Higher Self Relationship Healing

Higher Self Relationship Healing with Vix from New Age Hipster

Healing relationships can be one of the most difficult things we're ever called to do on this path.

Relationships are such incredible opportunities for growth, learning and expansion, but at the same time many of them are catalysts for pain, sadness, regret, depression, heartache and well, you catch my drift.

I have found much peace and understanding with the relationships in my own life by working with my higher self and the higher selves of others.

This is a great way to heal stuff with people who are no longer in your life, people you can't just call or write to for a chat, people you don't want to have this out with in person and those passed over.


Connect with your own higher self

If you haven't done much work connecting with your own higher self I suggest you do this first. Spend some time in meditation with an intention to get to know, meet with you and connect with your Higher Self. We do a lot of work on this in Woo Woo 101

Your higher self is just like your soul self, that part of you that is so much more than your name and appearance in this life!


Create an intention for what you'd like to heal

This works best when you focus on one relationship and issue you'd like to heal and better understand. Work out what it is you want to do.

Do you want understanding? Do you want to be able to forgive someone? Do you want someone to be able to forgive you? 


Let go of outcomes

Sometimes what comes through when we do this work is a deep healing, sometimes it's a light-bulb moment where we realise actually the situation we want healed is really nothing to do with us and more about that person's healing journey.

When I have done this work I've had all sorts of different things come in. I've had a deep peace and healing feeling in my heart afterwards, big clearing and a knowledge that all karma is cleared from many lifetimes. I've also had what have felt like very casual chats with people.

It's so often not about that person, but something deep within ourselves that needs love and healing. Some people push our buttons and trigger us but it has nothing to do with them or even our relationship with them, but everything to do with what's going on for us. 

The Two of Cups is the perfect card for manifesting good relationship outcomes x - Fountain Tarot x

The Two of Cups is the perfect card for manifesting good relationship outcomes x - Fountain Tarot x


Create space

When you're ready, create a sacred space.

Of course you can do this anywhere, and it can be just as powerful to do it on the bus! But I do like to put some candles on, have some chilled out music playing, a notebook near by for important downloads and make sure I'm not going to be disturbed half way.


Tune in + Call in your peeps

Make sure you're energy is clear, grounded and protected. When you're working with your higher self and calling in the higher selves of others you want to make sure you're safe.

Call on Archangel Michael (or protector of choice!) to protect you both, and you may also like to bring in specific angels or energies based on what you'd like to heal and clear.

Archangel Raphael is always on hand for some healing, Mother Mary is especially good for relationship work and Archangel Zadkiel is always great to have around for clearing, forgiveness and emotional healing

If you feel that you have a karmic connection with this person that needs to be removed you can always give the Lords of Karma a bell too.


The Healing work

So now you're going to get into your higher self space and energy.

I do this by going into deep meditation and then either visualising my own energy above me or sort of zooming up and out above myself.

State (out loud or in your head is fine!) that you are calling on your higher self connection.

Once you feel connected to your higher self ask the higher self of the person you'd like some healing with to come in. Ask for their permission: "Hey there, higher self of James Franco (or insert name here!), would it be OK for you to connect for a mo?" Or however formally you'd like to do it!

Whether you feel them present or not don't worry, just start to speak to them. I like doing this out-loud, or whisper soft if other people are home! LOL!

Ask them what you need to know about the relationship, their path, your path together and any lessons that you are learning from this relationship

Just sit and allow the conversation and connection to flow. You may have a brilliant chat, you may just feel clarity, love, peace. You may just sit and cry.

Trust that whatever happens is what needs to happen. If nothing happens it may not be the right time, or you don't have the permission of the person to connect with their higher self. Sometimes we can't clear and heal things before we've learned what we needed to

The Six of Cups always takes me back to the past... x - Robin Wood Tarot x

The Six of Cups always takes me back to the past... x - Robin Wood Tarot x



Thank their higher self for coming to you, thank your guides, angels and whoever else was present. Thank your own higher self for their assistance.

You may want to sit in meditation for a while longer or write some notes or pull a card. Whatever you do take some time to come out of this higher self state and make sure you ground your energy when you're ready to come back.


Of course, this is deep healing work so this post is really just the tip of the iceberg of healing in this way, but it's a great starting point! If you want to grab a session with me we can explore your relationship stuff together, or  you're interested in being able to do more of this kind of work on your own you may wanna check out my online courses

With so much love, light and mega high vibe healing,



Ghosts of the Past

Ghost of the past blog post by Vix New Age Hipster x

***This was taken from my Newsletter (with a few edits) that went out on the 31st of July 2016. After I sent it out a lot of peeps were like OMG YES so I thought it would be cool to share with y'all! If you wanna sign up for my newsletter and get stuff like this that I usually don't share on the blog right in your inbox every Sunday you can do that here.


