Gabrielle Bernstein's Miracles Now Card Deck Review! OMG!

Gabrielle Bernstein Miracles Now Deck
Gabrielle Bernstein Miracles Now Deck

I was so fangirling all over the house when the Miracles Now Card Deck arrived via Hay House a couple of days ago! SQUEEE! Gah, amazing!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! (*Grabs some clear quartz for clarity*.)

Ok, so these are the Miracles Now cards By Gabrielle Bernsteinand published by Hay House. This is a deck based on some of the teaching found in Gabby B's book Miracles Now, an awesome book full of 108 tools for your spiritual and life journey. But this deck is so much more than just quotes from the book and can totally be used on their own too!

This is not an angel or tarot deck, this is an affirmation deck. WTF is an affirmation? Sure, it's basically a phrase you say to yourself to help you manifeststuff - not only things in your outside world, but also to help you to become who you really want to be. For example you may say to yourself every day when you wake up - I am awesome. Even if you don't feel that awesome at first, after doing this for a few days you will find you start to believe it a little bit, then a lot, and then before you know it you are feeling so freaking awesome it's RIDIC!

There are 62 cards in this deck and you can basically use them however the heck you want! They are a beautiful galaxy of 80's colours and seriously, when you ask the Universe for a card and then you pull one, it's like the Universe is talking to you. I'm not even joking.

Gabrielle Bernstein Miracles Now Card Deck
Gabrielle Bernstein Miracles Now Card Deck

Some of the ways I've been using this deck so far are:

<3 Pulling a card in the morning to help you set your intention for the day

<3 Asking for advice on what I need to work on and pulling a card

<3 Pulling a card before going to sleep

<3 Choosing a card that resonates and leaving it by my bed or on my desk as a reminder and a way to infuse the energy of the affirmation into my life!

<3 Add these to a Tarot or Angel card reading!

Some other ways you could use these gorgeous cards:

<3 Pulling one, tow, three or more cards and using them as journal prompts

<3 Carrying these around in your bag and pulling them out randomly when out for coffee - alone or with friends

<3 Pulling cards for people at work (they aren't that woo woo so probably won't freak anyone out!)

<3 Keep these in the bathroom cabinet and pull one while you are getting ready in the morning

<3 Leave them on the coffee table for yourself and guests to choose one when chilling on the couch with a tea

<3 Use these at meetings, groups, workshops, classes etc.!

Oh so many ways you can immerse yourself in the Universe's wisdom!

Comment below if you have any other cool ideas how to get the most out of these cards! I'd also love to hear about your favourite affirmations in the deck so be sure to find me on Facebook and Instagram for sharing the love!

Oh and check out the video below to really see these guys in action!

<3 Love, light and inspirational affirmations <3



Angel Tarot Reading - February 23 to March 1 2015

Angel Tarot - Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine
Angel Tarot - Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

The reading this week is brought to you by the beautiful Angel Tarot deck by the amazing Doreen Virtueand the effervescent Radleigh Valentine. I get brilliant results from this deck and had a super fun Angel Tarot session over crumpets and tea with a friend last week. We got our decks out and were amazed at how many times the same cards kept coming up between us. Two of them even came up in the weekly reading! Woah!

Start of the week - Six of Water

We might find that lately some memories from childhood are coming up for us. This can at first seem like - OMG why the heck am I thinking about that?! You might be quick to dismiss it as some passing annoyance, but actually, if we look at some of our childhood 'stuff' we might find some answers there to some questions we've been asking ourselves. "Why do I always do that? Why do I always think like that? Why do I always make those choices?" Go back, way back and spend some time with the child of your past. Don't forget to give your inner child some love while you are there. Thank them for drawing your attention to this, hug them and then let them go play.

Middle of the week - Renewal - Archangel Jeremiel

Review and evaluate. We are looking at the end of another month, how is 2015 going for you? What was it again that you said you really wanted to achieve this year? Are you on the right path to doing that? You might find yourself doing a 180 this week. Something you really thought you wanted might seem suddenly not so interesting or important, or you might find that you are developing a passion for something you never really thought you'd even like! Don't be scared of changing your mind on something.

End of the week - The Wheel - Archangel Michael

With Archangel Michael on your side, who could stand against you?! This is a time of positive change. I feel like it's going to be more of an internal change for most of us, a change in perception, a change in how we see ourselves, a change in how we see the world. Things may be moving forward quickly, so make sure that you what you are working on and manifesting is really what you want! Fortune favours the brave, so it might be a good couple of days to work on your self-esteem 'stuff' too!

<3 May you all have an angelic week, filled with love, light and courage! <3