Girl Crush Pyjama Party with Sarah Starrs

Sarah Starrs Girl Crush Pyjama Party with Vix New Age Hipster x

The gorgeous Sarah Starrs popped over for a PJ Party this week and it was so much fun! :D

Sarah is the creator and host of the Girl Gang Conversations Podcast which is a super real, honest and mega inspiring soundtrack for your commute, Pinterest pinning, Himalayan salt bath, making dinner or whatever else you like to do while you listen to killer podcasts!

Sarah also runs one of the coolest groups on FB; Girl Gang HQ which is definitely worth checking out if you're into all things female empowerment! 


OMG I'm so excited to have you here at my party, how excited are you?!

I’m so excited! Thank you for having me; a fun, girly night in is my absolute favourite!


What kind of music are we going to have at the pyjama party?

The cheesier the better! Let’s belt it out to 80s pop and revisit all of the boy bands from when we were growing up.


I'm going to wear my Hello Kitty PJs, what pyjamas are you going to wear?

I’m obsessed with vintage loungewear so I’m wearing a full-length, pink chiffon nightgown and satin, floral robe!


You put my Hello Kitty PJ’s to shame! What fun make up or beauty products are in your overnight bag?

I’m a huge fan of making my own natural skincare products so I’ve brought us homemade avocado coconut milk face masks, as well as a bag of glittery, technicoloured nail varnishes so we can do mani pedis while our skin is being refreshed!


Who does your hair?

I get it cut by the lovely Leia at Rockalily Cuts in London but I dye it myself. It’s been every colour of the rainbow but is currently close to my natural colour (Feria by L'Oreal in Espresso ;) )


And what hairstyle would you have if you could have anything? (I'd totally have an 80's perm!)

I’ve ALWAYS had short hair so I’d love to try having long, mermaid locks! Although I can almost guarantee I’d get frustrated with how high maintenance it is and chop it all off.


Where do you get all those cute outfits you’re always wearing?

I’m a total thrift store junkie - I’ve always had really eclectic style and I absolutely love hunting for a bargain. Plus, I figure it’s the most environmentally-friendly way to stay stylish. I’ve also become obsessed with the Depop app for when I want something really specific so that I can find it secondhand. The clothing that I get new is usually from a store in my hometown in Canada called From Mars. They stock amazing, independent designers from North America and Europe!


So like, how do you make money to pay for those cool pyjamas and all your awesome clothes and make up and stuff?

My “day job” (which I usually do from the couch in my pyjamas) is as a virtual assistant. I work with amazing female entrepreneurs behind-the-scenes to keep their businesses running smoothly. I take care of all the tech-y and admin bits so that they can stay in their zone of genius, doing the work they were sent here to do.

I used to work as a freelance writer and writing is still my main passion, but I decided to take the burden of my financial stability off of my creativity. But I am writing a book …shhhh…

And I host a podcast, called The Girl Gang Conversations! Every week I interview an inspiring woman about the nitty gritty of how she lives with passion and purpose. We dive deep into our journeys, the obstacles we’ve overcome, what’s working for us, and what isn’t. We’re totally honest about what we’re learning, what our daily rituals look like, and what we’re struggling with. We don’t shy away from the hard stuff and we really go into it all: spirituality, personal development, magic, routines, career, friendship, relationships, sexuality, and so much more. It really isn’t about preachy self-help or self-improvement. It’s about self-acceptance and talking about the things that matter to us. Honest conversation is so healing and I want to create space for women to be radically real about their lives.


How did you get that job?

It’s been a very non-linear path! I’ve worked as a magazine editor, freelance writer, in the charitable sector, and I had a life coaching business. What ultimately led me to becoming a virtual assistant was wanting to strike the right balance of fulfilling work, utilizing my skills, and designing the lifestyle I desire. I love the work that I do; it gives me flexible hours, and I have set things up so I have time each day to work on my creative projects - which are really crucial components for me.


What fun stuff do you like doing on school nights?