So what's up with the energies out there right now? OMG.

Maybe it's not getting you, and if you're feeling totes high vibe right now that's awesome. You might just wanna click here and go find something else to read.

But for those of us who are going through some mega transition and change energy it's been a hard few weeks.

Some ghosts of my past have turned up lately and I've been like "OMG not you guys again, didn't I cord cut the bejeezus out of you guys in November? And last May? And like, all those other times? Why are you still heeeereeee?"

And the answer is simply that when we're shifting into something new just about everything old comes up as bit of a stocktake

Exes will contact you, you'll find yourself slipping into old versions of your thoughts and feelings, you'll want to listen to Alanis Morisette on repeat. This is a clear sign you are levelling up.

I used to think that every time old junk would turn up that I hadn't done the work. That I needed a salt bath and some karmic clearing. But there's only so much past clearing you can do, and sometimes when the ghosts from the past pop up it's for an assessment of the here and now and not a kick in the pants from the universe.

When you clear the past you are not wiping it away, watching it disappear as if it never existed in the first place, you are just letting go of it's hold on you.

Your exes are still out there somewhere and Jagged Little Pill isn't going to go up in a puff of smoke. Thank God right?

I think us spiritual peeps forget sometimes that while sage soap can clear your aura for sure, we don't have to forget and let go of everything that's made us who we are today. When the past pops up sometimes it's just so you remember where you've been, the incredible souls you've connected with (even if they are no longer in your life) and the journey you've had so far as you step up into this awesome new energy

Spending the weekend revisiting your high school diaries, stalking past crushes on Facebook and having a big old cry in the shower is not a sign that you're not doing the work. In fact, it may just be a really big sign that you're finally letting it speak, revisiting the lessons and the blessings and making space for you to be moving on. 

If you are really struggling to let go of the past check out the Unlived Life reading or whatever else you need over on the New Age Hipster Store.

With so much love and light,



How to Come out of the Spiritual Closet (and what to do when people don't get it) x

How to come out of the spiritual closet

It's not always easy to talk about and share your spiritual beliefs, especially when you're not really sure how people are going to respond. 

In my life I've been really pleasantly surprised by how many people in my life have been totally down with what I'm doing, and most people, even if they don't totally "get it" are super supportive. 

Everyone is different, and each person in your life is going to respond to your woo woo differently. But I've put together some of the most common reactions you're going to get from people once you start putting yourself out there as a starting point to help you begin to crack open that closet door!

Check out the video below for a chat and a ramble about my personal experiences which hopefully will help you too. x


Clues for kindred spirits

A really super easy, very painless way to start coming out of the spiritual closet is to give people clues. I wear crystals, dreamcatchers, chakra colours, angel wing earrings, t-shirts that say "good vibes only". Sometimes I go all out, sometimes I just wear one thing. It's my way of expressing my spirituality even if I'm not going to be actually telling people about my beliefs. 

I look for clues that other people are offering up too. When I see someone wearing crystals or gemstones I ask them what stone it is, and make a comment on what it's healing properties are to suss out if we're on the same page! 

Other really easy "ins" are to talk about star signs and moon cycles. When you ask someone what star sign they are or offer up info about your own it's letting people know that you're into astro stuff, which let's face it, is pretty mainstream anyway. If you get a good vibe from that person, talk to them about numerology, tarot or whatever else you're into and see where it goes!


Curious Cats

A lot of people won't be into it, but they might be a bit curious. These folks are awesome to come out to. They will be really interested and ask you weird questions and they might even ask you to read their cards. 

In my experience I've found a lot more people are in this category than I thought. I was worried about telling people for a long time that I was a tarot reader, but when I did, most people were totally fine with it and actually really interested!

Coming out to curious cats is easy, you get to be a novelty, these folks think your spirituality is quirky and weird but kind of cool, and some of them even end up getting into it too! 


Understanding Types

These are the people who you can talk to about your beliefs, but they aren't that excited about your new Angel cards. They see that you're happy and your path is awesome for you and they are really happy for you, but they have their own beliefs and their own journey, but plenty of respect for yours too so it's all good. 

You can have some great talks with these folks about spirituality and religion over a beer, but don't expect to be able to drag them to Chakra Dance


Uninterested Individuals

They don't get it and are not interested in anyway, and hey, that's totally cool. 

