13 Reasons Why Spread for Tarot + Oracle x

13 Reasons Why Tarot Spread

13 Reasons Why is my current Netflix crush.

If you need a heads up, the story is basically about Hannah, a girl in High School who commits suicide and leaves behind a bunch of tapes that share her story, the people and events that contributed to her decision.

There has been some controversy around the fact that the show doesn't really explore the issue of depression and mental illness and instead just focuses on the bullying she experienced. I do agree with this personally, but I also think it's a great show in that it challenges us to think about how we interact with others, and how this may affect them more than we realise.

This spread gives us an opportunity to check ourselves when it comes to our own relationships.

I made this one with the Enchanted Tarot x

I made this one with the Enchanted Tarot x

1. PLAY: what energy is at play in your current relationships?

This card will let you know what the main theme that's weaving through your relationships at present.


2. REWIND: how can you forgive yourself and others for past stuff?

People can be real jerks to each other, we can be real jerks too. How can you begin to put this behind you?


3. STOP: what do you need to stop doing in relationships?

We often like to play the victim, but sometimes we do stuff we need to stop doing too.


4. FAST FORWARD: how can you make your current relationships move forward?

This card will show you what action you can take to make your relationships awesome sauce.


5. TURN OVER: what new leaf can you turn over in your relationships?

This card can basically show you how to be a better friend and lover.


6. CHANGE TAPE: what new energy do you need to bring into your relationships?

This card will let you know what new energy, thoughts and beliefs about your relationships would be good to bring in, whether it's calling in new friends, going out to that speed dating event or rekindling the spark, new energy can really boost our relationships!


For all my other spreads head here, and you can get a reading with me here.

With love, light and awesome relationships,



Breaking Free with the Devil

Breaking Free with the Devil New Age Hipster

We're back with another episode of Scary Tarot Cards and today we're going to hang out with the Devil.

This is one of the cards in the tarot that people kind of freak over.

While many of us are aware that the Devil is really just an olde worlde Christian construct to make the Pagan God Pan out to be evil, we have still been so programmed to see the Devil as "evil" or "bad" that turning this guy over in a reading can give some of us a bit of a fright.

Instead of losing your shiz when you see this guy in your reading, here's some really simple and higher vibe ways to think about the Devil Tarot card...

The Devil from the Robin Wood Tarot x

The Devil from the Robin Wood Tarot x


Controlling relationships

The Devil often comes up in readings for clients when there's an element of control present. While this card sometimes tells us that there is abuse present, more often than not I find this card comes up when there is an energy of one person having the upper hand in other ways.

So if you ask about your new guy/girl and pull this card, be discerning and keep yourself safe, but also have a think about the power balance. Are you always waiting for him/her to text you back? Playing the "don't text until Wednesday" game? Or how about always letting them choose what you watch on TV? Or maybe you just generally feel like you're more into them than they are with you.

This can also come up in friendships where there is an imbalance of power and also for stuff going on in family relationships.

We can also be the Devil in relationships. Are you trying too hard to control the person you're with? 

It's always useful when big cards like the Devil come up to pull more cards around the issue to really work out what's going on, instead of just having a freak out and thinking the worst.



I speak to a lot of people in my work who feel very stuck in their present situation. Whether it's where they live, the job they are in, or life in general.

We tend to blame things - money, or lack thereof, other people, our family, our partner, our lack of confidence and self-esteem when we're feeling this way.

Sometimes this is useful in identifying what's keeping you stuck, but it's also worth remembering that most of the time, the Devil is your own stuff, your own limiting beliefs about yourself. 

When we feel stuck, the Devil represents whatever it is that is keeping us where we are. You can always pull another card or even do a whole spread to help you pin point what is holding you down and how to release yourself from it.



The Devil can also represent addictions. While there are the big ones - drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, there are also other addictions that can keep us trapped.

Being addicted to checking Instagram, addictions to coffee, procrastination or certain types of behaviours.

