10 Things to do with affirmation Cards

I love coming up with quirky new things to do with my card decks. There is so much more to using your cards than just doing the ole' daily draw!

If you're in the market for an affirmation deck you can't go past the Miracles Now deck by Gabby Bernstein! I'm a huge fan and super excited about her London gigs coming up on the 22nd and 23rd of January! I've teamed up with Hay House for a GIVEAWAY of FIVE Miracles Now DECKS! :O OMG! Click here to enter, and keep reading for some ideas on what to do with this deck, or any affirmation cards you already have!


Daily Draws

Yeah OK, I said there was more to affirmation card life than daily draws, but actually, daily draws are pretty awesome. Leave your deck in the car, take it in your bag or even keep it in your desk at work so that you don't miss your daily reading. I also like to keep a deck by my bed so I can pull a card before I go to sleep. 


Meditation Mantras

Pick a card as part of your meditation practice and use it at a mantra. Say it out loud or just breathe it in and out. 



Who says card decks are only for divination!? Blue tac your favourite cards to the bathroom mirror or make a cool display in your office! You can even string them up in your bedroom with some fairy lights! #Gorgeous! 


Ask specific questions

We usually work with affirmation decks by just asking for a general card or a message, but you can totally get into the details with these cards too! "What affirmation will most help me right now with my money stuff?" "What affirmation or mantra can I work with in relation to my annoying flatmate?" Go ahead and get specific! Us Tarot Readers always say the more specific your question is, the more specific your answer will be. 


Soul Searching/Shadow Work

K, so I'm not a huge fan of the term "shadow work" but affirmation decks can give you a darn good idea of what you need to work on within yourself. I seriously just pulled "The qualities I dislike in others are disowned parts of my shadow" WOAH! Grab your journal and use your affirmation deck to help you with some serious soul searching and personal development.


Messages from your higher self

Use the affirmations as if they are messages from your higher self, best or soul self! Know that on a soul level you are already embodying this energy! I just pulled "My positive energy leaves a powerful impression on the world" OMG! I might not always feel like I'm doing that, so it's nice to have a little soul reminder! 



I'm a huge fan of having random cards all over my desk. Just now I have five cards from five different decks propped up on my desk to help me to bring that energy into my life. Sometimes cards will pop up in a reading that you'll want to keep out all day (some you want to put straight back in the deck! LOL!) other times you can go through the deck face up and choose a card that resonates with the energy or things you most want to manifest in your life.


Tarot Spreads

Guys this might sound weird, but there is no reason at all why you can't use an affirmation deck (or any deck!) the same way you use your Tarot cards. Check out this video I made you to show you how it's done! 


Give your cards away!

Your deck doesn't have to stay all in one piece if you have the urge to give some of it away. Perhaps there's a card in your deck that is just so your bezzie. Send her or him the image on IG or go one better and pop the card in an envelope and send it over to their house. Secretly place a card on your loved one's pillow before bed and say it was magic! Gift different cards to different friends and loved ones, but make sure to save at least one for yourself! It's like those BFF necklaces for woo woos. Spread the energy, spread the love and stay connected! 


Affirm + create shifts!

It's not enough when you're working with affirmations to just read the card, nod your head and say "yeah I so need that" and then put the card back in the deck and forget all about it. The magic of affirmations comes from actually saying them out loud! I like to say affirmations at least three times, but if you're really working on something say it ten times! Go for the tried and true 108 times if you're really serious about creating shifts! It 'aint gonna work unless you do the work


Do you have any wacky or out of the box ways you like to work with your cards? I'd love to hear about them in the comments or over on Social Media

Don't forget to enter the comp to win a deck! :D 

With love, light and awesome affirmations! 



How to forget FOMO! 5 affirmations for your bathroom mirror x

Zorro always gets FOMO when he can't go outside. x

Zorro always gets FOMO when he can't go outside. x

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) has always been a thing. I remember living in Edinburgh way before we were all addicted to our iPhones and I was always having serious FOMO every time my friends who didn't work during the day went off and did something without me while I was at work. URgh! 

But now we have iPhones (YAY!) so when your friends go off and do cool stuff while you're at work, or school, or stuck at home or whatever, instead of just being a bit grumpy, you are literally faced with their good time. They might even tag you in it. OMG how annoying!! 

But there's another type of FOMO too - the one where you look at what other folks are doing with their lives and feel really lame about your own life. How did she get a book deal? How did she get such a hot boyfriend? You know the drill. 

