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Mary Magdalene Tarot or Oracle Spread

Mary Magdalene Tarot Spread

On this, Mary Magdalene’s feast day, I thought it would be a powerful time for us to connect with the energy of the Magdalene.

And if you would like to learn more about the Magdalene path or connect with other Magdalenes you are so very welcome to come join us in the Gathering of the Magdalenes group on Facebook. :)

As always, you can use this spread with tarot cards, oracle or angel cards, or if you don’t have a deck you can simply use the card positions as journal prompts.

1. Your current relationship with the divine

This card will give you some insight into your current relationship with the divine, God, the universe, source, the God of your own understanding. You may also see guidance here on how you can connect deeper.

2. Your discipleship - a message about your teachers, lessons and growth

Here you’ll see whatever you need to know about your spiritual discipleship. You may see messages about your current teachers, teachers to call in, paths to explore or current lessons you are working on.

3. How to be of service and share your love, light and teachings to others

A big part of the Magdalene path is about sharing your love and light in the world in whatever way feels right for you. This card will help you see how you can best be of service to others at this time.

4. A personal message from Mary Magdalene

Here you’ll receive a message from Mary Magdalene herself. If you have a specific question on your heart you can ask her for her guidance here.

5. A personal message from your own inner sanctuary

Here you will connect with your own inner world, heart space and inner knowing to receive a message from within.

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With so much love and light,



Christian Witch Tarot or Oracle Spread

Christian Witch Tarot Spread

My post WTF is a Christian Witch has been viewed nearly 20k times this last year. It’s amazing to me how many people out there are vibing with this idea of being both a little bit witchy and a little bit Jesus-y.

I mostly just wrote that post as a way to process some of my own thoughts on the topic, so it’s kind of amazing to see just how many people resonated with it!

It was kind of a big deal to come out on the internet and tell everyone I’m a Christian Witch. Many of us are still hiding out a little bit, and that’s totally OK. Some of us are in the church, some of us are in covens, some of us (like me) have wondered off both paths and begun creating some weird winding path that goes between the two.

It can be a tricky path to navigate. The peeps on each side tend not to really get your other side.

And as someone who digs both the world of woo and witchcraft as well as being a bit of a Jesus freak it can be tough trying to blend your belief systems and make it work in a way that doesn’t feel conflicting.

So I made this tarot or oracle spread to help anyone who identifies as a Christian Witch, Christo-Pagan, whatever you want to call yourself or anyone who has a blended belief system to help you get a little more centred in your own beliefs and how to stand strong in who you are and what you believe.

You can use tarot, oracle, angel cards, or you could even try out your Jesus deck! :D

1. Where you're at on your Christian Witch journey

This is really just a check-in point to see how things are going for you on your personal magical path of faith.

2. How to stand strong in your own personal belief system

It is not always easy to stand in your power when your beliefs don’t fit in with what everyone else is doing, the message here will help you to know what you need to do to stay strong and grounded in your own truth and love.

3. How to honour and connect with the Goddess/Divine Feminine

You can specifically call in your deity of choice here (perhaps a message from Mother Mary or Mary Magdalene) or simply call on the divine mother. This card may show you how to honour and connect or may even give you some guidance as how to work with this energy too.

4. How to honour and connect with Jesus/Divine Masculine

Call on JC or a masculine energy of your choice. This card may also offer you some guidance when it comes to embodying the divine masculine in your own life.

5. How to find peace in your own heart

Something many of us Christian Witches struggle with is just feeling like we’re on the right path (for us!) and all is well. This card will give you some insight into how to trust and rest in your own heart space and faith.

6. How to connect deeper through prayer and/or spell work

Here you’ll receive some guidance about how to connect even deeper with your path through prayer or spell work. You may see here a way to connect deeper, something to focus on or even your next step.

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With so much love, light and magic,



Sex Education Tarot or Oracle Spread

Sex Education Tarot Spread

OK gorgeous souls, here’s a spread for when you want to get some clarity on your sex education.

Have you been watching Sex Education on Netflix? It’s brilliant.

