The Breakfast Club Spread for Tarot + Oracle Cards

Breakfast Club Tarot Spread by Vix from New Age Hipster

The Breakfast Club is one of the most awesome movies ever made.

I got to thinking lately about the archetypes featured in the movie. We each have all of the archetypes of the tarot within us, and I think we all have all the archetypes featured in the Breakfast Club within us too.

I thought it would be cool to make a spread to help us get some messages from our own inner BASKET-CASE, inner criminal, inner brain, inner athlete and inner princess.

So grab a decaf earl gray and your tarot, oracle, uno or playing cards and let's have a play! :D

Here's one I made earlier with the   NewAgeHipster InstaOracle   x

Here's one I made earlier with the NewAgeHipster InstaOracle x

CARD ONE: What blocks you from being seen and loved by others?

This card will shed a little light on why sometimes you might struggle to fully connect with others and feel seen and loved when you do.


CARD TWO: Where should you play by the rules?

Sometimes rules are there for a reason. This card will show you how to play the game. (This card may also show you where not to play by the rules!)


How can you stand in your confidence and power?

There is nothing wrong with being a brain or a geek. Freaking own it! This card will show you how. 


How can you better focus your intent and take action?

Taking action is so important, but you have to make sure you have a clear intention and focus otherwise it's just wasted energy. This card will point you in the right direction.


How can you let go of ego and be of service to others?

How can you drop the "what will I get out of it?" and just be of service?


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With love, light and 80's archetypes,