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Past Life Power Spread

Past Life Power Spread - get a glimpse at your past life issues! - Vix
Past Life Power Spread - get a glimpse at your past life issues! - Vix

I've spent a whole heap of time developing my clairvoyance and it's sooooo cool to get glimpses into my past lives, and the past lives of others! But my clairvoyance has an eye of it's own (lol!) and it always works better when I have some pretty pictures to kick it into gear, and Tarot cards are so perf for this purpose! OMG I just wrote perf. :/

But you don't have to be clairvoyant to get a glimpse of your past lives and be able to use this information to help you in the here and now, because it's super cute to know you were a shoemaker in some little Eastern European town in the middle ages, but how can that help you right now? So here's a Past Life Power Spread I created so that we can all get some messages about our past lives no matter how psychically developed we are!

<3 Get started

You can focus on a question for this, such as "what past life issues relate to the shit I'm going through at work", or just go ahead and ask "what past life stuff do I most need to know about right now?"

<3 Card One: Soul or Soul Lesson

This card represents your soul, or soul lesson. It can show you where you are at and what your life lesson is right now, for example what this shitty job is teaching you. Or it can focus on a bigger life lesson like learning to speak your truth. This card can show you something about your soul! If you get the Star card you have a super shiny soul! If you get the Devil, don't freak out, this is probably just a message for you for you to get out of the bondage that is your shitty job!

<3 Card Two: How this past life affects you now

This is what you have brought with you from your past life into this life. Usually this card is going to show you something that you need to let go of. Whatever is in this card is about your past life, not this life! Let it gooo, let it goooo!

<3 Card Three: Past life power to embrace!

Sometimes we forget the power that we held in past lives, the personality traits we had that were really cool! This card calls you to embrace this power in this life. What's the point of having past lives if we don't get smarter and stronger over the centuries?! Am I right grrls and guys?!

<3 Card Four: A message or memory

So this one is a little vague on purpose. This is a message or memory that your past life has for you. We've seen what we need to let go of and we now know our power, but there might be something else this life wants to show you. A little reminder of who you were, and who you are!

<3 Words of wisdom

Looking into your past lives can be pretty full on. If you aren't ready to, don't go there. You can use this spread without the past life influence like this:

1. where you are right now

2. what you need to let go of in this life/situation

3. your power to call on

4. something to remember about yourself

If you wanna see this spread in action check out the video below! I was just doing an example spread but it ended up being an awesome message for me about a past life!

Let me know how it goes for you, I'd love to know who you were in a past life! Maybe we made shoes together, or hung out under palm trees in Egypt!

<3 Love, light and powerful past lives! <3



Karmic Relationships

Karmic Relationships - how to spot them and how to clear them!

Karmic Relationships - how to spot them and how to clear them!

Last week week we were all talking about Soulmates and Twin Flames, and this week I thought we'd delve even deeper and have a chat about Karmic Relationships.

<3 So like, what is a Karmic Relationship?

A karmic relationship enters your life because it's time to clear some karma. Usually from past life issues, but it can be due to issues that have been created in this lifetime too. When we find ourselves in a karmic relationship we can either grow, learn and expand or stagnate, obsess, and break apart. Or, which is most often the case with karmic relationships - it's a little of all of the above.

Karmic relationships kind of have this rep of being all consuming, soul destroying, obsessive, passionate and intense love affairs that begin as a feeling of meeting your soulmate and end with you crying your eyes out on your kitchen floor months or years later. But it's not always like that. Sometimes a karmic relationship brings that first love kind of vibe - something new and exciting that reminds you how awesome it is to be alive.

Karmic Relationships are here to teach us something big - about ourselves, about others, about relationships and about life.

Whether we are clearing out past life or current life karma these relationships can come in two costumes - the guy or gal you knew in a past life who brings you the stuff from that life, or the person who you haven't known before but is a kind ofmessenger who brings it all up for you.

You may only have one or two of these relationships in your lifetime, or you may be like me and have spent over 10 years attracting them in various forms!

<3 Past life connections

You know that feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time and you are instantlyattracted to them on some level? It's like you've got the hots for them, or you just find them really interesting or cool, or you start talking to them and it's like you've known them forever. When this happens to me I often think it's because I have met this person before, maybe in a past life, or even in some other realm!

Sometimes we have this feeling about someone and confuse it for this person being our soulmate or twin flame. We start thinking we have to marry this person, and if they are of a different gender from what we usually go for, we can even start thinking that we're changing teams!

