Manifesting from the Heart x

Manifesting from the heart

According to the internet and at least a thousand books I've read on the subject, there are approximately a gazillion different ways to manifest your heart's desires.

Vision boards, affirmations, journalling, calling on your guides and angels, visualisations, spells, candle magic, full moon or new moon rituals and emojis...

While these are all perfectly valid ways to manifest and they do totally work, I have found there's one thing that pretty much always works for me when I'm trying to manifest, and that's working from my heart.

There are so many of us trying to manifest things are not in alignment with our hearts. Hello, I've done it loads! What I've found from my own experience is that when I don't manifest from my heart I tend to either not get what I'm asking for and end up throwing a hissy fit at the universe, or I do get what I've asked for but realise pretty swiftly that asking for that thing was a big mistake.

Now, a lot of people are expert manifestors, if that's you - cool. If you can just click your fingers and get a parking spot, or cash money that's awesome. Keep doing what you're doing if it all feels good!

Personally I have very little success manifesting parking spots. Not because I'm a shit manifestor, but because I find it hard to manifest things that don't fully resonate with my heart.

Not getting a parking spot two meters from my destination is not really a big deal to me. 

I also struggle to bring in certain amounts of cash money. Like if I ask for £1000, I rarely get it. Why? Because there's no emotional, heart centered attachment between me and £1000.

I have, however, managed to manifest a successful full time business doing something I love which supports me financially, a scholarship for uni, a gig reading Tarot on a paradise island, loads of tickets to events, tarot decks and a pretty darn amazing relationship.

This is in no way a suggestion that you shouldn't try to manifest money or parking spots. If you need those things, bloody go for it!

I just feel like we are all trying to manifest so many things we don't really want on a heart level.

Manifesting from the heart quote x

I went into a spin lately thinking I wanted New Age Hipster to be a six figure biz, and I realised that actually that's not what my heart says, that's just what my Facebook feed says. If you want a six figure biz with all your heart, again, go for it! We all have different paths and purposes in this life! But I find it works better for me personally to focus on bringing in clients who I can help, students into my courses that are going to make big shifts through working with me rather than "cash money". If you're following your heart and living in purpose you're going to be supported.

Manifesting from the heart is my magical manifesting secret.

So, how do you do this?

One super easy way is to check in with your heart space when you're asking for stuff.

Next time you're putting out your intentions into the universe, just stop for a second, put your hands on your heart and ask yourself:

"Is what I'm asking for in alignment with my heart?"

If it is, awesome! Keep asking! If you feel anything icky or uncertainty, or anything that doesn't feel like a HECK YEAH from your heart space, maybe re-think and re-frame what you're calling in. It may just be that you need to change your manifesting only slightly, or you may be nudged in the direction of asking for something else entirely!

So, what are you wanting to bring into your life right now? How does your heart space feel about it? 

If you want to learn all my other manifesting tricks and tips check out my online course Totally Spiritual, which covers the Law of Attraction and Manifesting as well as a whole bunch of other topics full of spiritual goodness! :D

With so much love, light and heart-centered manifesting power,



Girl Crush Pyjama Party with Tamara AKA WolfSister!

Tamara from Wolf Sister and Vix from New Age Hipster Girl Crush PJ Party

I'm so thrilled to have the gorgeous Tamara AKA Wolf Sister over this week for a PJ Party! I adore this woman, her energy is so high vibe it's ridonkulous! (Do people still say ridonkulous?) She's a Shamanic Practitioner, Potion Maker (I totally heart Wolf Juice!) and a Tarot Reader too! But most of all she is just a gorgeous soul, a lovely light being and the perfect pal to eat pizza with!


OMG Tamara!! I'm so excited to have you here at my party, how excited are you?!

I'm heaps excited! I love pyjama parties.

What kind of music are we going to have at the pyjama party?

Spice Girls, Beyonce, TLC…. Anything with girl power vibes please.

#GirlPower! I'm going to wear my Hello Kitty PJs, what pyjamas are you going to wear?

One of my favourite oversize t shirts and some tropical shorts.

What fun make up or beauty products are in your overnight bag?

I've packed my festival make up bag with glitter, sparkles and face paint so we can be Unicorn maidens…

Oh, and my Dr Organics Aloe Vera Eye Gel in case we stay up late and I've got puffy eyes in the morning - it's one of my essentials.

Unicorn Maidens for life! Who does your hair?

Mostly me! I'm a qualified hairdresser but if I can't do it myself then I get one of my lovely friends at Toni & Guy (Chelmsford) to help make my hair look pretty.

And what hairstyle would you have if you could have anything? (I'd totally have an 80's perm!)

