Halloween Tarot or Oracle Spread

Halloween Tarot Spread New Age Hipster

Happy Halloween gorgeous souls!

Halloween is a beautiful time to connect with your ancestors and honour those who have passed. It’s a very witchy, wonderful, powerful time to see through veils of illusion.

I hope this spread serves you as a way to work with your guides and those in spirit at this time.

Card one: How to honour this night

This card will show you how you can best honour and work with the energies of Halloween night.

Card two: Protection message

This card will give you insight into how and/or when to protect your energy tonight and always.

Card three: Spirits to guide your way

Here you’ll find a message about which guides are with you right now and anything they want you to know.

Card four: Ghosts of the past to release

Got any ghosts hanging around who are ready to go to the light? This could be literal ghosts or figurative ones!

Card five: A message from your ancestors + those passed

Halloween is a powerful time to connect with your ancestors and passed over loved ones, here they will give you a message.

Card six: How to see through the veil all year round

Seeing through the veil and connecting with spirit is not just for Halloween! Here you’ll find some info for how you can stay connected year round.

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Right, I’m off to watch Hocus Pocus!

Halloween Blessings! x

Hocus Pocus

Five of Wands Spread for Times of Conflict

times of conflict tarot spread by New Age Hipster

This blog post is brought to you as part of the International Tarot Day 2017 blog hop! :D Brought to you by the gorgeous Bree at Nym's Divination.

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Here on New Age Hipster we're hanging out with the Five of Wands, the good ole' conflict card.

Feeling like this? This spread is for you! :D x

Feeling like this? This spread is for you! :D x

I dunno how you read Tarot, but I like my readings to be empowering, and sometimes when this card comes up in a reading I feel a little dis-empowered. A card that shows you that things are totally not aligned right now. Cool guides, but I'm more interested in knowing how I can align myself and move through conflict than just seeing that it's there

This spread can help you when you have some conflict popping up in your life, but it can also be used to help you open up your readings when the Five of Wands comes up.

If you're a newbie and you're not sure what I mean by "open up your readings" it's basically when you focus on one of the cards a spread by pulling more cards about that card. It's a great way to really dive deep into your stuff, and great for when a card kind of throws you or you just want more guidance.

You can use this spread for both conflicts in the outer world and conflicts within yourself.

So go grab yourself a deck of cards, your Tarot journal and a cuppa and let's get stuck in! :D

Here's one I made earlier with the Hanson Roberts Tarot x

Here's one I made earlier with the Hanson Roberts Tarot x


I like to start this spread by placing the Five of Wands at the bottom, whether I'm opening up from the card or not, just as a bit of a signifier but you can do whatever floats your boat.


Card one: what is the foundation of this conflict?

This card will give you an idea of where the conflict came from and what the roots of this conflict really are. Oftentimes what you're fighting about is really not "the thing" right?


Card two: what part have you played in this conflict?

Oh, we all like to think we are blameless in these situations, but even if we're mostly blameless there are always things we perhaps could've done differently. Taking some responsibility for your part is powerful and will help you move through conflict with grace.


Card three: what is the lesson to be learned?

Conflict can be one of our greatest teachers. When we allow ourselves to learn through challenges we can actually move through them much quicker!


Card four: how can this conflict be resolved?

What do you need to do to resolve this conflict? Maybe you need to take some action to smooth things over, maybe the action you need to take is walk away. This card will let you know!


Card five: how can you avoid this kind of conflict in the future?

This card will give you some advice on how you can avoid seeing the Five of Wands again for a while! :D


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Happy International Tarot Day! :D

With love, light and conflict resolution,



Venus Retrograde Spread for Tarot or Oracle x

Venus Retrograde Tarot Spread

Happy Venus Retrograde lovers! :D

So wtf actually is Venus Retrograde? Well, it's when Venus appears to be going backwards in the sky. You know how when Mercury goes Retrograde it throws a whole bunch of light on what's going on in the communication areas of our lives? Well, Venus is kind of like that but it throws light on the stuff we love.

Stuff concerning Love and Money are the main things that come to the surface during a Venus Retrograde, and I always find that usually it's stuff that is ready to be cleared.

It's an awesome time to let go of exes and past crushes, to do some work on your own money/abundance stuff and the thing I love best about Venus Retro, is it always highlights to me what I really value and care about.

So I created this really simple spread to help you to work out what you value, and how to reconnect to the things you appreciate and love the most.

Grab yourself a tea in a unicorn mug and a deck of cards (tarot, oracle, newagehipster instaoracle or whatever!) and let's do this!

The Shadowscapes Tarot, one of my all time faves. x

The Shadowscapes Tarot, one of my all time faves. x

CARD ONE: where's your heart at?

Venus retrograde will show you what's going on in your heart in a big, big way. This card will  help you to work out where you are, what's on your heart and if you have any blocks or challenges in this area.

I got the Ace of Swords (current stalker card!) and to me this is all about feeling into the new power energy coming in, but also blending my heart and mind stuff.


CARD TWO: what are your subconscious values?

Sometimes we really aren't aware of what we value. We might be saying we value one thing, but actually, when we dig a little deeper we find out there's a lot more going on!

I got the Queen of Pentacles. This was pretty big! I always like to pride myself on not really being focused on cash money, but this reminds me that actually, I do really value financial abundance and security, perhaps more than I realise at times!


CARD THREE: what do you no longer value?

Values change. What you value now will probably be very different to what you most valued a few years ago and that's usually a good thing! 

I got the Page of Wands and to me this feels like a hello from some of my old values around being seen, dancing on the podium in the club and getting the lead in the school play. While I still value being seen, I feel like I now value being heard and being understood a lot more than just being "seen".


CARD FOUR: what do you *think* you value?

Ooooh, this can bring up some stuff! Sometimes what we think we value is not what we value at all!

I got the Five of Wands. A little bit of a weird one in this position, but what I get from this is that I *think* I value competition, hustle, having things to do, things to deal with and rushing around being cray busy. I don't really value that stuff, what I do value is a chill life.  *Jaw drop. Totes.


CARD FIVE: how can you best reconnect with what you value and love most?

This card will help you to connect to what is really important to you in the here and now.

I got the Hierophant here. This feels a bit like teaching what you know. I can reconnect to what I love by helping others to reconnect to what they love. Naaw!


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With love, light and loved up Venus vibes,



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