It’s like a John Hughes movie and a witty British teen arthouse rom com got it on and had a baby.

If you’re looking for a bit of sex therapy and you have a deck of tarot or oracle cards handy then this one is for you!

sex education

Card one: Where are you at with your sex education?

This card will give you an idea of where you’re at on your path right now when it comes to your own sexual education.

Card two: What have you learned?

It’s always important to celebrate your wins! What wonderful sexual wisdom have you gained so far?

Card three: What are you learning right now?

What are you learning about yourself and your sexuality at this time?

Card four: What will be your next lesson?

What’s next in store for you on your sexual educational journey?

Card five: how can you graduate this class and stand in your sexual power?

Here you’ll find some advice about how you can fully own this class and graduate with honours!

If you want to share your reading on Instagram, be sure to tag me so I can find you and say hey! @newagehipster333

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With so much love, light and learning,



Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Tarot or Oracle Spread

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Tarot Spread

If you’re a bit witchy and you have Netflix, you’ve probably been binging Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. If you haven’t, go and do it right now. It’s bloody brilliant!

As a 90’s teenager I was a huge fan of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I had blonde hair back then and I pretty much thought I was Melissa Joan Hart. And although I miss talking Salem, I’m loving this super dark and creepy update!

I created this spread to help you tune into your own witchiness, your inner Sabrina and to help you balance both light and dark within.

When I did the spread for myself it was epic! I got all majors and some powerful messages! :o This isn’t just a quirky pop culture tarot spread, this really works to help you tune in!

So go grab your deck - Tarot, Oracle, Angel, whatever, and let’s get reading!

1. Your spiritual abilities that are awakening

What natural spiritual talents are surfacing? What spiritual superpowers are ready to be uncovered? What’s awakening within you? Maybe it’s not your sixteenth birthday, but there are always new spiritual abilities to develop!

2. Protection message (who/what has your back?)

This could be a message about protection - e.g, how to protect your energy, your home and your magic, or it could be a message about who or what has your back. Sabrina has many good friends but there are also some peeps out there who maybe don’t have her best intentions at heart. This card can help you see clearly who has your back and how to protect your magic.

3. What are you resurrecting?

What in your life is feeling a little slate or dry that needs some love and attention? What parts of yourself have been hidden? This card could mean so many different things for you, but this is not about literally resurrecting a body, K Sabrina?

4. What needs to stay buried?

What in your life is finished? What are you releasing and letting go? What is done and buried? What is definitely not ever coming back? Remember no good can come from digging up the past.

5. How you can you balance the light and dark within you?

Luckily most of us don’t have to choose between the path of night or the path of light and we get to explore both dark and light aspects of ourselves. This card can give you some guidance on how to balance both the light and dark parts of you.

6. How can you balance the spiritual and the mortal aspects of yourself?

It’s hard being half witch and half mortal sometimes. This card can give you some insight into how to balance the spiritual and the 3D human aspects of ourselves so we can navigate our lives with more ease.

If you share your readings on Instagram please tag me so I can come say hi!

With so much love, light and witchiness,




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Solstice Tarot Spread for Transformation

Solstice spread for transformation (2).png

Wherever you are, whether you are moving into light or dark, the solstice is a powerful time for transformation.

The solstice marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. It’s a time when the earth shifts, and when the planet you live on is in shift, it’s going to have an affect on you too!

I love the solstice as a time of reflection, of looking back at the cycle that was and honouring my journey from there to here. I think about what I want to let go of, what I want to release and what I want to call in as we move into the new cycle.

The solstice is the in-between, we are no longer in the energy of the old cycle and we have not yet started the new, and that’s a powerful time to consider your own transformation, to honour who you’ve been and who you are becoming!

You can use this spread at the winter or summer solstice and you can use any cards you have, tarot, oracle, angel, Uno, whatever! :)

Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram if you share your reading so I can come say hey and if you want to share your readings come join us in the Spiritual Journey Pitstop group on Facebook!

