Five Crystals for Transition + Change

crystals for transition and change x

I don't usually blog about crystals that much, so if you dig this crystal post and want more of them let me know!

K, so we're mid January 2017 and I don't know about you, but I still feel very much like I'm in the transition. I'm still getting used to the energy of this year, working out what it's about and how to work with it to create an awesome year. Oh, PS - if you want to find out more about 2017 check out the free e-book!

These crystals may be useful little tools for you if you're like me and feeling a bit OMG what is this? right now, or if you're going through any kind of transition or change in your life.

I also thought it would be cool to connect these crystals to tarot cards too, to give you some idea of crystals that you can gather round you when these cards pop up in your spreads.

Oh, and like with everything, crystals can totally vibe with different people in different ways, and these are just some ways I connect with these babies...

Crystals + Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery by Robert M Place x

Crystals + Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery by Robert M Place x

1. Apache Tears + death

Apache Tears is one of my all time favourite crystals. I nearly put smoky quartz on here, but I felt like actually, change and transition is bloody HARD y'know? 

Apache tears is great for grounding, healing and especially heart healing. It can help bring you back into yourself when you're going through something really difficult.

Perfect for big stuff like break-ups, losing your job, moving country, or just trying to get through any other tough and big change - internal or external.


2. Zebra Jasper - Justice

Zebra Jasper is an awesome grounding and balancing stone.

When we're going through change of any kind it can be really easy to get mega floaty. Having your roots totally ripped out from beneath you sucks. This stone connects with your root and earth star chakra to reconnect those roots, and helps you to balance your chakras and masculine and feminine energies.


3. Botswana Agate - Ace of Cups

A bit of Botswana Agate is very good for soothing the soul and helping you feel calm and chill.

In times of change we can get pretty stressed out and anxious! Botswana Agate has a cool, kind and relaxing vibe which makes it perfect for those moments when you start to feel mega frazzled about your path forward from here. Very good for helping you stay in the now and helping you to fill that cup! Recharge your batteries with Botswana Agate!


4. Amethyst - The High Priestess

I love Amethyst for a violet flame transmutation Saint Germain kind of vibe.

Meditate with your amethyst and visualise yourself in the crystal, with the violet flame around you transmuting all the old and making way for the new.

Amethyst is also great for connecting with your inner knowing which makes making plans and moving forward all that much easier.


5. Tektite - The Star

A little out of left field with this one, but it was like "Vix, Vix! Include me!" so I was like OK little guy!

Tektite is an interesting stone because it's super grounding but it also helps you to open up to the universe, to your ET guides, to the realisation and awe of just how massive everything is.

I mean, start Googling NASA pictures and your mind will be blown in no time. Sometimes when we are going through changes and transitions we are so zoomed in on our own stuff that we forget about the bigger picture. Tektites can  help you put it all in perspective


If you're going through a transition and want some help to navigate through it all you can grab a reading with me here.

With love, light and crystal temple healing vibes,