Protection, Fear + Judgement

Protection, Fear + Judgement by Vix at New Age Hipster x

Do you actually need to protect your energy? Or does thinking you need to protect yourself just breed fear? 

Whatever your answer is to this question is totally fine with me, and as always, you are so welcome to agree or disagree with any of what I'm about to say.

I am not here to tell you what is right or wrong, what to do or not do. I think we all find different ways to work with our own energy that works for us.

I'm just here offering up some of my own thoughts in the hopes that if you feel confused about protecting yourself, or if you even need to do it you may find this post helpful.


What is protection? 

Protecting my energy is about preventing me from picking up on everyone else's stuff, negative energies, entities or whatever else is out there. 

I resonate as an Empath, which means I feel like a bit of an energy sponge. I pick up on other people's energy and when I don't protect myself being around others (no matter how shiny they are), hanging out in certain places or even hanging out on social media can exhaust the heck out of me. 

Learning how to protect my energy put a pep back in my step and helped me to get out of my own pits of doom and gloom because I began to identify the real cause of my moodiness and tiredness. Most of the time it just wasn't even my stuff. Sometimes it is my stuff, but your own stuff is so much lighter to carry around all day than a whole busload of energetic backpacks.

Protecting my energy honestly turned my whole life around. When I stopped letting other stuff get to me I had more time, energy and my intuition was better.


What's with the whole protection/fear thing?

Some folks have this idea that protection is fear based and that peeps who use protection are scared of negative energy. It's suggested that having the belief that negativity can harm you and then protecting yourself from that actually enhances these beliefs and fear.

The idea here is that if you have the belief you need to be protected you are living in fear.

If that's what you resonate with, awesome.

But it can be dangerous to assume that everyone who uses protection tools as part of their daily spiritual practice is living in fear.

In fact, it can be dangerous to assume anything about anyone else's spiritual practice and beliefs at all. 


If this is what energy protection looks like, I'm all for it! :D

If this is what energy protection looks like, I'm all for it! :D

Can you protect yourself without getting into fear? 

Heck yeah! Protecting my energy is no more fear based than locking the door at night or taking an umbrella out in the rain.

I don't live in fear of intruders in my house. I'm pretty sure you aren't even covered by insurance if you don't lock your door at night. 

And I definitely don't look out at the rain and get into fear about it. I just think - oh, better take an umbrella. 

For most people who protect their energy this is what it's like. It's like getting in the car and putting on a seat belt. Wearing sunglasses when it's bright out, taking a coat out with you in winter to protect you from the elements.

If you don't want to get pregnant you use contraception right? If you don't want to pick up energetic stuff on the tube, get your energy condom on. 


Can protection put you in fear?

Yes. It is totally possible to get way too caught in protecting your energy that it makes you freak out.

If you're unable to leave the house without your black onyx you may want to have a look into what's going on there.

If you are feeling freaked out about energies around you have a chat with someone, get a reading, or come hang out in the Spiritual Journey Pitstop group for some support

If you feel fine when you don't protect your energy, but feel fear creep in when you do, then maybe protecting yourself energetically isn't something you need to do right now.

If you suffer from anxiety you may find it's difficult to protect your energy without letting a whole bunch of fear based thoughts in. Do what you need to do, see your doctor, a therapist or whatever feels right for you.


Why does this divide the community? 

Most people I've met in the new age and spiritual communities are so loving and kind and supportive and respectful, but then there are some topics that divide us, and this seems to be one of them. 

There is no right or wrong to the protection debate. Just different strokes for different folks. 

If you feel good protecting your energy like I do, then carry on doing it. If it doesn't vibe with you, that's cool too!


If you're looking for practical tips on how to protect your energy you can download my totally free e-book How to Stay Shiny or come and join me at Woo Woo School for an energy intensive! :D

With so much love and light,



Empath in the big city

Being an empath can be super hard, especially in the big city!

I used to live in London and I absolutely loved it, I still do love it! But recently I've been living in Skegness just a tiny little seaside town with not a lot going on. So heading back into London this weekend for Hay House's Ignite conference and a workshop with Jennifer Cain was like WOAH! So much energy!