Oh, and if you dig this spread, check out my free e-book Tarot Spreads You Can’t Live Without! :D

Here’s one I made earlier with the   Moonchild Tarot   x

Here’s one I made earlier with the Moonchild Tarot x

Card one: You are here

This card is a check-in point for where you are as you move into the energy of the solstice.

Card two: Challenges overcome

Here you’ll see what challenges you’ve overcome in this last cycle. Honour how far you’ve come and the work you’ve done!

Card three: What is now complete

This is a message about what is finished, what is done, what is fully laid to rest and won’t be coming with you into the next cycle.

Card four: The key to your transformation

What is the thing that will help you unlock this transformation and move into the new?

Card five: Inner transformation

What within you is transforming? This could be anything from mindset, beliefs, old ways of being and seeing yourself, or it could be something else shifting in your energy.

Card six: Outer transformation

What outer transformation is taking place? How will others see you differently? What is changing in your outside world?

Card seven: How to embody this transformation

Going through a big transformation is not easy, and you may need to take some time to adjust to the new energies. This card will give you some insight on how you can begin to anchor this transformation and all it brings with it into your being.

With so much love, light and solstice blessings for transformation!



Birthday Tarot Spread

Birthday Tarot Spread

It's my birthday tomorrow! Wahooo!

Birthdays are such important celebrations.

It's a chance to look at how far you've come, what you've achieved and learned and how much you've grown into the amazing person you are!

It's also a brilliant opportunity to celebrate yourself, your life, everything you have and everything you are.

And of course, most birthdays don't go by without some kind of pondering on where you're heading next.

On your birthday take some time to honour your journey with this tarot spread. I'll be doing it for myself tomorrow and then I'll be heading into Camden, London for dirty vegan burgers, beers and vintage shopping! :D

PS - if it's not actually your birthday, it's still OK to do this reading, especially if you feel like you need a bit of a check in! x


1. Birthday message from your ancestors/passed over loved ones

Your ancestors and loved ones in spirit are always with you big time on your birthday. This card will be a message from them.

2. Lessons learned in the last year

Birthdays are an important time to take stock, to notice how much you've learned and grown.

3. What has been healed and released

We often hang onto things via an energetic imprint long after they have been healed and cleared. What can you finally let go of today?

4. Missions accomplished

What part of your life purpose can you tick off today?

5. Theme of this year

Moving into this next year, this card can give you an idea of some of the energy you'll be working with and focused on.

6. Guides/energies to call in and work with

New guides may appear for you today, or old guides might want to step forward. See who/what would be good for you to call in here.

7. How to honour and celebrate yourself today

Today is all about celebrating your life! This card will give you some ideas on how to do that.

8. Mission for this year

Your mission as you move ahead into the next 12 months...

9. How to accomplish this mission

And here you'll find some advice and support on how to move forward on the next part of your mission!


With so much love and light,




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Tarot Spreads You Can't Live Without New Age Hipster

Five of Wands Spread for Times of Conflict

times of conflict tarot spread by New Age Hipster

This blog post is brought to you as part of the International Tarot Day 2017 blog hop! :D Brought to you by the gorgeous Bree at Nym's Divination.

To hop through all 78 cards check the links at the bottom of this post. x

Here on New Age Hipster we're hanging out with the Five of Wands, the good ole' conflict card.

Feeling like this? This spread is for you! :D x

Feeling like this? This spread is for you! :D x

I dunno how you read Tarot, but I like my readings to be empowering, and sometimes when this card comes up in a reading I feel a little dis-empowered. A card that shows you that things are totally not aligned right now. Cool guides, but I'm more interested in knowing how I can align myself and move through conflict than just seeing that it's there

This spread can help you when you have some conflict popping up in your life, but it can also be used to help you open up your readings when the Five of Wands comes up.

If you're a newbie and you're not sure what I mean by "open up your readings" it's basically when you focus on one of the cards a spread by pulling more cards about that card. It's a great way to really dive deep into your stuff, and great for when a card kind of throws you or you just want more guidance.

You can use this spread for both conflicts in the outer world and conflicts within yourself.

