The Empath Spread

The Empath Spread New Age Hipster x

Being an Empath certainly has it's challenges. I dunno, I think we're all Empaths really, but some of us are hiding our Empath-ness under a bunch of other stuff and some of us aren't so much. If you're reading this, you're probably an Empath.


Empath in a nutshell: someone who picks up energies from other people, places, situations, whatever and is affected by them, OFTEN in a negative way.


E.g. if you hang out with grumpy people  you get grumpy. You can pick up all sorts of junk when you're an Empath,

but if you want to, you can totally clear it, protect yourself and use your Empath powers for good!

If you're somebody who's super sensitive to energies, this spread is for you!

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Your Heart

This card is all about who you are without all the energies of everyone else, and everything else around you. What's really going on in that heart of yours? Where's your heart at? What's in your heart when you take away all the other hunks of energetic junk around you?


How to Ground

This card will give you some info around what's the haps with your grounding. Are you grounded? If not, what can you do about it? How can you get groundedAs an Empath you gotta get grounded babe


Who/What is affecting you

This is what is majorly affecting your energy right now. Could be what happened today at work, or on a bigger scale - like some big stuff going on that's been wearing you down for ages. This card should help you make sense of it.


How to Clear

When you're living life as a Empath clearing your energy is everything! This card will give you some insights into what/how to clear away that gunk!


How to Protect

Protecting yo pretty self from bad juju is imperative guys. Your protection bubble is your best friend here sweet pea, so check out what this card has to say about protecting your energy.


Moving Forward

So now that you know what's going on with your energy and what's affecting you, where do you go from here? What do you need to be aware of? What do you need to take action with? Being an Empath is no excuse for not living a freaking awesome life, so get out there and make it happen! Rarrr! This card should inspire you to do so, or at least give you some ideas on how to get there.


Now check out the video if you wanna see this spread in action! :D


With so much love, light and empath hugs!



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Empath in the big city

Being an empath can be super hard, especially in the big city!

I used to live in London and I absolutely loved it, I still do love it! But recently I've been living in Skegness just a tiny little seaside town with not a lot going on. So heading back into London this weekend for Hay House's Ignite conference and a workshop with Jennifer Cain was like WOAH! So much energy!

An Empath is basically just any person who feels all the vibes. You feel other people's vibes and get uber exhausted and stressed out from being around so many other peeps! Or at least until you work out how to protect your own energy!

As an empath, I totally know how it feels to go out shopping on Oxford Street and then needing like a hundred showers and a week under the doona to recover!

But I've discovered so many awesome ways to sort out my energy and my day so I can live in, or visit the big city! I can now totally spend a whole day hanging out at Lush, searching the sale racks at Urban Outfitters and grabbing some lovely ethical beauty bits at Boots!


Protect your energy before you go out

However you do it is totes fine - visualisations, calling on the angels, whatever floats your tug boat. Just make sure you set the intention to be protected from other people's stuff when you're out and about and trust that you totally will be, and you will be!



Obviously you're gonna wanna take some crystals with you right? Pop 'em in your pocket, around your neck, in your bra or in your bag. Or all of the above!

I like to take my more hardcore protective stones on a day out in the big city. Apache Tears, Obsidian, and I also have started keeping a little selenite in my phone case for emergency clearing by just giving it a little rub! :D


Use the mantra - "not my stuff"

Or your version of it. 

When someone hits you with their Topshop bag, or barges past you to grab to the last golden egg, remember this is not a reflection on you as a person. This is not your stuff

Aggressive shoppers do not hate you, they do not pick you out of a crowd and think "I hate that chic" and make a beeline towards making your life hell. They are just on a journey that's a bit different. They will be aggressive to you, and the next person, and then the next. 

That's not your stuff. How you react is your stuff though. 

When someone tries to take your eye out with an umbrella or steps on your converse just say in your head "not my stuff". 


Toilet breaks

Going to the toilet is the best. When you start feeling tired, grumpy, stressed or whatever head for the toilets and re-group. I like to go in the cubical and take some deep breaths. Re-do my energetic protection stuff and centre. It makes such a difference!

I highly recommend department store toilets over the ones that you have to pay 30p for. Much nicer vibes. 



Pop your headphones on and crank some high vibe tunes. A bit of Kylie, Taylor Swift or Chvrches should sort you out. 

Be sure to watch out for traffic though! :o


Have a beer with lunch

OK, so this one doesn't sound that woo. But honestly, having a beer with lunch and then doing the shopping certainly makes you less susceptible to bad vibes.

But also remember that for many of us this also blocks your intuition and stuff too, so if you're going crystal shopping, maybe don't have a beer first! 

You know, unless beer actually heightens your psychic ability, in which case do what you need to do. *Shrugs!* 


Or Find somewhere quiet to eat

If you're not going for a beer and veggie burger, try and find somewhere quiet to eat. There are so many places to eat in the city, but the ones off the main road are usually quieter.

In London there are about a thousand Prets. The food is cheap and good and if you head to one of the stores on the side street they are usually much more chill and haven't run out of cheesy mac with kale! 



We can get into this thing where we think we need to protect ourselves so much that we start seeing other people and their stuff as "the enemy". Protect yourself fo'sure, but don't put up so many walls that you miss out on connecting with other humans! Don't close down and miss a chat with the cool chic making your coffee or a chance encounter with a boy in the vintage clothing boutique! 


So there you have it! Your Empaths guide to Oxford Street, London! LOL!

To find out more about protecting your energy you can check out my totally free e-book - How to Stay Shiny!

And puhlease share any other tips and tricks you use when you're out and about in the city in the comments below! :D

With love, light and super shiny shopping trips!