.

What if the person died?

OK, so some people didn’t give away their clothes “willingly”, in fact a lot of the items that end up in thrift stores and secondhand shops have been donated after someone dies.

One thing that can help is to remember that we never really “own” anything in this life. We only ever borrow things. We can’t take our clothes or material possessions with us when we go, and in a way, nothing is really ever “ours”.

I don’t know about you, but I would prefer my clothes get used and loved by someone else than end up in landfill or sitting around in a box somewhere, I think most of those who have passed over would feel the same.

How would you feel? What would you like to see happen to the clothes you have when you pass over? However you feel is probably how others feel too.

I adore this secondhand leopard coat I got off eBay. I feel so cosy in it!

I adore this secondhand leopard coat I got off eBay. I feel so cosy in it!

How can I suss out the energy of secondhand clothing?

Most secondhand clothing has been washed before it hits the racks, and with so many items all jammed into each other it may be tricky to feel the vibes of each individual piece.

It’s also worth considering if the vibes you feel are from actually from the clothing, the staff working at the store, the building you are in or from all the other people who have touched and tried it on, or the actual item itself.

The best way to tune into the energy is to touch the item you are drawn to. And then, try it on and see how it makes you feel! Do you feel “good” in this item? Or do you feel “meh”?

If you are shopping online you can still “tune in” as you are looking through the items, just set the intention to do so!

Trust your intuition, if you are drawn to something and it lights you up a little bit inside to think about wearing it, then trust that feeling!

How can I clear the energy of secondhand clothes?

If you are still concerned about the energy of secondhand clothes or hold a belief that they need clearing, there are a few things you can do to energetically cleanse and clear the items before you wear them. And of course, do the following with the intention that you are clearing any residual energy off the item.

First up, give them a good wash and if you can, dry them outside. A lot of secondhand items end up in boxes and shops for a really long time before they get to see the light of day again! If your item retains that thrift store smell you can always repeat this a few times. I’ve had items that got washed, dried and put back in the laundry quite a few times before they smelled fresh. Don’t let it deter you! It’s just a process of bringing the item back to life! :D

You can put a little pinch of salt in the wash with it, but don’t use it on anything delicate!

If you feel called to, you can cleanse the item with smoke or incense or any kind of essential oils or aura spray - but be careful when you do this, not all material enjoys oils and smoke! Use sparingly.

Thank the item for coming into your life, give gratitude.

Announce that the item is now yours. One of the best ways to do this is to just tell someone - hey look at my new cardigan!

Give it a spritz with your own perfume

Wear it!

I wore a secondhand vintage wedding dress when I got married - happiest day of my life!

I wore a secondhand vintage wedding dress when I got married - happiest day of my life!

I still can’t do secondhand or vintage, what can I do instead?

OK, I get it, maybe secondhand ‘aint your thing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference and be ethical with your outfits!

Keep wearing your own clothes for longer. Do you really need that new pair of jeans? Or are the ones you have really fine? Or if you do buy something new, do it with the intention of wearing it for a really long time.

Buy good quality items that will last. Spend a bit more on something you can keep for years rather than something cheap that will just last a season.

Support smaller ethical businesses.

Do your research on the brands you buy from. A simple Google of “is [this brand] ethical?” will bring up the answers for you. Some high street shops are much better than others. For example Marks and Spencer and Adidas have much higher ratings than other companies. If you can’t avoid buying new, at least try to support the companies that are trying to move in more ethical directions.

I’d love to know in the comments if you have any other questions or thoughts on the energy of secondhand clothing and if there is anything you do to cleanse, clean and embrace your secondhand hauls!

With so much love and light,



Mary Magdalene Tarot or Oracle Spread

Mary Magdalene Tarot Spread

On this, Mary Magdalene’s feast day, I thought it would be a powerful time for us to connect with the energy of the Magdalene.

And if you would like to learn more about the Magdalene path or connect with other Magdalenes you are so very welcome to come join us in the Gathering of the Magdalenes group on Facebook. :)

As always, you can use this spread with tarot cards, oracle or angel cards, or if you don’t have a deck you can simply use the card positions as journal prompts.

