Breaking Free with the Devil

Breaking Free with the Devil New Age Hipster

We're back with another episode of Scary Tarot Cards and today we're going to hang out with the Devil.

This is one of the cards in the tarot that people kind of freak over.

While many of us are aware that the Devil is really just an olde worlde Christian construct to make the Pagan God Pan out to be evil, we have still been so programmed to see the Devil as "evil" or "bad" that turning this guy over in a reading can give some of us a bit of a fright.

Instead of losing your shiz when you see this guy in your reading, here's some really simple and higher vibe ways to think about the Devil Tarot card...

The Devil from the Robin Wood Tarot x

The Devil from the Robin Wood Tarot x


Controlling relationships

The Devil often comes up in readings for clients when there's an element of control present. While this card sometimes tells us that there is abuse present, more often than not I find this card comes up when there is an energy of one person having the upper hand in other ways.

So if you ask about your new guy/girl and pull this card, be discerning and keep yourself safe, but also have a think about the power balance. Are you always waiting for him/her to text you back? Playing the "don't text until Wednesday" game? Or how about always letting them choose what you watch on TV? Or maybe you just generally feel like you're more into them than they are with you.

This can also come up in friendships where there is an imbalance of power and also for stuff going on in family relationships.

We can also be the Devil in relationships. Are you trying too hard to control the person you're with? 

It's always useful when big cards like the Devil come up to pull more cards around the issue to really work out what's going on, instead of just having a freak out and thinking the worst.



I speak to a lot of people in my work who feel very stuck in their present situation. Whether it's where they live, the job they are in, or life in general.

We tend to blame things - money, or lack thereof, other people, our family, our partner, our lack of confidence and self-esteem when we're feeling this way.

Sometimes this is useful in identifying what's keeping you stuck, but it's also worth remembering that most of the time, the Devil is your own stuff, your own limiting beliefs about yourself. 

When we feel stuck, the Devil represents whatever it is that is keeping us where we are. You can always pull another card or even do a whole spread to help you pin point what is holding you down and how to release yourself from it.



The Devil can also represent addictions. While there are the big ones - drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, there are also other addictions that can keep us trapped.

Being addicted to checking Instagram, addictions to coffee, procrastination or certain types of behaviours.

Pull more cards around this if you need to and ask how you or the person you are reading for can begin to heal and recover from THEIR addictions.



I've seen the Devil come up often to represent general fear energy.

Fear can be a powerful messenger for us at times. It can show us where we're stuck, where we are feeling scared and anxious, and what we are really afraid of. Looking our fears in the face can be powerful and freeing, so if you have some fear to feel and work through, the Devil may let you know.


Breaking Free

Although the Devil card can absolutely show us our addictions, who or what is controlling us or what we're trying to control, our fear stuff and where we are stuck in life, what I love the most about the Devil card is the opportunity to break free.

When the Devil card comes up you have two choices. You can read it as "you are trapped" or "you can break free".

Breaking Free with the Devil Tarot Card x

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this card! Let me know in the comments what comes up for you when you see the Devil card in your readings.

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With so much love, light and breaking free,