#Caturday cat cards - Seven of Wands Reversed

photo (24) Happy #Caturday!

Today we see the seven of wands reversed - you dropped your stick! Argh! But never mind because it looks like everyone you've been fighting against has dropped a stick as well. Time for a ceasefire perhaps? Whatever you've been fighting against this week - work, relationship issues, money stuff, whatever it is, let it go and let God! OK that phrase sounds so lame. Sometimes you can't just 'let God', you have to take matters into your own hands! It kind of looks like we've been doing that all week though.

Today the fight is pointless, but whatever you decide to do tomorrow is up to you! You might be refreshed and ready to take up your stick again and carry on, or you might decide it's totally not worth it and go and do something else, but today, take a rest.

You can't fight without a stick anyway, so you might as well go and watch a movie or read a book or play with your cat.

And here's a little opalite to help you chill out today too.

Love, light and letting go,


#Caturday cat cards - Three of Cups

photo (20)

The Three of Cups is a super fun Saturday Caturday card! Three lady cats are having the best time ever drinking and dancing; you don't need to have read all the books on Tarot (although you should read Dusty White's The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot Ever if I may recommend!) to work out what this card is saying to us today.

Good company, fun times. And if you don't have any money you can drink plain old water with your friends. And if you don't have any friends you can have a glass of your drink of choice on your own and maybe find some fun people online to connect with. I always respond to comments too! :-)

Love, light and Saturday fun!