They might have their own belief systems or ideas about the universe that clash with yours, or they might just really not want to even think about that stuff. These are the people who really don't want to hear about your new deck or the unicorn meditation you did this morning

It's not because they don't like you or don't want to be friends with you any more. It's kind of like if your friend was really into golf and you were just like, not. You wouldn't want to hang around and listen to golf stories all day

You can keep these friendships solid by talking about all the other stuff that's happening in your life when you're hanging out with them. 


Nasty Nancys

And then you get the people who are actually mean to you about your beliefs. Ouch! 

They might not be really mean, they might just be passive aggressive or joke about your beliefs.

First thing you need to do with these guys is pull them up on it. Tell them it's not actually OK to be mean or make fun of other people's beliefs and see how that goes. If they keep doing it and it's making you feel bad, you don't have to hang out with those people. Your real friends might be uninterested in your spiritual journey, but they'll never make you feel like crap about it. 


The really difficult ones

We were talking in Spiritual Journey Pitstop last week about telling your family, or other people in your life when you know they just aren't going to be even a little bit OK with it. 

To this I say - you don't have to tell them, or if they do know already and it upsets or worries them, you don't have to talk to them about it. When they ask you about it or tell you it's the Devil's work or whatever, just say you don't want to talk about it, change the subject or whatever else works for you. 

You should never lie about who you are or what you believe in, but you also don't have to put yourself in difficult situations by opening up to people before you (or they!) are totally ready.

You can still show people who you are, and be authentically you without wearing your Hug Me I'm Woo Woo t-shirt. 

There has never been a safer time for us to come out and share what we're up to, but it's OK if you don't want to share that with the whole world just now. Start with online groups or friends you know are going to get it and work your way up to telling the whole world. 

Be you, shine your light and share your crystal collection with people who are going to appreciate it. To everyone else, just focus on sharing love and light... for now. 

Love, light and coming out of closets,



Soulmates and Twin Flames

Soulmates and twin flames - everything you need to know!

Soulmates and twin flames are one of the serious hot topics amongst us spiritual peeps. Do you have a soulmate out there somewhere? Where's your Twin Flame at?! How come you always meet hotties, think you've found your soulmate, then they turn out to be total creeps?!

I love doing relationship readings. As someone who has been through a hell of a lot of relationship "stuff" I love sharing what I've learned in my own life as well as what's in your cards. One thing a lot of people have in common is that they see relationships as destined. Something that happens to them.

This is how I see it...


<3 Soulmates <3

Hollywood has made us think this: You have one soulmate who you are supposed to meet, marry and live happily ever after with. If you don't find your soulmate your life will be incomplete forever. The end. Credits.

You know that feeling you get sometimes when you meet someone new? You feel like you just know this person already? You have so many feelings when you are around them and then, when you are apart you start thinking about them all. the. time. That feeling doesn't mean you are supposed to be with that person forever. Maybe they were someone you hung out with in Ancient Egypt. Maybe they were your hairdresser in Atlantis. Maybe they played trumpet in that Big Band you always used to go and see in the 1920's.

A soulmate is just someone you've known in another life. Probably someone you at least actually liked, were friends with, related to, or yes, maybe even in a relationship with. Your soul family are the people you actively choose to reincarnate with, whereas soulmates are all the people you knew and had adventures with in previous lifetimes.

If you were going to marry your soulmates you'd have a lot of people to marry. That girl you sit next to at work and giggle with all day? If you meet her again in your next lifetime - she's going to be your 'soulmate'. Your souls will recognise each other and you'll have some kind of connection - it doesn't mean you are fated to be together romantically.

You do not have to marry someone just because they were your milkman in a previous life.


<3 Twin Flames <3

Your twin flame is allegedly the other half of your soul.

Ah, heh? My soul is chopped in half and it's walking around somewhere in another body? Whhhaaaaaat? :-O

Some people totally resonate with this idea, and when they find their twin flame they feel complete and perfect and wonderful. If you do feel like your soul is split in half and your other half is out there somewhere trying to find you then that's totally cool too. We are all on a different journey here, and maybe this is a journey some people have chosen.

For me though, the idea that my soul is anything but whole totally grosses me out. I am a whole soul - a whole person and a I can't even begin to imagine what the other half of my soul would be up to if they were just off walking around the planet somewhere!


<3 Karmic Relationships <3

I think I need to cover these in a whole different post you guys, but the gist is that you find yourself in these totally effed up relationships sometimes to deal with karma from the past. Maybe you were going to get married in 1966 and one of you died. Maybe you were even murdered by this person in a past life. Maybe you've attracted them because of relationship patterns you have been repeating or just because you need to learn some stuff. You are drawn to this person to help you clear that karma - not to re-live it! *This is such a nutshell version, stay tuned for a post about this!