Pull more cards around this if you need to and ask how you or the person you are reading for can begin to heal and recover from THEIR addictions.



I've seen the Devil come up often to represent general fear energy.

Fear can be a powerful messenger for us at times. It can show us where we're stuck, where we are feeling scared and anxious, and what we are really afraid of. Looking our fears in the face can be powerful and freeing, so if you have some fear to feel and work through, the Devil may let you know.


Breaking Free

Although the Devil card can absolutely show us our addictions, who or what is controlling us or what we're trying to control, our fear stuff and where we are stuck in life, what I love the most about the Devil card is the opportunity to break free.

When the Devil card comes up you have two choices. You can read it as "you are trapped" or "you can break free".

Breaking Free with the Devil Tarot Card x

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this card! Let me know in the comments what comes up for you when you see the Devil card in your readings.

You can find the other Scary Tarot Cards posts here.

If you'd like to get a personal reading with me you can do that by heading to the shop.


With so much love, light and breaking free,



Tarot + Oracle Reading | April 2017

The Enchanted Tarot + NewAgeHipster InstaOracle

The Enchanted Tarot + NewAgeHipster InstaOracle

Check out the video below for the full reading...

Oracle: Board Games

Pretty obvious this one. Quite frankly, we are just not having enough fun. We talk all the time about taking time out for the things that bring us joy and light us up, but honestly, how often do we do these things? Make sure you're making your own joy a priority this month!


Relationships: Four of Pentacles

It's time to let those people go. You know exactly who I'm talking about don't you? Hmmmm? It's not negative, it's no one's fault, it's just time to go your own way. Zero blame, self-blame or blaming the other person, just a whole bunch of release, K?


Career/Cash: Three of Swords + Six of Pentacles

This message was mega, and if you really want the full deets please watch the video! But basically, there's some pain and struggle for many of us right now with our money stuff. We're too focused on the wrong stuff. Check out this video on Manifesting from the heart. We have to move into more conscious awareness about what we're asking for and calling in.


Wellbeing: Four of Wands

Our wellbeing stuff is going really well you guys! The universe can see that we're working hard on looking after ourselves, making it a priority and it's a big thumbs up for us this month. Stay on the self-care path, you know what needs tweaking to start feeling even better.


Spirituality: the High Priestess

This was another big message this month. We are more connected than we've ever been before, and so many of us are now able to hear and trust our intuition in a new, clear and grounded way. We've been listening, we've been doing the work, and it's all starting to pay off. Trust the guidance you're getting and follow through, but give yourself some major props for the work you've been doing, whatever it's been for you!


If you'd like to grab a personal reading with me this month you can hook that up over at the New Age Hipster Shop.


With love, light and intuitive power,



How to program crystals

How to program crystals by Vix from New Age Hipster

There is sooo much info on the internet about charging and programming crystals and I really just don't think it needs to be that hard.

I'm a big believer that intention is everything.

No matter what you're doing, whether it's working with crystals, calling in Angels and Guides, Manifesting some magic or whatever.

Your intention is way more powerful than which hand you use, what phrase you say and how many times you walk backwards around your favourite tree (I like three, but it really doesn't matter).

So when you're working with crystals it's the same deal.

Now of course, big disclaimer here, as always, you have to do what works for you.

If you really feel like you need to walk backwards around a tree four times and you think I'm crazy for only doing it three times, hey, go ahead and do what you need to do.

Personally I don't think you don't really need to program your crystals at all.

Ha, bet you thought this was going to be a post full of rituals and how-to's! :D

If you go to the crystal shop to buy some rose quartz you don't have to get it home and tell it that you want it to help you with your romantic situ and self-love stuff. That's kind of like telling your new jeans to cover your butt.

Crystal programming quote

When a crystal comes into my life it usually knows exactly what I need and just starts doing it. 

Whether I've been gifted it, picked it up in a shop or searched painstakingly on Etsy for the perfect piece. As soon as it's mine, it's mine, and it's ready to do what it needs to do for me in my life.

