Venus Retrograde Spread for Tarot or Oracle x

Venus Retrograde Tarot Spread

Happy Venus Retrograde lovers! :D

So wtf actually is Venus Retrograde? Well, it's when Venus appears to be going backwards in the sky. You know how when Mercury goes Retrograde it throws a whole bunch of light on what's going on in the communication areas of our lives? Well, Venus is kind of like that but it throws light on the stuff we love.

Stuff concerning Love and Money are the main things that come to the surface during a Venus Retrograde, and I always find that usually it's stuff that is ready to be cleared.

It's an awesome time to let go of exes and past crushes, to do some work on your own money/abundance stuff and the thing I love best about Venus Retro, is it always highlights to me what I really value and care about.

So I created this really simple spread to help you to work out what you value, and how to reconnect to the things you appreciate and love the most.

Grab yourself a tea in a unicorn mug and a deck of cards (tarot, oracle, newagehipster instaoracle or whatever!) and let's do this!

The Shadowscapes Tarot, one of my all time faves. x

The Shadowscapes Tarot, one of my all time faves. x

CARD ONE: where's your heart at?

Venus retrograde will show you what's going on in your heart in a big, big way. This card will  help you to work out where you are, what's on your heart and if you have any blocks or challenges in this area.

I got the Ace of Swords (current stalker card!) and to me this is all about feeling into the new power energy coming in, but also blending my heart and mind stuff.


CARD TWO: what are your subconscious values?

Sometimes we really aren't aware of what we value. We might be saying we value one thing, but actually, when we dig a little deeper we find out there's a lot more going on!

I got the Queen of Pentacles. This was pretty big! I always like to pride myself on not really being focused on cash money, but this reminds me that actually, I do really value financial abundance and security, perhaps more than I realise at times!


CARD THREE: what do you no longer value?

Values change. What you value now will probably be very different to what you most valued a few years ago and that's usually a good thing! 

I got the Page of Wands and to me this feels like a hello from some of my old values around being seen, dancing on the podium in the club and getting the lead in the school play. While I still value being seen, I feel like I now value being heard and being understood a lot more than just being "seen".


CARD FOUR: what do you *think* you value?

Ooooh, this can bring up some stuff! Sometimes what we think we value is not what we value at all!

I got the Five of Wands. A little bit of a weird one in this position, but what I get from this is that I *think* I value competition, hustle, having things to do, things to deal with and rushing around being cray busy. I don't really value that stuff, what I do value is a chill life.  *Jaw drop. Totes.


CARD FIVE: how can you best reconnect with what you value and love most?

This card will help you to connect to what is really important to you in the here and now.

I got the Hierophant here. This feels a bit like teaching what you know. I can reconnect to what I love by helping others to reconnect to what they love. Naaw!


Pop by the Tarot Nerds or Spiritual Journey Pitstop  group if you wanna chat about your own reading, or tag me in your Instagram pics so I can find you!

And if you want me to read for you, check out the New Age Hipster Shop.

With love, light and loved up Venus vibes,



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Mercury Retrograde 2015 - Stop Bitching and Get Empowered!

Mercury Retrograde empowering stop bitching new age hipster
Mercury Retrograde empowering stop bitching new age hipster

Every time Mercury Retrograde appears even the most spiritual high vibrational ones amongst us turn our Facebook pages into raging bitch and moan fests. Hey, I've done it too. We all have. We've all been hit with difficulties during these times. Communication break downs, car or electronic break downs and even our own personal melt downs are the things Mercury Retrograde is made of.

May 19th 2015 starts us off on another few weeks of challenges. It's due to end on the 11th of June, but if you are anything like me - a little sensitive to planetary or energetic "stuff" you'll be feeling the shadow period too, which means it ends up being nearly two months of this feeling of wheels spinning going nowhere.

This Mercury Retro though, I've decided to stop complaining and empower myself. Oh, and I've decided to empower you guys too! I've done a reading for you all which you can watch below. It's similar to the weekly reading but I look at how this retro is going to affect us emotionally, how it will affect our earthly stuff (body and like, "stuff"), what may be going on with our thoughts and also, the real kicker - what we can do about it all!

This is what I love about Tarot and divination. You can get a sense of the energies around you and instead of bitching and moaning about it, you can work with them. Use this knowledge to make the most of the Retrograde. Find out now what's going to be your challenge(s!) instead of having a hissy fit every time something Retrogradish happens!

I'm also offering a bunch of Retrograde Readings for y'all over on my Etsy Store! Sometimes when blocks and challenges come to the surface during the M.R it's actually a really good chance to look at what's going on. Mercury doesn't bring up new stuff, it can highlight all the stuff that was already there. Job not going anywhere? Total relationship dramas? It's not like Mercury is making you hate your job, you probably hated it already! It's a great time to go through your stuff, do some journalling, pull your own cards or for the teeny tiny price of just £15 I can whip up a spread for you personally that looks at a bunch of your blocks and challenges and what you can actually do about them. I'm still in my first year of this New Age Hipster biz so I'm pretty cheap right now. One day soon I'll be charging a lot more for this kind of thing so get in quick before my wait list is like a month long because that's what I'm manifesting people! LOL! Seriously though.


Now here’s my list of tips for rolling forwards when ole’ Mercury is rolling back.

