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Full Moon Releasing Spread

I've been on this spread creation binge for a while now and I thought I'd add in a little something for your Full Moon this month! How's about a Full Moon Releasing Spread?! :D 

While the New Moon is a great time for manifesting, the Full Moon is a perfect opportunity to release some of that stuff you've been dragging around. You can also use this spread any time you've got some releasing to do!

So grab your Tarot, Oracle, Angel or Uno cards and a nice big hot cup of tea and let's play!

I'm gonna double up on this one and use both the Cosmic Tarot and Doreen Virtue's Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, because the Full Moon is a pretty awesome time to connect with some Goddess energy

Oh and check the video below to see it in action! x


1. You Are Here

This card is like your anchor. Where are you? Why are you here right now pulling these cards? What's going on for you in your life right now?

I pulled Sekhmet - Be Strong and the Devil Reversed. OK, so I know for me this spread is gonna be about releasing a bunch of old patterns and ways of thinking and being. Finally I'm letting the grip of this stuff go and it's a time for me to finally be able to stay in my power with this stuff! Rarrr!


2. Release

Pretty straight forward - this is the big thing to be releasing this Full Moon, or whenever you're doing this spread. Let this thing go, it no longer serves you babe.

I got Ishtar - Boundaries and Three of Wands. In the Cosmic Tarot I always see this chic on the Three of Wands as just being totally content, connected and happy doing what she's doing. It's like just chilling out with your inner peace while you wait for your abundance truck. The Ishtar card here is like - Vix, in order to keep staying in your peace place you've got to set better boundaries. Release the idea that you have to do everything for everyone and please everyone all the time. Totally!


3. Lessons

Releasing is all about looking back. Checking out what no longer serves you and what you can finally get rid of. It's like clearing out your closet, looking at each item, remembering those times you wore it and then deciding you're done with it. When we're looking back it's great to check out the Lessons and Blessings that this old stuff has brought you. Don't be like - urgh, this thing is shit! Take some time with these next two cards to see what awesome things you can take away from where you've been.

I got Cordelia - Go Otuside and the Five of Swords. This is a little bit like burnout energy here for me. It's true, I have been burning myself out and not giving myself enough time for my own Vix things. New Age Hipster is basically my life right now, but I know I have to avoid burnout by setting better boundaries, getting outside and chilling the eff out a bit more. I've definitely learnt this lesson though, so hoorah! Hey, it's still a work in progress, but I've come a long way!


4. Blessings

Blessings are often not seen as blessings at the time. Sometimes these are the things that only later appear to be blessings, but at the time really piss you off. You know, blessings in disguise and all that. This is the moment to look back now and see those obstacles for what they really were

I got Aeracura - Blossoming and Two of Pentacles. Sometimes not knowing WTF to do is a blessing. It creates space and time for the universe to do it's work and it helps you to cultivate plans, ideas, patience and peace. For me this is about not pushing things to happen, but rather being open to divine timing and letting things blossom when the time is right. Sometimes feeling stuck is a blessing. It stops you pursuing the wrong thing and taking you way too far down the wrong path. 


5. Dream

This is your dream! This is where you can potentially get to if you can get to this releasing party and really make the most of it. What do you really want? What does your heart and soul really want

I got Ostara - Fertility and The Star. Uh, OK so The Star is like - yeah, my dream is to be super shiny and to help other people be super shiny too! I just wanna spread starshine all over the place! Wheeee! Also for me, giving birth to my creative dreams is HUGE. 


6. Big Step

This is like the big thing that you need to do so you can reach your dreams! It's kind of like the long term stuff. The 12 month, or maybe longer, plan. 

I got Brigit - Don't Back Down and The Lovers Reversed. This for me is like keep trucking, keep following these dreams (for as long as you want to!) but also putting equal amounts of energy into my relationships and my love life! Don't be all work and no play Vix! Stop telling everyone else to have a great work/life balance if you can't. Be authentic, practice what you preach and all that stuff.


7. Next Step

This is the thing to focus on next. Well, after you've had this releasing party. Don't rush through the releasing stuff to get to the next step or you're going to wobble. Take some notes on this one, but don't stress out about it today. Focus on the release and start putting this into practice after a good night's sleep.

I got Mary Magdalene - Unconditional Love and King of Pentacles Reversed. Pretty obviously it's like focus on service and not on cash money. But also it feels like another message about boundaries (did you get any themes in your spread?!)! Love yourself first. Gah, that's a hard one isn't it? Fill your own cup first. 