I do always clear my crystals when I get them though

Depending on what I feel I need to do with them when I get them, I will either pop them on my bookshelf, altar, desk or in with some other crystals to sort of welcome them into the family. I like to give them a chance to get used to my energy before I expect too much from them. I like to do this with Tarot decks too. Just let them settle in. Some crystals will settle in within minutes, others will take some time.

Now there are plenty of times when you might want to program your crystal for something really specific, and that's pretty much the only time I program my crystals.

If I'm making a crystal grid for prosperity for example, I will get my citrine out and with intention, spoken out loud or in my mind, I'll start creating my grid. Learn how to make crystal grids with me here!

If I'm going out into London on the weekend (which can be cray energetically!) I'll seek out my protective crystals and put them on with the intention that they are for protecting my energy for the day. 

That's it.

My fave protection combo! Black Onyx + Saint Michel x

My fave protection combo! Black Onyx + Saint Michel x

Honestly, it doesn't have to be any harder than that!

So, what do you think? I'm thinking some of you might be pretty hard-core crystal programmers, and that's cool too! We all have to do what works!

But for those of you who are confused or overwhelmed about the whole crystal programming thing, I hope this has simplified it. :)

For more crystal tips and tricks check out my e-course Totally Spiritual! We have a whole week set aside where I tell you just about everything I know about crystals. We clear, program (or not!), make grids, take baths, meditate and heal ourselves with crystals. And it's all old paradigm and dogma-free! :D

Find out more about me and what else I do here.

With so much love, light and rose quartz kisses,



Riverdale Tarot + Oracle Spread x

Riverdale Tarot Spread

K, so I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one obsessing over the mystery of Jason Blossom down in Riverdale.

You probably knew it was only a matter of time before I created a Riverdale Tarot Spread, especially if you read my newsletter and are probably already sick of hearing about this "Riverdale" show.

I don't know why this show is so cool. It's like the characters from the Archie comics walked onto the set of Pretty Little Liars, and even though it should so not work, it totally does! I'm hooked.

Also, Luke Perry.

Anyway, whether you're a fan of the show or have no idea what I'm on about, doesn't matter. This is all about you and your own personal mysteries that need solving! 

Pour yourself a cuppa and go grab your tarot, oracle or NewAgeHipster InstaOracle deck and let's get cracking!

Here's one I did earlier with the NewAgeHipster InstaOracle x

Here's one I did earlier with the NewAgeHipster InstaOracle x

Card one: what mystery do you need to solve?

You might already have some stuff coming up for you that you can tap into here, otherwise you can just let the card fall and tell you what mystery is lying around unsolved in your life.

I pulled Path here. Guess I'm trying to solve the mystery of how to best move forward on my path...


Card two: who/what can you trust?

When trying to solve a mystery it's good to know who or what you can trust. This card will let you know who or what you can rely on.

I got waterfall and this feels like a reminder to trust the flow and cycles of my life, and also to trust all those magical downloads. To trust also it's OK to just stand still for a moment and figure out the next step.


Card three: who/what do you need to be discerning about?

Sadly, we can't always trust everyone and everything around us, especially when we're trying to solve mysteries. :/

I got Pier here, and this feels like I need to be discerning about staying too much in my comfort zone! Gah!


Card four: what truth lies at the heart of this mystery?

Ah the truth card! What is the truth of what's going on for you in your inner Riverdale right now?

I pulled Sunrise and this feels like light being shone on the path ahead! Hoorah! The mystery has been solved - just trust that light will be shone ahead of you. :D


Card five: how can you acknowledge this truth and move forward?

Acknowledging the truth can be hard, especially when it's something we really don't want to hear or deal with. This card will help you deal.

I got Rules. This feels like trusting my path and staying on the path, even when my inner teenager is like - screw it let's run away! :D


I hope this was useful to you! If you want to share your readings with me pop over to the Tarot Nerds Facebook group, or tag me in your pics on Instagram.

