When spirit guides go quiet

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Sometimes your spirit guides go quiet.

You're doing all the right things; meditation, journalling, sleeping (you know, in case they contact you in your sleep), but nada. Zip. 

You can start to feel like you've lost your magic, you've lost your team and that you're suddenly all alone in the world.

Well, you're not. But I know that doesn't really help when you feel like you are.

So here's some thoughts on what's going on and what you can when your guides go quiet.


Why do guides go quiet?

I did a reading recently for a beautiful soul who was wondering why her guides were quiet. It turned out a big reason her guides had gone quiet was because she was in a major transition in her life. Now you'd expect your guides to be louder than ever, leading you through, but was actually happening for her was that her guides were also in transition. Many of her old guides were transitioning into new roles, preparing to incarnate and moving on in their own journeys. Their work had been done and now it was time to train up some new guides who'd be the brand new energies to take her through the next chapter in her life. 

I think this is happening for many of us right now. We've come a long way, and some of the guides who have led us to where we are now have completed their tasks and are now onto bigger and better things. And so are you. 

Sometimes guides go quiet to let you work things out for yourself.

Many times when faced with a decision we call on our guidance and get really clear answers. Sometimes we don't, but it's not because they aren't helping you, it's because there's more for you to learn and more growth for you to do by working things out on your own at times. They still have your back and are there to catch you if you fall, but remember:

your spirit guides are just here to guide you, not to make all your decisions and live your life for you.


Sometimes it's not them it's you.

If you're struggling to hear your guides take a look at what you're doing to hear them. Are you making sure you have quiet time? Are you meditating and journalling? Are you actually calling on them and asking for help? So many times people are like OMG can't hear my guides, and I'm like, well are you asking them questions? And the person's face goes o_O 

I do it all the time. Honestly. I always forget to ask for help. I even had to put up a card on my wall to bloody well remind me to ask for answers and to ask for help. 

It's easier to get help and answers when you ask.

ask for help spirit guides and angels new age hipster


What you can do about it

When the guides you usually connect with go quiet it's a great opportunity to connect with someone else.

Whether it's calling on your Guardian Angel, The Fae, Jesus, Ganesha, the Goddess, or any other divine being or deity. It can be a great chance to connect with some energies you wouldn't have otherwise

Also it's a really great opportunity to connect with your own self. 

Working with spirit guides is very much about connecting with other beings to help you, but what if you looked within and started trusting your own self even more?

Perhaps that's the real reason spirit guides go quiet is because they want you to connect with your own intuition, higher self and your own soul. 


If you would like to meet, reconnect or connect even deeper with your spirit guide/s check out The Spirit Guide Reading! :D

With so much love and light!



New Moon Manifesting Spread

Nothing is more fun than manifesting, especially when it works! Wheeee!

This spread is designed to help y'all with your manifesting on the New Moon, or you know, whenever you want really, but the new moon is super powerful for creating cool stuff! 

You can use this spread with whatever cards you have - Tarot, Angels, Oracles, whatevs! Or even double up and pull a couple of cards for each position! Crazy!

Here's  one I made earlier with the Robin Wood Tarot! x

Here's  one I made earlier with the Robin Wood Tarot! x


This is where you're at right now, what's going on for you in this present moment. Recognise this energy and decide if it's useful for your manifesting stuff. Do you need to shift or change something?

I pulled the Emperor Reversed for this one this morning - I need to get organised in my physical space and get confident about my manifesting before I start!



This card will give you an idea of what mental shifts you could be making to help your manifestations come about, or new mental shifts you want to manifest!

I got Seven of Pents, time for me to shift up some of my thoughts about how hard I have to work in order to bring in enough money, and also to put out some intentions related to working hard enough to create abundance but not burning out. 



This is like a reminder of your gifts and abilities, your spiritual connection. It can also represent some new spiritual stuff to call into your life

I got Page of Cups which is like - use your creative powers to connect with your spirituality and to create more cool stuff (like this!) for New Age Hipster! 



Here's something you can totally manifest this new moon with a bit of help from the universe. This can come about in the next few weeks! YAY!

I got Ace of Pentacles - double yay. I'm taking this to mean stress less about cash flow and manifest the shiz out of it!