1. Your current relationship with the divine

This card will give you some insight into your current relationship with the divine, God, the universe, source, the God of your own understanding. You may also see guidance here on how you can connect deeper.

2. Your discipleship - a message about your teachers, lessons and growth

Here you’ll see whatever you need to know about your spiritual discipleship. You may see messages about your current teachers, teachers to call in, paths to explore or current lessons you are working on.

3. How to be of service and share your love, light and teachings to others

A big part of the Magdalene path is about sharing your love and light in the world in whatever way feels right for you. This card will help you see how you can best be of service to others at this time.

4. A personal message from Mary Magdalene

Here you’ll receive a message from Mary Magdalene herself. If you have a specific question on your heart you can ask her for her guidance here.

5. A personal message from your own inner sanctuary

Here you will connect with your own inner world, heart space and inner knowing to receive a message from within.

If you found this spread useful you may want to check out my free e-book Tarot Spreads You Can’t Live Without or come and join us in the online spiritual development group The Circle for more spreads, spiritual goodness and connection!

With so much love and light,



The Path of the Christian Witch

The Path of the Christian Witch

A while ago now I wrote a post called WTF is a Christian Witch.

As you can probably imagine, that post got a bit of interest - both positive and, yep, negative. It’s actually my most read post ever with 34,273 views as of the writing of this post! :o

Most weeks I still get notifications of new comments on that post and when I see them pop into my inbox I’m never quite sure if it’s going to be another one of my soul fam saying they resonated, or a Christian trying to save me from my misguided ways!

Since writing that post I’ve had a lot of people get in touch, saying they resonate with the idea of blending these two belief systems but they just don’t really know how to do that.

So in this post I’m going to try to explain what it means to me personally to be on the path of the Christian Witch, how I go about it, and how you can begin to develop your own practices and path too!

Angel Feathers

Being a Christian Witch is just one path to love

One of the most important things about this path is knowing why you resonate with the idea of being a Christian Witch (or whatever word or label, or no label you want to use for yourself!).

I’ve always resonated with Jesus because I believe his whole ministry was about L.O.V.E!

Nothing more, nothing less. He wanted to guide people back to love - love for each other, love for themselves. He spoke so much about forgiveness and non-judgement and just generally being a good person and living a good life.

To me that makes him one heck of a teacher whatever else he may or may not have been!

But I also feel there is so much love to be found in other paths, in the connection with nature, with other teachers and deities, which is part of the reason why being a Christian alone never worked for me.

So, if you want to develop your connection to the divine and to your own inner light by following the path of the Christian Witch, consider what it means to you.

Why this path over any others? How does this spiritual path help you navigate this world? At it’s core, what is this really about for you?

For me, it’s about finding my way back to love a little more every day.

My (kinda messy but does the trick!) altar x

My (kinda messy but does the trick!) altar x

There is no right or wrong way to be a Christian Witch (or anything!)

There are no rules here. No dogma. No ancient traditions or rituals to follow. There’s just you and your own beliefs. To me this is everything.

The rules of the church don’t work for me. I can’t have someone telling me “this is how it’s done because this is how it’s always been done”, especially when “the church” of today was built upon layer upon layer of “stuff” that has very little to do with Jesus himself.

Jesus himself didn’t create the church, and as much as I love a good singalong at a mega church, I’m not convinced any of the churches that exist right now were exactly what Jesus had in mind.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time studying Wicca, Paganism and other paths of Witchcraft over the years and while I certainly do draw from some of them, in some ways I find many of the “rules” of organised witchery to be just as dogmatic as the church. That may ruffle some feathers, but if you’ve spent any time in the witchy communities online you’ll know some of those communities can be just as “my way or the highway” as other religious groups!

So for me being a Christian Witch is all about doing things my own way.

It looks different to everyone who’s on this path.

Some people go to church and read the bible but also use oracle cards and work with the cycles of the moon.

Then there are others who will follow more of a Wicca or more traditional Witchcraft path but will choose Jesus and Mary as their patron and matron deities.

You may be more Christian leaning with a Tarot deck in your bedside draw, or perhaps you are more Witchcraft leaning with a bible on your altar.

