Intuitive Readings 

An intuitive reading with me is all about empowering you to take control of your current situation, grab life by the horns and move forward in the best direction for you and your life.

Together we identify the blocks, bust through the blocks, throw light  on confusion and get clear on what you can do right now to get back to being your bright shiny self on your own awesome journey. 

I do read for potential outcomes but  I firmly believe that the future is in your hands.

A reading with me is more about helping you create your future than reading your fortune.

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Vix is my new favourite reader: Her guidance is deeply on point but extremely practical so that you feel you have some tools to take away. She also brings in a fun, light and soothing energy that is truly essential when seeking guidance in times of challenge.
— Louise Androlia -

Already ready to get read?


In a reading we can check out:

  • Relationships
  • Karmic Relationships
  • Career + Biz 
  • Life Purpose + Life Path
  • Self Love
  • Spiritual Stuff
  • Past Lives
  • Spirit Guides
  • Totally random questions about other stuff

WE CAN connect WITH:

  • Spirit Guides
  • Angels + Archangels
  • Fairies
  • Crystals, Flowers or Sacred Places
  • Jesus
  • Zelfs
  • Ganesha
  • Whoever else you wanna hang with (as long as they're from the light yo!)


A reading with me can help you if:

  • You have relationship stuff going on – can’t meet someone, can’t connect to the person you are with, want to be with someone else, anything relationship based (family, friends and romance)!
  • You want to get clear about your life purpose and/or life path.
  • Want to know what’s going on with career and work.
  • You feel blocked in some way and don’t know what it is, or how to break free of it. Stuck in the same job for years or feel like your life is Groundhog day?!
  • You want to make a big change but aren’t sure if you are ready or if it’s the right time.
  • You’ve just been feeling a little ‘blah’ lately and need a pick me up.
  • You want to get back on your spiritual path or connect deeper with the divine, angels, guides, whoever it is you communicate with. (I’m totally non-denominational and open to all belief systems that come from love.)
  • You want to bust through your blocks and start living your best life.
  • You just want some clarity and light on a certain situation.
  • You just want to know what energy is around you right now and if there’s anything you should be working towards/looking out for.

I connect with what I call God, the Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, your Higher Self and anyone who is from the light who has information that would help you on your best life path. I always read with the intention that all messages passed on are for your best and highest good! Hoorah! 

If you want to talk more about what I can do for you or what to expect from a reading just whip me a message on Facebook, or use the form below to email me!

Always Judgement free + LGBT friendly

I’m so looking forward to reading for you!

With love and light!



The way Vix worded everything, I could tell she was drawing on raw intuition and some of the things she picked up on gave me chills. She also makes it so relatable – not whimsical in the slightest, and there is a real element of humour, which made the reading even more enjoyable. I also loved the way she relates the cards to modern-day figures too.I would definitely recommend Vix to anyone who is seeking some guidance. And also in particular to those who haven’t had a tarot reading before because her style is incredibly real and relatable.
— Laura Yates,

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Tarot Reading FAQs

Q: What's the difference between a Skype, Email or Video reading?

A: A Skype session is great if you have an hour to spare and you want to have a good old chat about everything as well as a card reading.

An Email reading is great if you like going back and re-reading the messages. Email readings are usually more channelled than Skype sessions.

Video readings are similar in energy to my Monthly Readings which you can check out on my YouTube channel.


Q: Can you predict my future?

A: Yes and no. I do sometimes have clear flashes of potential outcomes, but these visions can come true or not depending on your choices. My work is focused more on looking at where you are now and helping you move forward. Often when I'm making predictions I'm looking at where you're potentially going if you keep following the same path. 

Sometimes major life purpose messages will come through but even then I feel that these are changeable.


Q: Why do you need me to ask questions? Shouldn't you just be able to know what I want to know?

A: Some readers work like this, I don't. The more information you give me the more information I can give you in return. It's super energetically exhausting to try to figure out your questions and then give you a reading. If you're looking for someone to wow you with reading your mind I'm probably not the right reader for you


Q: Can you give me information about someone else? E.g about my partner's finances, my ex's new relationship etc.

A: If you come to me with a question like this I will rephrase it so we're looking into your own relationships and your own stuff.

I do not read on behalf of others or snoop around in someone else's energy without their consent.


Q: Do you read on health issues?

A: No. I can look into other factors that may be influencing your health, but I do not read on health issues. Get yourself to a doctor first and then we can chat about your chakras.


Q: Do you read on legal or financial matters?

A: No. We can look into what's going on for you, what's up with your prosperity consciousness for example, but I do not give legal or financial advice.


Q: Are you a medium? Or a Psychic?

A: I don't call on passed over loved ones although they do occasionally pop up. I work with my Spirit Guides and Angels and yours, as well as Archangels, Jesus, Mother Mary and the rest of my motley crew.

I prefer the term "intuitive" for what I do. I pick up on things, tune into energies and get guidance and messages for you through the Tarot, Clairvoyant images and Clairaudient phrases and words. I'm predominantly Clairgognizant which means I just sort of  "know" stuff.

I can see your past lives and Spirit Guides and tap into your karmic contracts. I can also just give you practical steps to help you get from the job you hate into a job that will light you up.


Q: Can I hold you responsible for decisions I make based on your reading?

A: No. Tarot readings can be incredibly helpful and affirming, they can also kick your ass, but ultimately you are the creator of your life. You make your own choices and you walk your own path. A Tarot Reading is not designed to be a replacement for your own judgement and intuition. 

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