And if you want me to read your cards you can get all the deets here.

With so much love, light and mysteries solved,



Manifesting from the Heart x

Manifesting from the heart

According to the internet and at least a thousand books I've read on the subject, there are approximately a gazillion different ways to manifest your heart's desires.

Vision boards, affirmations, journalling, calling on your guides and angels, visualisations, spells, candle magic, full moon or new moon rituals and emojis...

While these are all perfectly valid ways to manifest and they do totally work, I have found there's one thing that pretty much always works for me when I'm trying to manifest, and that's working from my heart.

There are so many of us trying to manifest things are not in alignment with our hearts. Hello, I've done it loads! What I've found from my own experience is that when I don't manifest from my heart I tend to either not get what I'm asking for and end up throwing a hissy fit at the universe, or I do get what I've asked for but realise pretty swiftly that asking for that thing was a big mistake.

Now, a lot of people are expert manifestors, if that's you - cool. If you can just click your fingers and get a parking spot, or cash money that's awesome. Keep doing what you're doing if it all feels good!

Personally I have very little success manifesting parking spots. Not because I'm a shit manifestor, but because I find it hard to manifest things that don't fully resonate with my heart.

Not getting a parking spot two meters from my destination is not really a big deal to me. 

I also struggle to bring in certain amounts of cash money. Like if I ask for £1000, I rarely get it. Why? Because there's no emotional, heart centered attachment between me and £1000.

I have, however, managed to manifest a successful full time business doing something I love which supports me financially, a scholarship for uni, a gig reading Tarot on a paradise island, loads of tickets to events, tarot decks and a pretty darn amazing relationship.

This is in no way a suggestion that you shouldn't try to manifest money or parking spots. If you need those things, bloody go for it!

I just feel like we are all trying to manifest so many things we don't really want on a heart level.

Manifesting from the heart quote x

I went into a spin lately thinking I wanted New Age Hipster to be a six figure biz, and I realised that actually that's not what my heart says, that's just what my Facebook feed says. If you want a six figure biz with all your heart, again, go for it! We all have different paths and purposes in this life! But I find it works better for me personally to focus on bringing in clients who I can help, students into my courses that are going to make big shifts through working with me rather than "cash money". If you're following your heart and living in purpose you're going to be supported.

Manifesting from the heart is my magical manifesting secret.

So, how do you do this?

One super easy way is to check in with your heart space when you're asking for stuff.

Next time you're putting out your intentions into the universe, just stop for a second, put your hands on your heart and ask yourself:

"Is what I'm asking for in alignment with my heart?"

If it is, awesome! Keep asking! If you feel anything icky or uncertainty, or anything that doesn't feel like a HECK YEAH from your heart space, maybe re-think and re-frame what you're calling in. It may just be that you need to change your manifesting only slightly, or you may be nudged in the direction of asking for something else entirely!

So, what are you wanting to bring into your life right now? How does your heart space feel about it? 

If you want to learn all my other manifesting tricks and tips check out my online course Totally Spiritual, which covers the Law of Attraction and Manifesting as well as a whole bunch of other topics full of spiritual goodness! :D

With so much love, light and heart-centered manifesting power,



Venus Retrograde Spread for Tarot or Oracle x

Venus Retrograde Tarot Spread

Happy Venus Retrograde lovers! :D

So wtf actually is Venus Retrograde? Well, it's when Venus appears to be going backwards in the sky. You know how when Mercury goes Retrograde it throws a whole bunch of light on what's going on in the communication areas of our lives? Well, Venus is kind of like that but it throws light on the stuff we love.

Stuff concerning Love and Money are the main things that come to the surface during a Venus Retrograde, and I always find that usually it's stuff that is ready to be cleared.

It's an awesome time to let go of exes and past crushes, to do some work on your own money/abundance stuff and the thing I love best about Venus Retro, is it always highlights to me what I really value and care about.

So I created this really simple spread to help you to work out what you value, and how to reconnect to the things you appreciate and love the most.