If I could have anything then I would bleach all of my hair and dye it different shades of Lavender, then I'd have it cut into a long bob! That would be my ultimate dream hair.

That sounds soooo coool! Where do you get all those cute outfits I've seen you in?

I usually shop in Topshop or Urban Outfitters but I love treasure hunting through markets when I'm on my travels to find something a bit different.

So like, how do you make money to pay for those cool pyjamas and all your awesome clothes and make up and stuff?

As a Shaman, I work with my animal guides to help people have an energetic spring clean so that they feel aligned, centred and clear. Most of my clients are kindred sisters who are seeking to release some outdated feelings/thought processes/attachments and expand their consciousness to a more spiritually connected vibration, ultimately creating space for more of the good stuff to come in! When the moon is right, I make supernatural potions so that people can have good vibes to take-away. I also love working with the magic mirror that is the Tarot!

Uh, WOW. How did you get that job?

I just followed what I love doing, put in a lot of hard work and here I am!

What fun stuff do you like doing on school nights?

Watch movies or Game of Thrones, chill with my boyfriend and our kitty Ava, catch up with friends or read one of the many books that I've got on rotation.

How about on the weekend?

If I'm not working then I'm either off on adventure with my boyfriend or at a meditation class or workshop. I've been going to Jody Shield's Sunday Sessions once a month and I love locking myself down into two hours of energetic work for just for me. It's easy to forget your own self-care practice when you love helping other people. I'm really trying to make time out for myself like this non-negotiable.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I'm working towards being a full time Sorceress when I grow up.

I'm getting hungry, what's your favourite pyjama party food and beverages?

I love sipping on Arizona Green Tea with Honey and I've recently discovered The Coconut Collaborative Snow Coconut frozen yoghurt which is my new favourite - I'm seriously considering breaking up with Ben & Jerry for this one. It's delicious!

Ben & Jerry will be so sad! Favourite pizza topping?

King Prawn with Rocket and Mozzerella if they've got it or a Margarita with pesto please!

Uh, YUM! What movies and TV shows are we going to watch?

Have you seen Snow White and the Huntsman? I could get lost in that film forever. Game of Thrones is another favourite too, I've only just gotten over my withdrawals after season 5.

OK I so need to see Snow White and the Huntsman! Do you have a favourite teen movie?!

I used to love watching Clueless! At one point, I knew all the lines because I'd watched it so many times haha.

OMG what was that noise?! :O Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one?

Oh yes definitely! I've seen a few which used to freak me out but now I try to help them cross to the other side if they are trying to get my attention.

Have you ever had any other cool paranormal encounters?

Ummm…. I see other peoples Spirit Guides/Animals and feel other peoples feelings which I guess could be classed as paranormal. I think that somewhere along the line paranormal has become my normal…

What do you think happens when we die?

I believe that we go on to our next soul evolution when we die. That means that we might reincarnate back here or come back as a guide or angel to help the other people in our Soul Group. Have you read Many Masters, Many Lives by Brian Weiss? His book really introduced this concept to me.

I love Brian Weiss, I did a book report on one of his books in high school! LOL! Who do you think you were in a past life?

I've been a healer of different sorts and was totally burnt as a witch at least once before - that's why it was so scary for me to come out of the spiritual closet in this life time!

What time do you usually go to bed?

I'd love to be one of those people that go to bed before half 10 but I usually end up in bed by half11ish. I think I try to fit too much into my days….

What should we do tomorrow?

Shall we go crystal shopping or maybe check in with the Akashic Records?

Who's your girl crush?!

Oh wow! Everyday seems to be a girl crush these days. I've been meeting so many kindred sisters over the last year! You are definitely on the list….

Because you are so girl-crush-worthy probably lots of other girls and boys are going to want you at their pyjama parties too. How can they find you?!

You can find me at, for more about me and what I do. I'm also a contributor for The Numinous which is where I get to share some of my mystical experiences and guides - For pics of things I love then follow me at, tweets at, oh and not to forget Facebook… I love the magic of social media for making new friends.

Thanks so much for having me Vix, you throw the best pyjama parties!

x x


Thanks so much for coming Tamara! I can't wait to hang out again soon! 

Love and light!



Monday Mixtape - You can do magic

I love music and my taste is pretty eclectic I guess, but I'm always hearing songs that really resonate with me on some kind of weird higher level. Even songs I've heard a hundred times will one day like, speak to me. Oooooh!

The other day this song came on and I always knew the lyrics were 'you can do magic' but that day it was like - 'no, you really can do magic'!

So here it is for your Monday Mixtape listening pleasure!

I'd love to know what songs you are resonating with this week too! :-)

Love, light and magic!