Whatever works for you is what is right for you.

It’s about your own relationship with the divine all around and within you.

It can overwhelming and confusing at times to just “do whatever you want” on the spiritual journey, so if you need a few more ideas on how to get started with a practice I’ll share some things that I do which you may like to do also, but remember this path is your path and you get to decide what it looks like, no one else.

The Jesus Deck in action!

The Jesus Deck in action!

Check out books and resources on the Ascension Path

The Ascension Path teachings incorporate many different aspects of the divine including Jesus, Angels and other Ascended Masters. It’s a high vibrational pathway back to love, higher levels of consciousness, wisdom and peace. Some of my favourite Ascension teachers are Tim Whild, Diana Cooper and Joshua David Stone.

Work with oracle decks that are Christian Witch friendly

Some of my favourites are The Jesus Deck, Work Your Light Oracle, Crystal Mandala Oracle, Art Through the Starstream Oracle and Oracle of the Angels.

Work with the Christ Consciousness

While we can certainly call on Jesus to assist us, we can also call on the energy of the Christ Consciousness or Christ Light to activate and work within us, helping us to become more Christ like, embodying the energy, love and light of the Christ energy.

I like to do this by just saying out loud “I invoke the Christ Light” and visualising that my whole body is full of golden light. I do this with the intention that I may live my life with love, compassion, peace and harmony. But of course, you can do this in any way that feels right for you.

Read the bible including the lost gospels

But, read it with discernment, with your crown chakra and heart activated.

I love the New New Testament which includes many of the lost gospels.

Follow your heart and create your own path

While I hope that this post has maybe inspired you a little or given you some ideas for exploring your path, remember that no one can tell you how to be spiritual but you.

Only you know the way for you, so make time to get quiet, meditate and listen to your own heart and soul.

With so much love and light,



PS - if you’re looking for a community of like-minded souls that’s dogma and judgement free be sure to come join us in the free FB group Spiritual Journey Pitstop or gather with your soul family in the spiritual development group The Circle.

Jesus x

What's up with Broken Crystals

Broken Crystals - what does it mean when your crystal breaks? And what to do with broken crystals.

A couple weeks ago as I was walking out of the bowling alley my beloved smokey quartz fell off from around my neck and smashed on the ground into three pieces! :o

I shared the image on Instagram and I had sooo many people asking me what it means when your crystal breaks and what to do with a broken crystal and instead of replying to everyone individually, I promised I’d write a blog post with all my thoughts on broken crystals and so here it (finally!) is.

Intuition is everything

I could probably leave it at this - your crystal breaks for the reason you think it breaks, and you should do whatever you think you should do with it.

There is no “one reason” your crystal breaks. There are many reasons your crystals can break and most of the time you just have to trust your gut.

When your crystal breaks, or when you first see it in pieces, what is your first thought or reaction? Usually that first reaction, that first thought, is the right one.

The rest of this post is simply my own thoughts on why crystals break, if the following resonates - hoorah! If not, then I wish you the best of luck as you work out what it all means to you.

smokey quartz - broken crystals

When your crystal has done its work

When my crystal broke outside the bowling alley my first thought was “I guess it’s done it’s work”.

Often when crystals have done what they needed to do for us, they will break or go missing.

At different times in our lives we are drawn to different crystals.

I used to wear smokey quartz a lot when I was first learning about and working with my own energy. I worked in a pretty intense environment and wearing my smokey quartz really helped me to feel protected energetically. I’d started wearing it again recently because I felt like I needed a protective boost.

When my crystal broke I felt like it was a message that I don’t need to be so focused on protecting my energy in that same old way any more, or at least, not right now. I’ve been really drawn to pyrite and I’ve started wearing that instead of the smokey quartz recently.

Crystals are powerful. they hold, transmute and work with a lot of energy in so many ways, but not all of them are going to need to be with you forever.

So if your crystal breaks, don’t be sad! It may just be that it’s work with you is done, it’s time to move on, your energy has shifted, you’ve levelled up or healed in some way and you’re ready for the next energy to come in and work with you!