Grab yourself a tea in a unicorn mug and a deck of cards (tarot, oracle, newagehipster instaoracle or whatever!) and let's do this!

The Shadowscapes Tarot, one of my all time faves. x

The Shadowscapes Tarot, one of my all time faves. x

CARD ONE: where's your heart at?

Venus retrograde will show you what's going on in your heart in a big, big way. This card will  help you to work out where you are, what's on your heart and if you have any blocks or challenges in this area.

I got the Ace of Swords (current stalker card!) and to me this is all about feeling into the new power energy coming in, but also blending my heart and mind stuff.


CARD TWO: what are your subconscious values?

Sometimes we really aren't aware of what we value. We might be saying we value one thing, but actually, when we dig a little deeper we find out there's a lot more going on!

I got the Queen of Pentacles. This was pretty big! I always like to pride myself on not really being focused on cash money, but this reminds me that actually, I do really value financial abundance and security, perhaps more than I realise at times!


CARD THREE: what do you no longer value?

Values change. What you value now will probably be very different to what you most valued a few years ago and that's usually a good thing! 

I got the Page of Wands and to me this feels like a hello from some of my old values around being seen, dancing on the podium in the club and getting the lead in the school play. While I still value being seen, I feel like I now value being heard and being understood a lot more than just being "seen".


CARD FOUR: what do you *think* you value?

Ooooh, this can bring up some stuff! Sometimes what we think we value is not what we value at all!

I got the Five of Wands. A little bit of a weird one in this position, but what I get from this is that I *think* I value competition, hustle, having things to do, things to deal with and rushing around being cray busy. I don't really value that stuff, what I do value is a chill life.  *Jaw drop. Totes.


CARD FIVE: how can you best reconnect with what you value and love most?

This card will help you to connect to what is really important to you in the here and now.

I got the Hierophant here. This feels a bit like teaching what you know. I can reconnect to what I love by helping others to reconnect to what they love. Naaw!


Pop by the Tarot Nerds or Spiritual Journey Pitstop  group if you wanna chat about your own reading, or tag me in your Instagram pics so I can find you!

And if you want me to read for you, check out the New Age Hipster Shop.

With love, light and loved up Venus vibes,



PS - all my other spreads can be found here.

Dealing with the haters spread for tarot or oracle cards

Dealing with the haters tarot spread

Urgh, who here has ever had to deal with a hater? *Puts hand up.

The more you put yourself and your light out there the more haters seem to pop up to try to pull you off your magical unicorn.

So not cool.

Here's a spread you can use when you're feeling totally bummed by the haters.

Grab your Tarot, Oracle, Unicorn or Snap cards and let's do it!

Here's my own spread with the NewAgeHipster InstaOracle x

Here's my own spread with the NewAgeHipster InstaOracle x

Card one: why has this hater affected you?

Some days haters will not bother us at all, we can barely even notice them. Other days it's like we're being thrown daggers and whatever we do, we can't dodge them.

This card will help you to work out why this particular hater has gotten under your skin.

I got Veggie Burger. This feels like my hater is affecting me because it makes me feel like I'm not free or safe to make my own choices without judgement.


card two: what truth do you need to see?

When we look deeper we can usually see there's so much more to situations than "that person hates me". Sometimes we need to see a truth about ourselves, sometimes we need to see a truth about the other person involved.

I got Path. The truth I need to see relates to me staying on the path and not running off to chase haters and get mega distracted, so much so I might even get lost! Yikes!


card three: how can you reconnect to your own heart space?

Dealing with haters can bring up all the emotions, especially stuff happening in your chest and heart space. This card will show you what you need to know in order to reconnect with with your heart.

I got Light. 'Nuff said really. White light heart chakra clear out stat!


card four: how can you call back your power now and in the future?

Haters can make us feel really dis-empowered. Ick. This card will help you to begin to move back to your own power in the now, and also give you some advice on what you can do next time you encounter a hater.