Sometimes we’ll go out to meet friends for dinner but often I like using my evenings to recharge at home, cuddling with my husband and our cat, Hagrid. Cooking is a favourite past time of mine so I’ll make something yummy (Tuesday is always for tacos in our house!) and we’ll usually watch something on Netflix afterwards (we’re currently making our way through Call the Midwife). Later on, I like a little bit of time to myself to do yoga, meditate, take a bath, read a book, or write in my journal…just something to unwind and reconnect with myself. We always have some cuddle time in bed before going to sleep (because cuddles are the best, obvs!)


How about on the weekend?

My weekends tend to be pretty varied. I love visiting markets, going on adventures in the city, visiting friends, taking long walks, attending workshops, and when we can, going on mini city breaks! Of course we also have to get stuff done around the house. Matthew does most of the cleaning and I get our food prepped for the week. We have started a weekly date night tradition which I think is really wonderful for staying connected. And I always carve out some sacred me-time, in order to connect in with myself and plan the week ahead.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’d love to spend most of my time writing books and leading the occasional workshop or retreat!


I'm getting hungry, what's your favourite pyjama party food and beverages?

Let’s order Thai food for dinner - I’ll get spring rolls and massaman curry! A classic Canadian sleepover food is Ruffles chips with French onion dip so let’s snack on that later with a big glass of root beer.


Favourite pizza topping?

Oh man, will you hate me if I tell you I’m not crazy about pizza? But when I do occasionally crave it, it’s always thin crust with lots of cheese :)


What movies and TV shows are we going to watch?

Let’s keep it really witchy with The Craft, Practical Magic, and countless reruns of Charmed. So fun!


Do you have a favourite teen movie?!

Do I have to choose just one?! Clueless, Empire Records, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Breakfast Club, Mean Girls…they’re all so good!


OMG what was that noise?! :O Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one?

I really go back and forth on this one, if I’m honest but I think I do. I’ve had an experience of sensing my late grandfather’s energy in the car with me and I think it’s possible that our spirits do linger after death. He did say that if he was able to he would come back and haunt us!


Have you ever had any other cool paranormal encounters?

When I was a teenager I woke up in the night to hear a pretty intense shaking sound moving through our house and when I got up the next day a whole bunch of stuff was knocked down in my bathroom. Perhaps there was another explanation but it really spooked me!


What do you think happens when we die?

I think we return to the Earth. Our energy ceases to be the separate entity of our body and is recycled back into the eternal cycles of death and rebirth.


Who do you think you were in a past life?

I’m so curious about this because it’s something I’ve wondered about but I don’t really have a clear sense of. Perhaps it’s time to book in for a past life regression!


I’m always available for a past life reading! :D

What time do you usually go to bed?

During the week I’m usually in bed between 10 and 10:30 with the lights out at 11. On the weekends I’ll push it closer to midnight (although not always). I’m firmly behind the saying that sleep is a spiritual practice! I’m so grumpy if I’ve had a bad night’s sleep.


What should we do tomorrow?

I’d love to share my favourite movement practice - Qoya - with you! I’m currently training to become a Qoya teacher - it’s such a beautiful, transformative practice. Afterwards, let’s make a yummy, veggie-rif-ic breakfast, take a long walk, and visit a crystal shop to pick up some new glittery beauties!


Sounds perfect!  Who's your girl crush?!

So many! But Kathleen Hanna for sure. I was obsessed with Bikini Kill when I was younger and her fierceness, creativity, and integrity are just so inspiring. She was such a radical pioneer for women of our generation and for opening up conversations around female pleasure and bending gender norms. If you aren’t familiar with her work, definitely check out The Punk Story on Netflix. Her story is incredible!


Because you are so girl-crush-worthy probably lots of other girls and boys are going to want you at their pyjama parties too. How can they find you?!

If you head over to you can check out my weekly blog posts and listen to the podcast, or even pop me an e-mail if you’d like! I also run a Facebook called Girl Gang HQ where we continue the conversations that happen on the podcast. I’d love to hang out with you over there!


Thank you so much for coming over Sarah! We should do it again soon!

With love, light and popcorn,