I spent my entire twenties trying to find "the one" and looking for "my soulmate". Even though the thought of twin flames never really resonated with me, the idea that there was a person I was meant to be with was totally reassuring. You know, you're sat at home alone watching some chick flick, imagining some guy out there sat at home alone watching some bad action movie. Maybe he's pigging out on popcorn and ice-cream too!!?

I've met a lot of guys that I thought were my soulmate. Some of them I never even dated. I was that girl that every time I met someone new I'd be squealing - "I think he's the one!!" and obsessing over text messages as my friends rolled their eyes.

When I met my current guy it was way different. It was comfortable, maybe a little bit familiar, but it was easy. And everything just fell into place. No games, no drama, no freaking out about not getting texts, no fights.

What I did was make a conscious choice to be with him. And he made the choice to be with me. Every day we make the choice to stay together. And while I do think that I was supposed to meet him, I think we have the free will choice at any point to stay together or part ways. It's not destiny. It's a choice. Great relationships are simply two people jumping in at the same time and saying - yes, this is what I want. It's when that balance gets messy that things get hard.

So I've chosen him as my soulmate. And I really do think we can do that. You can choose your soulmate in this life. Whether this person has shared lifetimes with you, or is a new soul popping up to teach you, to learn from you. That means you can also choose to leave a relationship that feels like destiny but breaks your heart.

You can choose to spend your life with whoever you want to. Your marriage certificate isn't written in stone before you get here.

So stop looking for your soulmate or twin flame, and start seeking someone who is just right for you right now, your journey and all you want from this life here and now.

<3 Love, light and free will lovers! <3



(PS - y'all know where I am if you fancy a relationship reading!)

Soulmates, twin flames, karmic relationships





How to get over your ex for good!

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles
Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

OMG my ex is such a loser! I'm such an idiot for going out with him/her! Urgh, I effing hate my ex! What did I see in that person, seriously?

Does the mere thought of your ex make you cringe, feel sick or just really, really annoyed? Most of us at one point or another have been through a break-up, and they are freaking tough. Weeks, months or even years later the hurt can stay with us. Late night stalking of your ex, or their new partner leads to even more feelings of resentment or anger, or any of the multitude of feelings you can feel after 2 am while thinking about the person that used to be your person.

Does any of this sound just a little bit familiar? Well, with the Full Moon upon us I thought I'd let you in on a little releasing-the-ex ritual that I've done (many times!) with great success! Huzzah! We're going to swap out that negative stuff you've been saying about your ex for something positive, in the process healing, clearing and making way for the new. Because let's face it, the best reason to get over your ex for good is because you want something better in your life right? Well let me tell you, one more "my ex boyfriend is such a dick" speech in front of a group of new cute guys down at the local pub isn't going to make that happen.

<3 What you will need: A pen, some paper, a box of matches/lighter, somewhere safe to burn stuff, a desire to move on with your life.

<3 Step 1: Choose an ex that's been bugging you. Someone you've been thinking about, someone you have unresolved issues with, or even a crush you can't quit.

<3 Step 2: Write this person a letter. But here's the catch - everything you write has to be positive. Tell them why you fell for them, talk about their good traits, thank them for teaching you about [whatever!], tell them you'll always remember that crazy trip to [that place!].

<3 Step 3: Finish your letter with a "Thanks for the lessons and the blessings". You can list all the lessons and blessings if you really want to. Now sometimes all you want to say is something like "thanks for making me realise how much of a dick you were", or "I've learned that men are total morons and I'm better off without them". That's no good! Try something like "thank you for helping me see this strength within myself", "thank you for showing me what I really want in a relationship". Keep it positive!

<3 Step 4: Sign it off with love and wish them luck, and try to mean it. Imagine you will actually never see or hear from this person again and they are deleting all their social media accounts. This is the last thing you will get to say to them. I like this way to end it:

"I wish you love, I wish you luck and I let you go".

Oh yeah, and put your name too!

<3 Step 5: Burn it! Let the Universe carry your letter off on the wind. Or bury it in the ground, shred and recycle, whatever you do, just make sure to get rid of it somehow.

<3 Step 6: Repeat for all the loves, lost loves, crushes and exes that have even just a little hold on you.

They will always be a part of your past, but your present and your future is yours. Make it amazing.

<3 Sending you loads of love, light and beautiful releasing vibes! <3



<3 Step 7: Have a sing-a-long!

PS - if you don't think you could ever be ready to do something like this with an ex that's OK, but you need to talk to someone about that. Get some therapy, have a full confidential tarot or angel reading to look deeply at what's really going on for you, or find another way to start working through it, but you gotta work through it. x