Affirmations are bloody brilliant and totally underrated in my opinion. Yes they are dorky, but they work. Seriously. Especially for stuff like FOMO! Here's five that work wonders for me, I hope they help you too! (You can totally rework these into your own voice if my #newagehipster lingo doesn't float your boat!)


This moment is seriously freaking awesome!

The thing about FOMO is that we start to think that somewhere else and some other moment is better than the one we are having right now. But hang on for a second. You are alive, you are breathing, you actually exist here on this crazy planet, I mean seriously, who cares if you're on the couch or out at Glastonbury Festival? It's freaking amazing that you're even here! So whoooooooop! Celebrate your life man. 


I totally respect, trust and honour my own rad journey

When we get down on where we're at it's because we don't trust what's going on for us. Look back at your life journey thus far. Has it not been incredible? Have wonderful things happened? Are you in a better place now than ever before? Can you see that more awesome things are heading your way?! Of course you can, and if you can't, come get a reading and we'll find them


I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be

If you were supposed to be at that bar hanging out with Kit Harington you would be. Maybe you're just meant to meet him later, when he's ready for you you know? Like when he's finished working through all his "stuff". 


Everyone is on their own journey

Remember that an IG pic doesn't really tell you much about someone's life. One pic of a fancy salad doesn't mean that person lives like that all the time. You don't know that they didn't have a dirty burger and a pint for their main course! And you don't know what other people are going through in their offline lives. Other folks are probably looking at your social media and having FOMO over you! 


I give and receive, I love and I am loved in equal measure

What other people have that you're all jelly of is just a clue to what you want! Instead of throwing neg vibes at the folks who have what you have, how about working for it to happen in your own life? Click like and comment nice things on the stuff that gives you FOMO and start focusing more on creating your dream life and less on someone else's dinner.

Love, light and lipstick affirmations!



If you're digging these affirmations you're going to go crazy over

Woo Woo School!

Gabrielle Bernstein's Miracles Now Card Deck Review! OMG!

Gabrielle Bernstein Miracles Now Deck
Gabrielle Bernstein Miracles Now Deck

I was so fangirling all over the house when the Miracles Now Card Deck arrived via Hay House a couple of days ago! SQUEEE! Gah, amazing!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! (*Grabs some clear quartz for clarity*.)

Ok, so these are the Miracles Now cards By Gabrielle Bernsteinand published by Hay House. This is a deck based on some of the teaching found in Gabby B's book Miracles Now, an awesome book full of 108 tools for your spiritual and life journey. But this deck is so much more than just quotes from the book and can totally be used on their own too!

This is not an angel or tarot deck, this is an affirmation deck. WTF is an affirmation? Sure, it's basically a phrase you say to yourself to help you manifeststuff - not only things in your outside world, but also to help you to become who you really want to be. For example you may say to yourself every day when you wake up - I am awesome. Even if you don't feel that awesome at first, after doing this for a few days you will find you start to believe it a little bit, then a lot, and then before you know it you are feeling so freaking awesome it's RIDIC!

There are 62 cards in this deck and you can basically use them however the heck you want! They are a beautiful galaxy of 80's colours and seriously, when you ask the Universe for a card and then you pull one, it's like the Universe is talking to you. I'm not even joking.

Gabrielle Bernstein Miracles Now Card Deck
Gabrielle Bernstein Miracles Now Card Deck

Some of the ways I've been using this deck so far are:

<3 Pulling a card in the morning to help you set your intention for the day

<3 Asking for advice on what I need to work on and pulling a card

<3 Pulling a card before going to sleep

<3 Choosing a card that resonates and leaving it by my bed or on my desk as a reminder and a way to infuse the energy of the affirmation into my life!

<3 Add these to a Tarot or Angel card reading!

Some other ways you could use these gorgeous cards:

<3 Pulling one, tow, three or more cards and using them as journal prompts

<3 Carrying these around in your bag and pulling them out randomly when out for coffee - alone or with friends

<3 Pulling cards for people at work (they aren't that woo woo so probably won't freak anyone out!)

<3 Keep these in the bathroom cabinet and pull one while you are getting ready in the morning

<3 Leave them on the coffee table for yourself and guests to choose one when chilling on the couch with a tea

<3 Use these at meetings, groups, workshops, classes etc.!

Oh so many ways you can immerse yourself in the Universe's wisdom!

Comment below if you have any other cool ideas how to get the most out of these cards! I'd also love to hear about your favourite affirmations in the deck so be sure to find me on Facebook and Instagram for sharing the love!

Oh and check out the video below to really see these guys in action!

<3 Love, light and inspirational affirmations <3