Come say hi on Social Media, hashtag #newagehipster so I can find you and your spreads and let me know how you go with this one! I hope it helps you! 

If you want me to totally just do it all for you and check in with what you can be releasing this full moon or any time, check out my reading options!


With loads of love, light and full moon releasing vibes,



How to Come out of the Spiritual Closet (and what to do when people don't get it) x

How to come out of the spiritual closet

It's not always easy to talk about and share your spiritual beliefs, especially when you're not really sure how people are going to respond. 

In my life I've been really pleasantly surprised by how many people in my life have been totally down with what I'm doing, and most people, even if they don't totally "get it" are super supportive. 

Everyone is different, and each person in your life is going to respond to your woo woo differently. But I've put together some of the most common reactions you're going to get from people once you start putting yourself out there as a starting point to help you begin to crack open that closet door!

Check out the video below for a chat and a ramble about my personal experiences which hopefully will help you too. x


Clues for kindred spirits

A really super easy, very painless way to start coming out of the spiritual closet is to give people clues. I wear crystals, dreamcatchers, chakra colours, angel wing earrings, t-shirts that say "good vibes only". Sometimes I go all out, sometimes I just wear one thing. It's my way of expressing my spirituality even if I'm not going to be actually telling people about my beliefs. 

I look for clues that other people are offering up too. When I see someone wearing crystals or gemstones I ask them what stone it is, and make a comment on what it's healing properties are to suss out if we're on the same page! 

Other really easy "ins" are to talk about star signs and moon cycles. When you ask someone what star sign they are or offer up info about your own it's letting people know that you're into astro stuff, which let's face it, is pretty mainstream anyway. If you get a good vibe from that person, talk to them about numerology, tarot or whatever else you're into and see where it goes!


Curious Cats

A lot of people won't be into it, but they might be a bit curious. These folks are awesome to come out to. They will be really interested and ask you weird questions and they might even ask you to read their cards. 

In my experience I've found a lot more people are in this category than I thought. I was worried about telling people for a long time that I was a tarot reader, but when I did, most people were totally fine with it and actually really interested!

Coming out to curious cats is easy, you get to be a novelty, these folks think your spirituality is quirky and weird but kind of cool, and some of them even end up getting into it too! 


Understanding Types

These are the people who you can talk to about your beliefs, but they aren't that excited about your new Angel cards. They see that you're happy and your path is awesome for you and they are really happy for you, but they have their own beliefs and their own journey, but plenty of respect for yours too so it's all good. 

You can have some great talks with these folks about spirituality and religion over a beer, but don't expect to be able to drag them to Chakra Dance


Uninterested Individuals

They don't get it and are not interested in anyway, and hey, that's totally cool. 

They might have their own belief systems or ideas about the universe that clash with yours, or they might just really not want to even think about that stuff. These are the people who really don't want to hear about your new deck or the unicorn meditation you did this morning

It's not because they don't like you or don't want to be friends with you any more. It's kind of like if your friend was really into golf and you were just like, not. You wouldn't want to hang around and listen to golf stories all day

You can keep these friendships solid by talking about all the other stuff that's happening in your life when you're hanging out with them. 


Nasty Nancys

And then you get the people who are actually mean to you about your beliefs. Ouch! 

They might not be really mean, they might just be passive aggressive or joke about your beliefs.

First thing you need to do with these guys is pull them up on it. Tell them it's not actually OK to be mean or make fun of other people's beliefs and see how that goes. If they keep doing it and it's making you feel bad, you don't have to hang out with those people. Your real friends might be uninterested in your spiritual journey, but they'll never make you feel like crap about it. 


The really difficult ones

We were talking in Spiritual Journey Pitstop last week about telling your family, or other people in your life when you know they just aren't going to be even a little bit OK with it. 

To this I say - you don't have to tell them, or if they do know already and it upsets or worries them, you don't have to talk to them about it. When they ask you about it or tell you it's the Devil's work or whatever, just say you don't want to talk about it, change the subject or whatever else works for you. 

You should never lie about who you are or what you believe in, but you also don't have to put yourself in difficult situations by opening up to people before you (or they!) are totally ready.

You can still show people who you are, and be authentically you without wearing your Hug Me I'm Woo Woo t-shirt. 

There has never been a safer time for us to come out and share what we're up to, but it's OK if you don't want to share that with the whole world just now. Start with online groups or friends you know are going to get it and work your way up to telling the whole world. 

Be you, shine your light and share your crystal collection with people who are going to appreciate it. To everyone else, just focus on sharing love and light... for now. 

Love, light and coming out of closets,