Basically you need help with this one. Ask people around you for a hand, or get connected with your spiritual team to really make this one happen. You can't do it alone, and you don't have to!

This could also be about a block you have with receiving this thing, so get that looked at. 

I got Ace of Cups - um triple yay! I probably need some help filling my cup up over the next few weeks, allow myself to take time off and just chill and fill (I suck at that so bad!). 



This is like the long term potential of what you're manifesting this new moon. What's possible over the next few moons, or even further ahead!

I pulled 9 of Pents and like OMG quadruple yay on that. A message that yes, I can be totally sorted with my money stuff and I can have some rose bushes and pet bird if I really want one. Which I probably don't, because the cat might not like it. Also, birds beaks freak me out.


I'd love to know how you find this spread so come find me on Facebook or hashtag #NewAgeHipster on Instagram so I can find you!


With love, light and killer new moon manifesting vibes!



Wingmen Angel Spread x

Wingmen Spread

Seems like everywhere you look people are posting Tarot Spreads, but where are all the Angel Spreads at guys?! 

Don't even worry your pretty little wings about it though, because starting today I'm going to do you a blog series with some fun ways to use your Angel cards! YAY! And if you need an Angel deck - check out my new video featuring my Top 5 Angel Decks

You can also use these spreads with tarot, any oracle deck, Happy Families or whatever. I also think it's totally fine to use Angel or oracle cards with most tarot spreads too, just as a side note, but if you're looking for spreads designed specifically to help you hang out with the Angels - welcome to New Age Hipster's Angel Spreads party! Whoohoo! 

If you have some stuff you really want to talk about with Angels just let me know in the comments, over on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and I might create a spread specifically for your issue! How awesome is that?!

So most of us are cool with the basic three card spread - past, present, and what I like to call the potential outcome, because you know, you can totally create your own future if you believe you can. This three card-er is a fun way to use a quick three card spread to get in touch with your favourite wingmen!

In this spread I've used Big Mike and Raph, because they are the two Angels I work with most right now, and also, they are seriously super helpful. You can switch this up to get some messages from any of your Angels, other Archangels, whatever you want to do with it! This is just a guideline guys! You can cast the cards in any order and read in any order too, but I'm going with middle as one, left for two and right for three

Here's one I made earlier... If you've got like, way too many Angel decks why not mix them up!? (this is Life Purpose Oracle, Goddess Guidance Oracle and Daily Guidance from your Angels all by Doreen Virtue. x

Here's one I made earlier... If you've got like, way too many Angel decks why not mix them up!? (this is Life Purpose Oracle, Goddess Guidance Oracle and Daily Guidance from your Angels all by Doreen Virtue. x

Card One - Message from yo'self

So this is like a message from yourself, from your higher self, or from the Angels who know you better than you know yourself. Woah!

This is kind of like- what you probably already know but need to be reminded about. Maybe it's something that you know you need to do or say but you haven't yet.

It could be a message about the stuff that you haven't yet totally acknowledged, something you need to work on within yourself. Personal development and all that jazz. 


Card Two - Message from Michael

Because this is a message from Big Mike, it can be about any or all of the following:

  • A protection message
  • A message about what needs to be cleared
  • A message about courage and how to move forward
  • A message about your life path
  • Anything else you associate AA Michael with! 

I love to see this as a clearing card, as it's in that past kind of position, but who knows what Michael is going to want you to know, be open to whatever he tells you!


Card Three - Message from Raphael

Raph is the healing Angel, so this card is going to be all about what needs to be healed in your life in some way including:

  • Emotional stuff to heal
  • Blocks that need clearing
  • Relationship stuff (romantic, family, friendships)
  • Messages about your chakras especially your third eye!


The best Angel cards to use with this spread are probably more general decks, but yes you can totally use Angel Tarot or Archangel cards too! No problemo if you pull the Archangel Raphael card in the Michael place, maybe it's a message about healing and clearing! Pull Archangel Ariel in the AA Raphael spot? No worries, could be a message about clearing some financial stuff?! I'll show you exactly how to do it all in the video below

If you are sharing your spreads on social media be sure to hashtag #NewAgeHipster so I can find you! I'd love to see how this spread works for you! And stay tuned for the next instalment of New Age Hipster Angel Spreads

Love, light and your favourite Angel deck,