Tarot + Oracle Reading | February 2017

Shadowscapes Tarot + Vessel Oracle x

Shadowscapes Tarot + Vessel Oracle x

Here's a look at what's going on energetically for the month of February

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All majors + major change is the theme this month guys! 

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ORACLE: Change

Just when you thought we were all nice and settled into 2017. Well, nope! Although this is the year of the Magician, we are all still navigating through the end of the last 9 year cycle before we're going to feel fully grounded in the new one. Change is occurring out in the world in a big, big way right now, and that's reflecting in our own lives too. 



A lot of us are transitioning with relationships right now.

Old relationships no longer feel in alignment, but perhaps we're scared to let go of the old because we can't see new tribe members coming in yet. Don't worry, your tribe is coming!

You can find them online, and if you're in the UK maybe in person too


CAREER + CASH: The Hermit

This is a really great month to retreat back into yourself and reassess your dreams and goals. If you already know exactly what you want and how to make it happen, go for it! If you're not sure, no worries. Take it easy. Do your research and focus on bringing your energy back into alignment so you can listen to your soul rather than all the voices around you.



The light you've been working with so much is now shining really brightly on the areas of your life that need to be changed. Where in your life is that light shining? What are you being asked to look at and change in your own life?



Working with the light is mega for us this month, but not only from a place of love and lighting up the world. 

Lightwork is not just about wearing wayfarers and meditating in the sunshine, it's also about being willing to look at all that which the light shows us. Lightwork is shadow work y'all!


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With so much love and light,



Mercury Retrograde Reading and Spread! x

Mercury Retro Spread by New Age Hipster x

Y'all know how I feel about Mercury Retrograde, and if you don't you can check out the post I wrote about it last time it hit here. Basically, I love it. I've hated on M.R for way too long and it's kind of only made it worse, so my vibe nowadays is to embrace the planets and work with them. Isn't it time we all got along?!

One of the best ways to get through any tricky planetary things is to take a look at what's going on for you around these times and pulling cards is awesome for that!

To help y'all out I'm doing SUPER CHEAP Mercury Retro readings over on my Etsy Store which you can grab at any time during the retro! These are a total bargain and as of November my readings are going to be increasing in price so seriously, get in now while I'm cheap! x

I thought I'd share a spread with you here too, so you can take this Mercury Retrograde as an opportunity to play around with your own decks, practice your craft and do some readings for yo'self. It might be a great time to get out one of those decks you hardly ever use, or a new deck that's been sitting on your shelf waiting for just this moment!

You can pull these in any order, use any kind of Tarot or Oracle deck and do whatever you want with it to suit yourself. But here's the basics to get you crackin'!

Here's one I made earlier, with the Russian Tarot of St Petersburg. x

Here's one I made earlier, with the Russian Tarot of St Petersburg. x


Your M.R Theme

This is your personal Mercury Retrograde theme for the next few weeks. What does this M.R want you focus on? It could be a project, some personal or spiritual dev stuff, or any other message relating to the big picture of this M.R for you. 


Subconscious blocks

What blocks and stuff needs releasing that you aren't even aware of? It could be something you thought was gone long ago, something new you'd never even thought about, or something you've been trying to ignore. It's time to take a look at those suckers!


What has been released

This is when you get to celebrate what you have released over the last few weeks, months or even years! This is the universe saying YAY you, look how far you've come, you've released this you can totally keep going!


Mental blocks

What's going on in your thinking that's holding you back? What old thoughts, old thought patterns and old crushes do you need to sweep out? Negative beliefs about yourself, others and your life, or whatever else is clanging around in there that you don't need, say bai bai now!


Your lessons

What can you learn from this Merc-Ret? We always seem to learn sooooo much when we allow ourselves to be open to lessons at this time instead of just posting memes about how much Mercury sucks. Mercury Retrograde is like that teacher you had that was always hassling you and giving you extra homework, but afterwards you're like - wow, I learned so much from her. 


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Come check out the video I did for our combined conscious energies too!

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Love, light and happy Retrograding!