An Empath is basically just any person who feels all the vibes. You feel other people's vibes and get uber exhausted and stressed out from being around so many other peeps! Or at least until you work out how to protect your own energy!

As an empath, I totally know how it feels to go out shopping on Oxford Street and then needing like a hundred showers and a week under the doona to recover!

But I've discovered so many awesome ways to sort out my energy and my day so I can live in, or visit the big city! I can now totally spend a whole day hanging out at Lush, searching the sale racks at Urban Outfitters and grabbing some lovely ethical beauty bits at Boots!


Protect your energy before you go out

However you do it is totes fine - visualisations, calling on the angels, whatever floats your tug boat. Just make sure you set the intention to be protected from other people's stuff when you're out and about and trust that you totally will be, and you will be!



Obviously you're gonna wanna take some crystals with you right? Pop 'em in your pocket, around your neck, in your bra or in your bag. Or all of the above!

I like to take my more hardcore protective stones on a day out in the big city. Apache Tears, Obsidian, and I also have started keeping a little selenite in my phone case for emergency clearing by just giving it a little rub! :D


Use the mantra - "not my stuff"

Or your version of it. 

When someone hits you with their Topshop bag, or barges past you to grab to the last golden egg, remember this is not a reflection on you as a person. This is not your stuff

Aggressive shoppers do not hate you, they do not pick you out of a crowd and think "I hate that chic" and make a beeline towards making your life hell. They are just on a journey that's a bit different. They will be aggressive to you, and the next person, and then the next. 

That's not your stuff. How you react is your stuff though. 

When someone tries to take your eye out with an umbrella or steps on your converse just say in your head "not my stuff". 


Toilet breaks

Going to the toilet is the best. When you start feeling tired, grumpy, stressed or whatever head for the toilets and re-group. I like to go in the cubical and take some deep breaths. Re-do my energetic protection stuff and centre. It makes such a difference!

I highly recommend department store toilets over the ones that you have to pay 30p for. Much nicer vibes. 



Pop your headphones on and crank some high vibe tunes. A bit of Kylie, Taylor Swift or Chvrches should sort you out. 

Be sure to watch out for traffic though! :o


Have a beer with lunch

OK, so this one doesn't sound that woo. But honestly, having a beer with lunch and then doing the shopping certainly makes you less susceptible to bad vibes.

But also remember that for many of us this also blocks your intuition and stuff too, so if you're going crystal shopping, maybe don't have a beer first! 

You know, unless beer actually heightens your psychic ability, in which case do what you need to do. *Shrugs!* 


Or Find somewhere quiet to eat

If you're not going for a beer and veggie burger, try and find somewhere quiet to eat. There are so many places to eat in the city, but the ones off the main road are usually quieter.

In London there are about a thousand Prets. The food is cheap and good and if you head to one of the stores on the side street they are usually much more chill and haven't run out of cheesy mac with kale! 



We can get into this thing where we think we need to protect ourselves so much that we start seeing other people and their stuff as "the enemy". Protect yourself fo'sure, but don't put up so many walls that you miss out on connecting with other humans! Don't close down and miss a chat with the cool chic making your coffee or a chance encounter with a boy in the vintage clothing boutique! 


So there you have it! Your Empaths guide to Oxford Street, London! LOL!

To find out more about protecting your energy you can check out my totally free e-book - How to Stay Shiny!

And puhlease share any other tips and tricks you use when you're out and about in the city in the comments below! :D

With love, light and super shiny shopping trips!



Crystals for The Autism Spectrum

Crystals for Autism, Aspergers, Autism spectrum

Apart from all this woo woo stuff that I do, I also have a background in working with children on the Autism Spectrum. Amazing souls who, for whatever reason, struggle more than most of us on this earth plane.

I do not dare to suggest for a moment that working with crystals is going to cure you, someone you know, or your child from Autism. But if you feel yourself drawn to the idea of using crystals yourself, with those on the Autism spectrum, or if you work or live with people with Autism or Aspergers, I hope that this post will give you some guidance on both which crystals to choose and what to do with them once you have them home.


