Third Eye

Third Eye Lies - Why Opening Your Third Eye is not the Final Frontier x

Spiritual Comparison is a bigger thing than I would like to admit, but I really thought it was time we spoke up about it

I was having a chat recently with some lovely peeps over on the Spiritual Journey Pitstop group on FB about opening the Third Eye and it really brought up a lot of stuff for me.

There's this idea going around that if your Third Eye is open you are more spiritual, more connected and more spiritual advanced than your counterparts who don't even know WTF a Chakra is. 

I think that's bullshit.

(Just to clarify: no one in the group was actually being a dick about Third Eyes, it just got me thinking about stuff.)

We're all on a different journey and we're all learning different stuff at different times and it's all good. 

I was giving pretty awesome intuitive readings before my Third Eye was totally open because I was using my other skillz! Yeeeeeew!

Clairvoyance is this thing everyone kind of wants, but you that you can get just as awesome downloads using your other clairs!

My main thing was, and still is claircognizance. This is clear knowingI don't need to actually see an angel standing behind you to like, know it's there. 

The best way to connect with your guidance, however it's coming to you, is to sort out your energy. Get grounded, centred, connected and protected and you'll download all sorts of cool messages whether you actually see them or not

Love, light and no more Third Eye lies! 



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