10 Things to do with affirmation Cards

I love coming up with quirky new things to do with my card decks. There is so much more to using your cards than just doing the ole' daily draw!

If you're in the market for an affirmation deck you can't go past the Miracles Now deck by Gabby Bernstein! I'm a huge fan and super excited about her London gigs coming up on the 22nd and 23rd of January! I've teamed up with Hay House for a GIVEAWAY of FIVE Miracles Now DECKS! :O OMG! Click here to enter, and keep reading for some ideas on what to do with this deck, or any affirmation cards you already have!


Daily Draws

Yeah OK, I said there was more to affirmation card life than daily draws, but actually, daily draws are pretty awesome. Leave your deck in the car, take it in your bag or even keep it in your desk at work so that you don't miss your daily reading. I also like to keep a deck by my bed so I can pull a card before I go to sleep. 


Meditation Mantras

Pick a card as part of your meditation practice and use it at a mantra. Say it out loud or just breathe it in and out. 



Who says card decks are only for divination!? Blue tac your favourite cards to the bathroom mirror or make a cool display in your office! You can even string them up in your bedroom with some fairy lights! #Gorgeous! 


Ask specific questions

We usually work with affirmation decks by just asking for a general card or a message, but you can totally get into the details with these cards too! "What affirmation will most help me right now with my money stuff?" "What affirmation or mantra can I work with in relation to my annoying flatmate?" Go ahead and get specific! Us Tarot Readers always say the more specific your question is, the more specific your answer will be. 


Soul Searching/Shadow Work

K, so I'm not a huge fan of the term "shadow work" but affirmation decks can give you a darn good idea of what you need to work on within yourself. I seriously just pulled "The qualities I dislike in others are disowned parts of my shadow" WOAH! Grab your journal and use your affirmation deck to help you with some serious soul searching and personal development.


Messages from your higher self

Use the affirmations as if they are messages from your higher self, best or soul self! Know that on a soul level you are already embodying this energy! I just pulled "My positive energy leaves a powerful impression on the world" OMG! I might not always feel like I'm doing that, so it's nice to have a little soul reminder! 



I'm a huge fan of having random cards all over my desk. Just now I have five cards from five different decks propped up on my desk to help me to bring that energy into my life. Sometimes cards will pop up in a reading that you'll want to keep out all day (some you want to put straight back in the deck! LOL!) other times you can go through the deck face up and choose a card that resonates with the energy or things you most want to manifest in your life.


Tarot Spreads

Guys this might sound weird, but there is no reason at all why you can't use an affirmation deck (or any deck!) the same way you use your Tarot cards. Check out this video I made you to show you how it's done! 


Give your cards away!

Your deck doesn't have to stay all in one piece if you have the urge to give some of it away. Perhaps there's a card in your deck that is just so your bezzie. Send her or him the image on IG or go one better and pop the card in an envelope and send it over to their house. Secretly place a card on your loved one's pillow before bed and say it was magic! Gift different cards to different friends and loved ones, but make sure to save at least one for yourself! It's like those BFF necklaces for woo woos. Spread the energy, spread the love and stay connected! 


Affirm + create shifts!

It's not enough when you're working with affirmations to just read the card, nod your head and say "yeah I so need that" and then put the card back in the deck and forget all about it. The magic of affirmations comes from actually saying them out loud! I like to say affirmations at least three times, but if you're really working on something say it ten times! Go for the tried and true 108 times if you're really serious about creating shifts! It 'aint gonna work unless you do the work


Do you have any wacky or out of the box ways you like to work with your cards? I'd love to hear about them in the comments or over on Social Media

Don't forget to enter the comp to win a deck! :D 

With love, light and awesome affirmations! 



#Caturday cat card - Knave (Page) of Wands + Giveaway winners!

Happy (late!) Caturday everyone! Now before you freak out that you are reading this on a Sunday or any other day for that matter - remember #Caturday is not just for Saturday! This post and card is for you for whenever you read it, just like everything else on this blog is.

I had soooo much trouble getting the #Caturday video done this week. I'm wondering if it's because I did it outside and there was some elemental (fairy?!) force at play screwing around with my tech. Those fairies sure are jokers! But I got it done eventually and in it I talk about the cat card for this week; the Knave (aka the Page) of Wands!

The kitty Knave of Wands is super sure of himself and totally confident in his life. He's confident at both work and at play. I love the pyramids in the Wands cards, they always make me think of adventure and this kitty remains confident even when he's in the middle of a desert in Egypt! Wow, way to be awesome out of your comfort zone kitty!

Is there something you've been wanting to do or sign up for that you haven't because you just aren't feeling that comfortable about it? A crazy new dance class? What about learning Old Norse? Joining a meet up group or just going out for dinner on your own? Whatever it is this kitty tells you - GO FOR IT! All you need to do is stand up straight and be confident, because you can do these things, and we all know that getting outside of your comfort zone is when truly awesome things happen.

For me doing these YouTube videos is so waaaaay out of my comfort zone, but I do really feel like I'm supposed to share this stuff and what better way is there to share a message than through the mighty power of YouTube?

The winners of the Guardian Angel Tarot giveaway! *Drum roll....* are: @Oracle_aimee, @annamichaelis21 and Maureen Ricketts! You guys will be getting a mini 3 card reading with the new Doreen deck! Whoop! I pulled a couple of runners up for a free one card reading and they are: @thetarotinitiate and @rhythm12! Email me, I'm for your prize and watch the video above if you want to see me literally pull your name out of a cat hat!

I will be doing lots of free readings as I get going with my business so keep an eye on the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.

In other news I'm going to be studying with the amazing Doreen Virtue this week at her London Angel Card Certification course! OMG SO MUCH EXCITE! To celebrate this I'm going to be opening my Etsy store with some super bargains on Angel readings so that I can raise enough money to pay for another angel course which I'm feeling guided to do! Can't. stop. doing. angel. courses... I'll let you all know everywhere when the shop is up! Hey, there's me getting out of my comfort zone again! Boom!

Love, light and late #Caturdays!


Guardian Angel Tarot Reading Giveaway!

My Guardian Angel Tarot cards - the brand new deck by Doreen Virtue - arrived today! It's really sweet and so cute and the images are adorable chintzy angel-y delights! To celebrate I'm giving away three mini-3 card readings with this deck! The readings will be a shorter version of one of my full 3 card readings which I'm nearly ready to unveil on my Etsy store. This reading will give you angelic insights into the past, present and possible future based on any question of your choice! This is a sweet soft deck and will work best for sensitive super cute people who love the angels, or are open to them being around.

When I'm a little more acquainted with this deck I'm going to do a video deck review + reading so watch this space!

To win a free mini-reading all you have to do is like newagehipster333 on Instagram and share this photo with a #newagehipster hashtag!

Winners will be announced on  #Caturday!

(Please note this giveaway is not available to those who've already had a free reading)

<3 Love, light and Guardian Angel blessings! <3