So go grab yourself a deck of cards, your Tarot journal and a cuppa and let's get stuck in! :D

Here's one I made earlier with the Hanson Roberts Tarot x

Here's one I made earlier with the Hanson Roberts Tarot x


I like to start this spread by placing the Five of Wands at the bottom, whether I'm opening up from the card or not, just as a bit of a signifier but you can do whatever floats your boat.


Card one: what is the foundation of this conflict?

This card will give you an idea of where the conflict came from and what the roots of this conflict really are. Oftentimes what you're fighting about is really not "the thing" right?


Card two: what part have you played in this conflict?

Oh, we all like to think we are blameless in these situations, but even if we're mostly blameless there are always things we perhaps could've done differently. Taking some responsibility for your part is powerful and will help you move through conflict with grace.


Card three: what is the lesson to be learned?

Conflict can be one of our greatest teachers. When we allow ourselves to learn through challenges we can actually move through them much quicker!


Card four: how can this conflict be resolved?

What do you need to do to resolve this conflict? Maybe you need to take some action to smooth things over, maybe the action you need to take is walk away. This card will let you know!


Card five: how can you avoid this kind of conflict in the future?

This card will give you some advice on how you can avoid seeing the Five of Wands again for a while! :D


You can find a list of all my other spreads over here and if you'd like to hook up a session with me you can hit the shop here.


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Happy International Tarot Day! :D

With love, light and conflict resolution,



Venus Retrograde Spread for Tarot or Oracle x

Venus Retrograde Tarot Spread

Happy Venus Retrograde lovers! :D

So wtf actually is Venus Retrograde? Well, it's when Venus appears to be going backwards in the sky. You know how when Mercury goes Retrograde it throws a whole bunch of light on what's going on in the communication areas of our lives? Well, Venus is kind of like that but it throws light on the stuff we love.

Stuff concerning Love and Money are the main things that come to the surface during a Venus Retrograde, and I always find that usually it's stuff that is ready to be cleared.

It's an awesome time to let go of exes and past crushes, to do some work on your own money/abundance stuff and the thing I love best about Venus Retro, is it always highlights to me what I really value and care about.

So I created this really simple spread to help you to work out what you value, and how to reconnect to the things you appreciate and love the most.

Grab yourself a tea in a unicorn mug and a deck of cards (tarot, oracle, newagehipster instaoracle or whatever!) and let's do this!

The Shadowscapes Tarot, one of my all time faves. x

The Shadowscapes Tarot, one of my all time faves. x

CARD ONE: where's your heart at?

Venus retrograde will show you what's going on in your heart in a big, big way. This card will  help you to work out where you are, what's on your heart and if you have any blocks or challenges in this area.

I got the Ace of Swords (current stalker card!) and to me this is all about feeling into the new power energy coming in, but also blending my heart and mind stuff.


CARD TWO: what are your subconscious values?

Sometimes we really aren't aware of what we value. We might be saying we value one thing, but actually, when we dig a little deeper we find out there's a lot more going on!

I got the Queen of Pentacles. This was pretty big! I always like to pride myself on not really being focused on cash money, but this reminds me that actually, I do really value financial abundance and security, perhaps more than I realise at times!


CARD THREE: what do you no longer value?

Values change. What you value now will probably be very different to what you most valued a few years ago and that's usually a good thing! 

I got the Page of Wands and to me this feels like a hello from some of my old values around being seen, dancing on the podium in the club and getting the lead in the school play. While I still value being seen, I feel like I now value being heard and being understood a lot more than just being "seen".


CARD FOUR: what do you *think* you value?

Ooooh, this can bring up some stuff! Sometimes what we think we value is not what we value at all!

I got the Five of Wands. A little bit of a weird one in this position, but what I get from this is that I *think* I value competition, hustle, having things to do, things to deal with and rushing around being cray busy. I don't really value that stuff, what I do value is a chill life.  *Jaw drop. Totes.


CARD FIVE: how can you best reconnect with what you value and love most?

This card will help you to connect to what is really important to you in the here and now.