So what happens when we hook up with someone we've known in a past life? Sometimes it can be a great thing for us. Someone comes into our life to teach us, help us remember who we are, what we can be, and karmic relationships don't always leave us crying our eyes out in some kind of dark night of the soul type break up. Sometimes this person is here to help you grow and level up. This can be really hard when it ends, even though you will probably come to some beneficial understanding that you've learned what you needed to from each other, and to keep growing you need to go your separate ways.

Maybe you've hooked up with someone you dated or married in a past life. You may have made a plan to meet back up again, because you wanted to be together in your next life too. For some people this works really well for them, and they choose each other over and over again. But what if your life path this time around doesn't match with theirs? What if you came here to join the Peace Corps and they came to experience a comfortable suburban life with a white picket fence? How in the hell is that going to work? Well, it's not. And here you find yourself again, crying on the kitchen floor. But he was the one!! Everything about him was right... except you wanted different things. Just because you were with each other in another life doesn't mean you need to be together again in this one. You need to learn new lessons and grow and achieve new important things, and you know what? Just because you are on different journeys this time around, doesn't mean you aren't going to hang out on a soul level again.

Sometimes though, a karmic relationship is a hell of a lot harder than just wanting different things from life. A lot of us have had hellish past lives with people who were not so nice to us. Maybe you married a man that killed you in a past life, or perhaps you are dating someone who persecuted you in past life for being a white witch. Talk about karma needing clearing! This is when we need to get into a serious look at what's going on; Tarot readings, Past Life regression, whatever type of therapy floats your boat may be in order for you to begin to really let go, forgive and move on from this one!

<3 How to recognise if you are in a karmic relationship

Karmic relationships are usually intense, whether it's because they are constantly painful and it feels like you are travelling to the end of the earth and back on a daily basis, or maybe you are just so freaking ecstatic about being with this person! You may be in a karmic relationship if:

<3 It's tearing you apart but you can't leave

<3 You are on a rollercoaster - it's AMAZING one minute, awful the next

<3 You can never totally be yourself with this person

<3 There is an imbalance of power - yours or theirs

<3 You feel like you are "meant to be together"

<3 You feel like you've known this person before

<3 You've spent more time crying over this relationship than you have enjoying it

<3 You are just totally freaking in love with this person and your life is basically The Notebook

The Notebook - I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day

The Notebook - I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day

<3 How to clear the karma!

So let's say you were murdered 500 years ago, probably by someone who was just following orders and would've been killed themselves if they didn't do what they were told. Do you want to hang on to the karma of hating this person for eternity? Let him be free of having to come and meet you every lifetime because of what he did. Maybe you met this same guy on the weekend and you were so drawn to him and he said he'd call and he didn't. Here's your chance to clear some karma - instead of going bat shit crazy because another random you met didn't call you - forgive him and move on. You don't know why he didn't call (maybe he has a girlfriend, isn't in a good place emotionally, maybe he's just a jerk) and you don't know why he had to do what he did in the past. It's not important. What is important is freeing up your energy so you can do the best of everything you came here to do.

Take a deep breath and say: "I release this karma, I forgive and release all those who have hurt me in all directions of time so that I may move forward no longer held by the karma of my past relationships".

Do you want to keep coming back to learn the same old lessons every life time? Or do you once and for all want to stop dating jerks? Sometimes you have to date a jerk to clear the karma of dating jerks right? And if you don't clear that karma, you are just going to keep dating jerks.

We hereby release all karma that keeps us dating jerks! 

For those of you who are experiencing something a lot more intense than an easy fix jerk dating - spend some time really thinking about your relationship. Try to step outside it and see what's really going on. What's happening? What do you feel? Why are you with this person? Maybe you can't do that because you are so "in" the relationship, and that's when it's good to get an outside opinion. I have helped loads of people with their karmic relationship stuff, and I can totally help you see what's going on with your relationship, why you are in it, why you attracted it and how to get the lessons and move on to the blessings!

The answer isn't always to end your relationship when it's difficult. Sometimes you are just being called to understand what's happening, clear the karma and hey, that can even mean staying in your relationship but watching it go from urgh to amaze! Take those two up there from The Notebook - they went through hell to make it work, dealt with the challenges together and had the love affair to end all love affairs!

While they can be one of the hardest things you'll ever have to deal with, karmic relationships are here to help us grow. The Universe hasn't sent them to you to watch you suffer, they are sent to you so you can experience everything this crazy life has to offer - and hey, isn't that why you signed up to come back?!

You know where I am if you need me!

<3 Love, light and karma clearing! <3