I got Donuts. For me this is all about choices. It is my choice how I deal with the haters in my life. I can get mad and sad and eat all the donuts, or I can maybe just sit with one donut and a decaf coffee, have a bit of a moan and then let it go and move on.


card five: how to overcome, let go and move on

Ah  yes, if it only it were really that easy... well maybe it is! This card will give you some high level guidance on how you can overcome this situation and move on with your day, and your life.

I got Home. This feels to me like literally - "go home"! This feels like both a literal going home, getting safe on my couch and watching a John Hughes movie, or calling my folks, but also it's a message to connect with my inner home and my spirit family.


If you wanna share your spreads head on over to the Tarot Nerds Facebook group or tag me in your pics on Instagram so I can find you!

With love, light and dealing with the haters,



The Breakfast Club Spread for Tarot + Oracle Cards

Breakfast Club Tarot Spread by Vix from New Age Hipster

The Breakfast Club is one of the most awesome movies ever made.

I got to thinking lately about the archetypes featured in the movie. We each have all of the archetypes of the tarot within us, and I think we all have all the archetypes featured in the Breakfast Club within us too.

I thought it would be cool to make a spread to help us get some messages from our own inner BASKET-CASE, inner criminal, inner brain, inner athlete and inner princess.

So grab a decaf earl gray and your tarot, oracle, uno or playing cards and let's have a play! :D

Here's one I made earlier with the NewAgeHipster InstaOracle x

Here's one I made earlier with the NewAgeHipster InstaOracle x

CARD ONE: What blocks you from being seen and loved by others?

This card will shed a little light on why sometimes you might struggle to fully connect with others and feel seen and loved when you do.


CARD TWO: Where should you play by the rules?

Sometimes rules are there for a reason. This card will show you how to play the game. (This card may also show you where not to play by the rules!)


How can you stand in your confidence and power?

There is nothing wrong with being a brain or a geek. Freaking own it! This card will show you how. 


How can you better focus your intent and take action?

Taking action is so important, but you have to make sure you have a clear intention and focus otherwise it's just wasted energy. This card will point you in the right direction.


How can you let go of ego and be of service to others?

How can you drop the "what will I get out of it?" and just be of service?


If you wanna share your readings with me you can do that over on the Tarot Nerds Facebook Group or tag me on Instagram!

And if you want to have me sling some cards for you, check out the New Age Hipster Shop.

With love, light and 80's archetypes,



Tarot + Oracle Reading | March 2017 x

The NewAgeHipster InstaOracle + The Hanson Roberts Tarot x

The NewAgeHipster InstaOracle + The Hanson Roberts Tarot x

Catch the full reading in the video below... x


Oracle: Green Door

The only way to find out if the door in front of you is the right one is to walk through it.

This month let go of the idea that you have to be 100% sure before you start walking down your chosen path. If you start moving and change your mind, you can always go back.


Relationships: The Star

We have been doing some awesome work on our self-love and self-care and it's really starting to pay off. YAY us! :D

Celebrate how much awesome work you've been doing with this, and stay on the self-love train.


Career: Hanged Man reversed

When it comes to career this month there's a bit of a feeling of being in energetic limbo.

We're no longer stuck in old energy, but we're not yet fully in flow and moving into the new either. It's a bit of a transitional moment. If you feel stuck, don't stress out, you're not stuck, you're just in the in-between.


Wellbeing: Four of Wands

One of the best ways to fill yourself up this month is to spend time with people who get you.

Self-care is not always about salt baths and reading a YA Novel on the couch, it's also having a good meal with a mate, chatting on the phone to your bezzie or getting out there and meeting some new people with similar interests.

If you have a lot of people around you who bring you down more than raise you up, check out my free e-book How To Stay Shiny.


Spirituality: Two of Cups reversed

Connection to our guides and angels is shifting.

We're being called to connect in different ways, rather than the way we are used to.


If you'd like to grab a personal reading with me this month you can hook that up over at the New Age Hipster Shop.


With love, light and humanness,