<3 Check in with your goals and make sure you really want to go where you are going. If you’re happy with your path - keep on trekking! If it feels slower, whatever, at least you are moving towards your dream!

<3 Remember it's Mercury that's going backwards - not you!

<3 Don’t use Mercury Retrograde as an excuse to procrastinate and do nothing for three weeks or up to two months!

<3 If you can’t get excited about your dreams during the retrograde maybe you need different dreams.

<3 Don’t blame Mercury for everything that goes wrong. You didn't back up your work, that’s on you babe, not Mercury.

<3 Stay in Gratitude about the good stuff and keep positive.

<3 Every time you moan about Mercury you are manifesting more things for Mercury to do for you to moan to about.

<3 You don’t have to sit in the bath the whole time. Sometimes a quick shower works just as well if you need some self care time.

<3 Check out the video below to see how you can become the High Priestess of the Mercury Retrograde!

<3 Get your own personal Retrograde reading. Sometimes retrograde doesn't just slow us down, it highlights some blocks that we’re actually carrying around like all the time.

<3 Love, light and a bitch-free Mercury Retrograde! <3



The Week Ahead - 20th to 26th October

Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche
Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche

I've been thinking about giving the weekly forecasts some new life for a while. People seem to be resonating with my one card readings but from looking at other awesome Tarot blogs everyone seems to be doing three card readings. So I was like - hey God, Guides and Angels, what should I do for my weekly reading? Should I pull three cards? Should I copy Doreen Virtue's weekly readings style? Or do something more like what Kyle Gray is doing on his YouTube channel? What should I do?! And I heard this voice in my head say SEVEN. I was like - "OMG are you kidding me? SEVEN cards?" and then I heard nothing so I thought OK, fine, you win. I'll do SEVEN!

So here it is, the first seven day seven card reading from New Age Hipster! Yikes!

Monday - Queen of Wands

OK, this is a positive start to the week. This Queen reminds me of some kind of Fairy Queen. She's very sweet and loving and kind to animals, but if you piss her off - WOAH watch out! She's reminding you today to channel your inner Fairy Queen. Don't take crap from anyone today. Stand in your power and know that you are good enough to follow your dreams OK?!

Tuesday - Five of Cups reversed

Something might not go to plan today. You might mess something up, miss the bus, spill your morning coffee or after work drink on that hottie patottie from finance, or you might just be generally feeling drained.  What can you do about it? Drink more water. Eat well, look after you today. Really put in some self care stuff. Don't beat yourself up because you're not perfect. No one is, not even Beyonce.

Wednesday - The High Priestess

Yay! Today we are getting intuitive hits like BOOYAH! It's a great day to spend some time doing whatever Spirit-Junkie, New Age Hipster, Spiritual thing you like doing that works for you. Pull some cards, do some journalling, talk to your Angels in the shower. You are extra intuitive today so use that to your advantage to get some answers you've been seeking.

Thursday - King of Cups reversed

This is a guy who's been driving you a little nuts. There's some jerk energy around you today - someone at work, someone looking for a rise out of you on social media or some guy in a big car cutting you off in traffic because you're nothing but a girl who can't drive. Today be extra grounded and protected. Imagine yourself in a bubble of light today (and everyday!) and ask Archangel Michael if you can borrow his shield, he'll totally let you. You might want to stack yourself up with some protective crystals too. On these days I put an Obsidian in my bra. Dudes you probably have pockets.

Friday - Ace of Cups reversed

By Friday you might feel a little emotionally wrecked, exhausted or just a little out of sorts - but cheer up poppet! It's FRIDAY! Whoop!Chill out tonight - watch a rom com with your better half, or alone, or with a cat. Eat popcorn, drink wine, meet up with that guy from finance for drinks if you feel up to it, or just hang out with some best buds. It's not the best night to be going on the pull. Seriously, you'll never meet anyone worthy of you doing that anyway. Have some you-time to recharge those batteries!

Saturday - The Fool reversed

Seriously, what's with all these reversed cards?! OMG. OK today you aren't taking any huge leaps of faith, but maybe it's time to start planning a leap of faith. What are those projects you've been putting off? Are you halfway through an online course that you just haven't been participating in (hello this is so me, I have like 5 courses I'm currently doing, don't do that - don't enroll in so many things!), do you want to start your own blog, or business, or find a new job or career path? What's the big jump you want to take? Spend some time today thinking about that and making plans, even if it's just in your head while you browse Pinterest. Better yet, make a Pinterest board about your dreams, business, whatever!

Sunday - The Hierophant

How appropriate for a Sunday! This is the card of traditional lifestyles and expectations, and that's so Sunday. Spend time with your fam, do some housework, get the laundry done, go out for a civilized lunch or just chill on the couch. It's a happy homes Sunday and a roast with the loved ones would probably be perfect today. Enjoy the simple things in life today - write a gratitude list and wear warm fuzzy slippers.

I'd love to know how your week goes and if this reading resonates with you wonderful peeps of the internet! You can find me all over the place but I'm most chatty on Instagram and Facebook. Also, if you fancy a reading that's just for you check out my Etsy store - I'm currently offering some charity readings where all the money goes to Cat charities. :-)

Sending so much love, light and a joy filled week,