I got the Hierophant here. This feels a bit like teaching what you know. I can reconnect to what I love by helping others to reconnect to what they love. Naaw!


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With love, light and loved up Venus vibes,



PS - all my other spreads can be found here.

Dealing with the haters spread for tarot or oracle cards

Dealing with the haters tarot spread

Urgh, who here has ever had to deal with a hater? *Puts hand up.

The more you put yourself and your light out there the more haters seem to pop up to try to pull you off your magical unicorn.

So not cool.

Here's a spread you can use when you're feeling totally bummed by the haters.

Grab your Tarot, Oracle, Unicorn or Snap cards and let's do it!

Here's my own spread with the   NewAgeHipster InstaOracle   x

Here's my own spread with the NewAgeHipster InstaOracle x

Card one: why has this hater affected you?

Some days haters will not bother us at all, we can barely even notice them. Other days it's like we're being thrown daggers and whatever we do, we can't dodge them.

This card will help you to work out why this particular hater has gotten under your skin.

I got Veggie Burger. This feels like my hater is affecting me because it makes me feel like I'm not free or safe to make my own choices without judgement.


card two: what truth do you need to see?

When we look deeper we can usually see there's so much more to situations than "that person hates me". Sometimes we need to see a truth about ourselves, sometimes we need to see a truth about the other person involved.

I got Path. The truth I need to see relates to me staying on the path and not running off to chase haters and get mega distracted, so much so I might even get lost! Yikes!


card three: how can you reconnect to your own heart space?

Dealing with haters can bring up all the emotions, especially stuff happening in your chest and heart space. This card will show you what you need to know in order to reconnect with with your heart.

I got Light. 'Nuff said really. White light heart chakra clear out stat!


card four: how can you call back your power now and in the future?

Haters can make us feel really dis-empowered. Ick. This card will help you to begin to move back to your own power in the now, and also give you some advice on what you can do next time you encounter a hater.

I got Donuts. For me this is all about choices. It is my choice how I deal with the haters in my life. I can get mad and sad and eat all the donuts, or I can maybe just sit with one donut and a decaf coffee, have a bit of a moan and then let it go and move on.


card five: how to overcome, let go and move on

Ah  yes, if it only it were really that easy... well maybe it is! This card will give you some high level guidance on how you can overcome this situation and move on with your day, and your life.

I got Home. This feels to me like literally - "go home"! This feels like both a literal going home, getting safe on my couch and watching a John Hughes movie, or calling my folks, but also it's a message to connect with my inner home and my spirit family.


If you wanna share your spreads head on over to the Tarot Nerds Facebook group or tag me in your pics on Instagram so I can find you!

With love, light and dealing with the haters,



Imbolc Tarot Spread for connecting with Brigid

Imbolc tarot spread

Imbolc is an amazing time of the year. It's all about those cold days with just a hint of spring in the air.

The days get slightly longer and the inspiration to get moving on your goals kicks in again.

This spread can be used at Imbolc, or anytime you'd like to connect to the Goddess, The Goddess Brigid, or just reconnect to your own inner flame.

Any cards work with this, double up your tarot or oracle or try out your affirmation cards! Celtic themed cards will give an extra zing! ;)


CARD ONE: An offering to the goddess Brigid

Read this card intuitively. Sometimes an offering is a physical item you can leave out for Brigid, or it may be an offering of a different kind - lighting a candle or incense, an energy exchange of some kind, donating to charity. Go with whatever you get here.


CARD TWO: Darkness to leave behind

As the days become longer the darkness lessens. Just like we release on the full moon, this is a great time to leave something behind. What darkness are you carrying around that you'd like to release as the light comes in?


CARD THREE: A message from the Goddess

A message here from Brigid herself! :O


CARD FOUR: Embracing the fire goddess within

Here you will find a message about connecting with your inner Brigid at this time. What do you need to do to connect to your inner fire, strength, passion and power?


Feel free to come and share your readings on Tarot Nerds, or take a piccy and tag me on Instagram!

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With so much love, light and hints of spring,