Sometimes when a crystal breaks it means it protected you from something. That something could be anything from someone sending you etheric daggers, negative energy, a solar flare, an entity… it could be from many different places.

If you feel like your crystal has protected you from something, thank it for it’s love and protection and then just carry on.

I’ve seen people get really worried about this idea that there is someone/something out to get them, this only creates more fear and unease in your energy fields and is usually not warranted at all.

If you are worried take some time out to do some energy clearing on yourself and your spaces.

Your crystal protected you, it did it’s job, the negativity has been deflected and there’s nothing for you to fear.


We can’t ignore the fact that sometimes our crystals break because we just “dropped them”.

Now, I did drop my smokey quartz, but it was as if it just came loose off my neck and fell. I had been wearing it around the same string for months and it had never come loose before, so I’m not going to blame my string tying for that.

However, there have been times when I’ve had a crystal in my pocket or in my bra and it’s smashed to the floor when I’ve been getting changed. While sometimes I think that’s a sign it’s done it’s work, often it’s just that I forgot it was in there. D’oh!

Use your intuition here and be honest with yourself about if you have been looking after your crystal babies in the best way you could!

Our Satellite Hearts   - my favourite crystal shop in THE WORLD! :D x

Our Satellite Hearts - my favourite crystal shop in THE WORLD! :D x

What to do with the pieces

Again, this is all about trusting your intuition.

Different crystals will want to be sent off in different ways. Close your eyes and get quiet and just see what pops into your head as the right way for you to lay your crystal to rest.

Whatever you do with your crystal once it’s broken, do it with love and gratitude, make sure you thank it for its service.

Bury your crystal

This is a very common way to send off a crystal and can’t really be faulted.

Returning your crystal to the earth is the perfect way to complete the cycle.

You could bury it in your backyard, in a pot plant or somewhere out in nature. Whatever feels right for you and the crystal.

Bodies of water

You may like to throw your crystal into a river or a lake or even into the sea - especially if you were working with a crystal that had lovely watery energy.

One word of advice here though is to make sure you don’t put it in any water where people swim - in case someone ends up standing on the sharp edges!

Keep it

Most people will tell you to get rid of it, but if for some reason you feel like the crystal hasn’t finished its work, or you just feel like you need to keep it for a while, I think it’s OK to go ahead and do that.

If you do feel your crystal protected you from something you may want to bury it pretty quickly, but if you feel like it broke for another reason there’s no harm in keeping it around if you feel like it’s right.

My smokey quartz is actually still in my handbag. I think I will end up burying it, but I’m not quite ready to part with it yet!

In a nutshell - always use your intuition when it comes to crystals breaking.

There could be so many reasons your crystal breaks and there are so many ways to let it go when it does. This blog post really just touches on the common and simple answers, you have to go with what resonates for you in your situation!

If you want to learn more about connecting with your intuition and psychic abilities check out Woo Woo School or my Spiritual Development Circle! :D

With so much love, light and crystal healing,



New Age Hipster Radio | Episode 26 | With George Lizos

George Lizos New Age Hipster Radio

In this final (for now!) episode of the podcast I chat with the incredible George Lizos about all things divine masculine, divine feminine and how to live a life in balance with the two!

If this episode floats your boat check out the two hour workshop me and George recorded last year - Divine Masculine Rising. In the workshop we work with our Akashic Records in a Past-Life regression to heal patriarchy traumas, work with Archangels to release karmic contracts and fears around the masculine, journey to to the Heart of the Divine Masculine for a powerful heart activation and me and George also share some of our favourite practical tools too! You can find all the details here.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What it means to be a “Lightworker”

  • Defining “masculine” and “feminine” (it’s not about gender!)

  • Balancing the inner work and the outer work - the feminine and masculine within us

  • The rising of the divine feminine

  • The danger of “disowning” the masculine

  • Healing our trauma around the masculine

  • The power of Past Life healing

  • Connecting with the feminine and masculine in your spiritual business

  • How to balance these energies in your daily life

Hang out with George here:

Your Spiritual Toolkit Facebook Group

Wedding Tarot or Oracle Spread

Wedding Tarot Spread (3).png

I Just got married! :O

And what better way to celebrate is there than doing a tarot spread? :P

You can use this spread to tune in to the energy of your relationship and help make it super awesome whether you are newly wed, honeymooning, engaged, been together fifty years or just met.