Crystals to use:

<3 Light blue or medium blue crystals - light blue is the colour of the throat chakra and for many on the spectrum communicating with others is a huge struggle. Light blue stones may help to calm anxiety around communication difficulties or even assist with communication capabilities. Some stones include: Kyanite, Angelite, Celestite, Sodalite,Turquoise, Amazonite, Blue Lace Agate or any other blue stones you can find and are drawn to.

<3 Green crystals - green is a very healing and grounding colour and many green stones have healing properties that may help with creating a feeling of calm. Try Green Calcite, Emerald, Malachite, Adventurine or any other green stone you like the look of!

<3 Clear Quartz - a good for everything crystal that you really can't go wrong with. It's great for clearing energies and may be particularly good for those on the spectrum who find themselves feeling very foggy or confused.

<3 Amethyst - a beautiful purple stone which can help to connect you spiritually as well as being a calming and peaceful stones. Also good for headaches (yours and theirs!).

<3 Grounding stones - as people on the spectrum are usually very much in their heads grounding stones can be useful in helping them to get their feet on the ground and connect with the earth. Obsidian, Smoky Quartz, Apache Tears, Black Tourmaline and any other dark coloured stones are great for helping all of us to get back into our bodies and out of the clouds. These stones are also very good for protecting ourselves and our own energy. Put a piece in your child's pocket at school so that they don't come home with anyone else's emotional "stuff". If you yourself are on the spectrum you may find it useful to wear a grounding stone as a necklace, and if you work with or spend a lot of time with people with Autism you may find that a grounding stone can keep you balanced too!

<3 Choose your own stones intuitively! If you are able to, take your child or just yourself along to a new age or crystal store and see which crystals you are drawn to. Quite often I am drawn to crystals I know nothing about, and later when I look them up, I find that they are exactly what I needed. Browse the store quietly and without too much thought and choose the crystals that appeal to you most, or let your child decide. If you can't take your child into a shop like this, choose a few different gems yourself and then see which ones your child is drawn to when you bring them home.



<3 Any high vibrational crystals! Many people on the spectrum are already very high vibrational and what we want to do is help bring that energy into their bodies, we don't want to send them further away. Try to avoid things like - Aqua Aura, Angel Aura, anything incredibly shiny or colourful, anything man made such as Opalite or any of the other Aura Crystals.

<3 If you or your child is particularly drawn to the high vibrational stones (and you/they probably will be!) try your best to keep your use of them to a minimum!!

A gem elixir for grounding

How to use your crystals:

If you yourself are going to be using these stones you can:

<3 Put them in your pocket and run your hand over them any time you need to during the day.

<3 Sit quietly while watching TV or listening to music and just hold your crystal.

<3 Meditate and place the crystal on your throat, heart or any place on your body that feels right. You may even just like to hold your crystal while you close your eyes.

<3 Put an amethyst next to your bed to help with sleeping

<3 When you feel very far away and not at all in your body grab your grounding stone and go for a walk outside or just take your shoes off and feel the earth.

If you are using your crystals with children you can:

<3 Create all sorts of games and play with the crystals as if they are people or animals or whatever!

<3 Build crystal grids with your child - these are just patterns of crystals e.g. putting out three or four grounding stones and placing other stones between. You can leave these grids out to bring grounding and healing energy into a room or house.

<3 Pop a crystal in your child's pocket or bag so they can take it with them to school.

<3 Leave the crystals on the coffee table so your child can play with them while watching TV.

<3 Place some Obsidian or Black Tourmaline next to or on top of the laptop or computer.

<3 Make a Gem Elixir for a drink! All you need to do to make this quickly is place some crystals around a glass of water for a little while to infuse the crystal energies into your drink!

Autism Spectrum Crystal Grid

There are so many ways you can use crystals and so many things you can do with them. The main thing to remember when working with crystals, just as any of the intuitive arts is to go with what feels right to you. Hopefully you will find that you are able to use crystals for the Autism Spectrum, and I do hope and pray that they will bring even just a small amount of healing and grounding to you or your children's lives.

<3 Love, light and healing crystals <3