Dealing with the haters spread for tarot or oracle cards

Dealing with the haters tarot spread

Urgh, who here has ever had to deal with a hater? *Puts hand up.

The more you put yourself and your light out there the more haters seem to pop up to try to pull you off your magical unicorn.

So not cool.

Here's a spread you can use when you're feeling totally bummed by the haters.

Grab your Tarot, Oracle, Unicorn or Snap cards and let's do it!

Here's my own spread with the   NewAgeHipster InstaOracle   x

Here's my own spread with the NewAgeHipster InstaOracle x

Card one: why has this hater affected you?

Some days haters will not bother us at all, we can barely even notice them. Other days it's like we're being thrown daggers and whatever we do, we can't dodge them.

This card will help you to work out why this particular hater has gotten under your skin.

I got Veggie Burger. This feels like my hater is affecting me because it makes me feel like I'm not free or safe to make my own choices without judgement.


card two: what truth do you need to see?

When we look deeper we can usually see there's so much more to situations than "that person hates me". Sometimes we need to see a truth about ourselves, sometimes we need to see a truth about the other person involved.

I got Path. The truth I need to see relates to me staying on the path and not running off to chase haters and get mega distracted, so much so I might even get lost! Yikes!


card three: how can you reconnect to your own heart space?

Dealing with haters can bring up all the emotions, especially stuff happening in your chest and heart space. This card will show you what you need to know in order to reconnect with with your heart.

I got Light. 'Nuff said really. White light heart chakra clear out stat!


card four: how can you call back your power now and in the future?

Haters can make us feel really dis-empowered. Ick. This card will help you to begin to move back to your own power in the now, and also give you some advice on what you can do next time you encounter a hater.

I got Donuts. For me this is all about choices. It is my choice how I deal with the haters in my life. I can get mad and sad and eat all the donuts, or I can maybe just sit with one donut and a decaf coffee, have a bit of a moan and then let it go and move on.


card five: how to overcome, let go and move on

Ah  yes, if it only it were really that easy... well maybe it is! This card will give you some high level guidance on how you can overcome this situation and move on with your day, and your life.

I got Home. This feels to me like literally - "go home"! This feels like both a literal going home, getting safe on my couch and watching a John Hughes movie, or calling my folks, but also it's a message to connect with my inner home and my spirit family.


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With love, light and dealing with the haters,