Secondhand vibes: the energy of secondhand clothing

The Energy of Secondhand clothing

If you’re a bit sensitive to energy (or a lot!) you may struggle with the idea of “wearing someone else’s clothes”.

But what’s really going on with the energy of secondhand clothes? If you are energy sensitive or psychic should you avoid secondhand clothes? Do secondhand clothes contain negative energy?

Let’s discuss! :D

How does intention and belief work when it comes to secondhand clothes?

We know that energy is all about intention. If you believe that wearing secondhand clothing is going to be a problem for you, guess what? It will be.

If you believe (like I do!) that wearing secondhand clothing is fun, ethical, sustainable and a brilliant way to help Gaia and save the planet, then guess what? It will be.

If you believe the bad vibes are gonna get you, then you can create that reality.

If you believe that wearing secondhand is no problem at all, in fact, it’s actually a more positive, high vibe and conscious way of living, then that’s the energy you bring into the thrift store with you!

I always feel just a little bit like Molly Ringwald in this shirt!

I always feel just a little bit like Molly Ringwald in this shirt!

Do secondhand or vintage clothes contain negative energy, or the energy of the person who owned them?

Most people who give away their clothes are cutting cords on their ownership.

When I put something in the bag for the charity shop I am energetically releasing that item, whether I’m doing it consciously or not. I’m energetically saying “I don’t want to own this any more”.

Take a second to think about any items you’ve given away in the past - do you think you still hold any connection to them? Or did you let go and forget all about them so someone else may find them useful?

People seem super concerned with the idea of their clothing retaining energy, but if you really opened up to it you’d realise other people’s energy is everywhere.

Do you own any secondhand books or furniture? How about when you stay in a hotel and you sleep in sheets other people have slept in and towels other people have used?

And how about the energy of the factory workers who made your clothing? Who literally stitched that item together? Do you think their energy could be in that too?

I personally feel much happier in a thrift shop full of beautiful items that people have willingly given away than I do in huge flagship stores on the high street that are responsible for unethical practices, employee suffering and a huge contribution to climate change.

What if the person died?

OK, so some people didn’t give away their clothes “willingly”, in fact a lot of the items that end up in thrift stores and secondhand shops have been donated after someone dies.

One thing that can help is to remember that we never really “own” anything in this life. We only ever borrow things. We can’t take our clothes or material possessions with us when we go, and in a way, nothing is really ever “ours”.

I don’t know about you, but I would prefer my clothes get used and loved by someone else than end up in landfill or sitting around in a box somewhere, I think most of those who have passed over would feel the same.

How would you feel? What would you like to see happen to the clothes you have when you pass over? However you feel is probably how others feel too.

I adore this secondhand leopard coat I got off eBay. I feel so cosy in it!

I adore this secondhand leopard coat I got off eBay. I feel so cosy in it!

How can I suss out the energy of secondhand clothing?

Most secondhand clothing has been washed before it hits the racks, and with so many items all jammed into each other it may be tricky to feel the vibes of each individual piece.

It’s also worth considering if the vibes you feel are from actually from the clothing, the staff working at the store, the building you are in or from all the other people who have touched and tried it on, or the actual item itself.

The best way to tune into the energy is to touch the item you are drawn to. And then, try it on and see how it makes you feel! Do you feel “good” in this item? Or do you feel “meh”?

If you are shopping online you can still “tune in” as you are looking through the items, just set the intention to do so!

Trust your intuition, if you are drawn to something and it lights you up a little bit inside to think about wearing it, then trust that feeling!

How can I clear the energy of secondhand clothes?

If you are still concerned about the energy of secondhand clothes or hold a belief that they need clearing, there are a few things you can do to energetically cleanse and clear the items before you wear them. And of course, do the following with the intention that you are clearing any residual energy off the item.

First up, give them a good wash and if you can, dry them outside. A lot of secondhand items end up in boxes and shops for a really long time before they get to see the light of day again! If your item retains that thrift store smell you can always repeat this a few times. I’ve had items that got washed, dried and put back in the laundry quite a few times before they smelled fresh. Don’t let it deter you! It’s just a process of bringing the item back to life! :D

You can put a little pinch of salt in the wash with it, but don’t use it on anything delicate!

If you feel called to, you can cleanse the item with smoke or incense or any kind of essential oils or aura spray - but be careful when you do this, not all material enjoys oils and smoke! Use sparingly.

Thank the item for coming into your life, give gratitude.

Announce that the item is now yours. One of the best ways to do this is to just tell someone - hey look at my new cardigan!

Give it a spritz with your own perfume

Wear it!

I wore a secondhand vintage wedding dress when I got married - happiest day of my life!

I wore a secondhand vintage wedding dress when I got married - happiest day of my life!

I still can’t do secondhand or vintage, what can I do instead?

OK, I get it, maybe secondhand ‘aint your thing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference and be ethical with your outfits!

Keep wearing your own clothes for longer. Do you really need that new pair of jeans? Or are the ones you have really fine? Or if you do buy something new, do it with the intention of wearing it for a really long time.

Buy good quality items that will last. Spend a bit more on something you can keep for years rather than something cheap that will just last a season.

Support smaller ethical businesses.

Do your research on the brands you buy from. A simple Google of “is [this brand] ethical?” will bring up the answers for you. Some high street shops are much better than others. For example Marks and Spencer and Adidas have much higher ratings than other companies. If you can’t avoid buying new, at least try to support the companies that are trying to move in more ethical directions.

I’d love to know in the comments if you have any other questions or thoughts on the energy of secondhand clothing and if there is anything you do to cleanse, clean and embrace your secondhand hauls!

With so much love and light,