It’s a great little relationship tarot spread to use at any time.

So grab a tarot or oracle deck, a cup of tea and if they’re up for it, why not grab your partner and do it together? :D

1. What roots or grounds your relationship

This card will offer some insight into what grounds you, what keeps you together, what magic your relationship is built on.

2. What will support the relationship to continue to grow stronger

No matter where you’re at, how happy you are, or how much you are struggling, this card can help you see what can help you to grow big and strong together.

3. How to stay true to who you are and honour your personal journey

Sometimes it can be hard to stay in balance with giving all you’ve got to the relationship but also doing the things you need to do for you, this card will give you some guidance on that.

4. How to honour your partner's personal journey

And of course, we need to make sure we are letting our partner do what they need to do for their own journey too, this card will help you see what your role in that is.

5. How to best support your partner and help them feel loved

Here you’ll get some insight into how you can best help your partner feel loved and supported.

6. How to let them love and support you

And here you’ll get some messages about how to open up that heart chakra and let them love and support you!

7. How to overcome challenges

No matter how incredible your relationship is, there are always going to be challenges. This card will help you see how you can overcome them when they come up.

8. The secret to lasting love

And finally, the secret to making it last forever.

If you have a go of this spread and share it on Instagram please feel free to tag me so I can come say hey! :D

And if you’re looking for more tarot spreads check out my totally free e-book Tarot Spreads You Can’t Live Without!

With so much love, light and good relationship vibes,



Little Vegas Chapel

Christian Witch Tarot or Oracle Spread

Christian Witch Tarot Spread

My post WTF is a Christian Witch has been viewed nearly 20k times this last year. It’s amazing to me how many people out there are vibing with this idea of being both a little bit witchy and a little bit Jesus-y.

I mostly just wrote that post as a way to process some of my own thoughts on the topic, so it’s kind of amazing to see just how many people resonated with it!

It was kind of a big deal to come out on the internet and tell everyone I’m a Christian Witch. Many of us are still hiding out a little bit, and that’s totally OK. Some of us are in the church, some of us are in covens, some of us (like me) have wondered off both paths and begun creating some weird winding path that goes between the two.

It can be a tricky path to navigate. The peeps on each side tend not to really get your other side.

And as someone who digs both the world of woo and witchcraft as well as being a bit of a Jesus freak it can be tough trying to blend your belief systems and make it work in a way that doesn’t feel conflicting.

So I made this tarot or oracle spread to help anyone who identifies as a Christian Witch, Christo-Pagan, whatever you want to call yourself or anyone who has a blended belief system to help you get a little more centred in your own beliefs and how to stand strong in who you are and what you believe.

You can use tarot, oracle, angel cards, or you could even try out your Jesus deck! :D

1. Where you're at on your Christian Witch journey

This is really just a check-in point to see how things are going for you on your personal magical path of faith.

2. How to stand strong in your own personal belief system

It is not always easy to stand in your power when your beliefs don’t fit in with what everyone else is doing, the message here will help you to know what you need to do to stay strong and grounded in your own truth and love.

3. How to honour and connect with the Goddess/Divine Feminine

You can specifically call in your deity of choice here (perhaps a message from Mother Mary or Mary Magdalene) or simply call on the divine mother. This card may show you how to honour and connect or may even give you some guidance as how to work with this energy too.

4. How to honour and connect with Jesus/Divine Masculine

Call on JC or a masculine energy of your choice. This card may also offer you some guidance when it comes to embodying the divine masculine in your own life.

5. How to find peace in your own heart

Something many of us Christian Witches struggle with is just feeling like we’re on the right path (for us!) and all is well. This card will give you some insight into how to trust and rest in your own heart space and faith.

6. How to connect deeper through prayer and/or spell work

Here you’ll receive some guidance about how to connect even deeper with your path through prayer or spell work. You may see here a way to connect deeper, something to focus on or even your next step.

If you dig this spread be sure to check out my totally free spreads e-book Tarot Spreads You Can’t Live Without (you can use it with oracle cards too!) and if you share on socials please do tag me so I can find you and say hey! I’m @newagehipster333 on Instagram and Facebook.

With so much love, light and magic,



New Age Hipster Radio Podcast | Episode 25 | Love Based Spiritual Business with Mariaestela

Mariaestela New Age Hipster Radio Podcast

It was such an honour to invite the incredible Mariaestela on to the podcast!

Mariaestela is a Spiritual Business Coach, Mentor, Catalyst & Facilitator as well as Host of the Show & Podcasts The Magdalene Voices and Spiritual Business w. Mariaestela.

Through 1:1 Sessions and Group Work she supports experienced, Soul driven, Heart based Entrepreneurs & Business Owners growing, expanding and shifting their businesses in new directions.

She’s followed the Priestess Path and gone through her fair share of rude awakenings and dark nights of her soul to arrive at the place and space, within as without where she, today, cannot imagine not blending, weaving and merging the worlds of seen and unseen, spirituality with practicality and magic with the mundane.

I absolutely adore Mariaestela’s work, I’ve taken her Mastery Through Love course which I highly recommend and I am also a regular listener (OK, huge fan!) of both her podcasts.

I vibe so strongly with her take on authentic love based business and I am sure wherever you are at in your business you are going to take away some nuggets of love, truth and inspiration from this episode!

In this podcast episode we talk about:

  • Creating and running an authentic love-based Spiritual Business

  • Non-attachment to our creations, content, numbers and who shows up for our work

  • Letting people both come in to and leave your work and community with love

  • Seeing your worth as more than “numbers”

  • Making business decisions based in love rather than fear

  • Being of service in business

  • Why it’s not about the money

  • And so, so much more!

Hang out with Mariaestela here:


New Age Hipster Radio | Episode 24 | Bringing the Angelic Realm Down to Earth with Andrew Barker

New Age Hipster Radio Podcast Angels with Andrew Barker

I was so excited to have this conversation about all things angels, energy and spirituality with the incredible Andrew Barker.

Andrew is a Psychic Medium and Tarot Card Reader who works to make Angels more accessible to people. Through his style of reading, which he refers to as “Love, Light, and F-Bombs” he brings the world of Angels down to earth. Andrew lives in the Washington D.C. area and listens to Britney Spears more than he breathes. 

I’ve been following Andrew online for many years I absolutely love his authentic, bullshit-free take on spirituality, connecting with your angels and living your best life. I hope this conversation serves you and helps you to connect with your own Angels in your own beautiful way.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What are Angels?

  • How to meet and connect with your Angels

  • How to spot signs from your Angels

  • Angel Numbers

  • The difference between Guardian Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and loved ones in spirit

  • Working with Archangel Micheal

  • No bullshit spirituality

  • Angels working for us vs helping us do the work for ourselves

  • Manifesting with the Angels

Hang out with Andrew here:

Ep 23 | Starseeds + the Galactic Connection with Alexandra Bogoslowsky

Alexandra Bogoslowsky

I’m so, so excited about sharing this amazing conversation about all things Starseeds and Galactic energy with the incredible Sasha from Starbound Earthseed.

I adore Sasha and her down to earth and deeply empowering view of spirituality and connection with galactic beings and it was such an honour to have her on the podcast!

If you’re curious about the whole Starseed thing, or even if you’ve been on this path for a while, this episode is for you!

Sasha is a mentor, energy healer, cosmic-minded and heart-rooted guide in the evolution of consciousness and helps her clients move through the awakening process. She uses modalities such as astrology, etheric extraterrestrial contact, past life remembrance, and card slinging in session with her clients, as well as her own practice, to facilitate the shifts in energy needed in the now. 

In this episode we chat about:

  • What a Starseed is

  • Being ready for and open to the Galactic Connection

  • The importance of discernment

  • Understanding your star origins

  • Your Galactic Guides + how to connect with them

  • The Orion Wars

  • Zeta Reticulans and Greys

Hang out with Sasha here: