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Totally Spiritual is A six week online course to help you go from woo woo to totally spiritual!

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Watch this vid to see if you resonate with me and what I'm on about...


We are going deeper with this course and it's super important that all students have the following:

Or have experience with and feel comfortable with the following:

  • Spiritual protection, grounding and clearing techniques. In this course we go deeper into the spiritual realms and if you’re not yet cool with protecting your energy it may not be safe for you to start doing this work.
  • The Chakra system; at least the “main 7”
  • Working with your angels and guides, or whoever/whatever your spiritual team looks and feels like to you without freaking out. If you’re freaking out, or having trouble connecting I can totally help you work through this in Woo Woo 101


The more grounded you are and able to work with your own energy the better the stuff we do in Totally Spiritual is going to work for you!




  • Have a daily practical spiritual practice that actually works
  • Get super intimate with Ascended Masters, Archangels and other Deities 
  • Sort yourself out with Crystals 
  • Make the Law of Attraction your biatch 
  • Manifest the crapola out of stuff
  • Divine for answers from the universe - without cards! :O


  • A written PDF lesson + workbook chapters to download, print, whatever!
  • A video lesson where I explain stuff in more detail and take you through some activities (yay! activities!) 
  • A downloadable meditation
  • Journal prompts to go even deeper


  • Access to a Super Safe Secret Facebook group where I'll be available most days to answer any questions and posting even more fun prompts. Make friends with all your course buddies and chat about anything and everything that comes up for you, if you wanna. Totally optional!
  • Access to me via email for the whole course for any questions or stuff you wanna chat about!
  • 2 x Live Q+A video calls just for you guys! 



This is you after you've taken this course... x

This is you after you've taken this course... x


Totally Spiritual is gonna cover:

Week One: Powerful and Practical Spiritual Practice

Develop a spiritual practice that actually works for you and your life. This week includes activities, tools, tips and a meditation to help you stay connected to the spiritual realms but also bring your spirituality into your human life, work and relationships too.

This week we focus on creating a spiritual practice that works for where you are right now but will help you get where you want to go, spiritually and otherwise!


Week Two: Archangels + Ascended Masters + Other Deities

Who you gonna call? Archangels, Ascended Masters or some other Deities? Which spiritual peeps are the best for what you need/want right now? How the heck do you hang out with a Deity anyways? And why would you want to?

We hang with the Violet Flame and check out Christ Consciousness in meditation and this week includes a mini reading from me via the FB group! x


Week Three: Crystal Power!

OK, so this could be a whole course in itself, and maybe one day it will be. But for now we’re gonna check out what’s the real deal with crystals. How to choose, clear, “program” and work with crystals. Includes info about crystal grids, a crystal energies meditation + info on how to give yourself a crystal healing. YAY!


Week Four: The Law of Attraction

What’s up with the Law of Attraction? What are we attracting and why? How does this shiz work? And how can we change and work with what we attract?

I think there is way more to the LOA than "like attracts like". We look into mirroring, soul contracts and hey, why not do a bit of karma clearing too while we're here? :D (You can attract better stuff when your karma is clear right?) x


Week Five: Manifesting

Now that we understand the LOA thing we can start working with it, and our higher self, soul self and our spiritual team to start creating what we really want! Rarr! This week I share with you what I did to manifest my awesome relationship, my own business, a Tarot reading gig on a tropical island, a uni scholarship and Taylor Swift tickets.


Week Six: Divination

What’s the real deal with divination? How does it work? Why does it work? Who’s giving us the answers when we divine? And what are some cool ways we can do it? I’ll give you a clue - you don’t even need a deck of cards! :D


And all this is just



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About your guide:

I don't really see myself as being your “teacher” on this journey, but more like a sort of spiritual realms tour guide.

I can take you to the sites, but you have the freedom to do what you want when you get there. I can give you the info and tell you about my experiences, but ultimately what you experience is personal. Don't worry though, I'll be hanging around if you have any questions, I'll come find you if you get lost or need help with translation, or even if you just run out of soap. 

I'm a professional Spiritual + Business Mentor, Intuitive Tarot and Angel Card Reader, Holy Fire Reiki practitioner and Spiritual Development teacher. 

I have been on my own spiritual path for as long as I can remember, and I want to share with you what  I know works in the real world, for real people. I also have two masters degrees in Education, so I have a bit of background with this "teaching" lark too. 


Check out the lovely things people have said about my courses...

I love your energy and teaching style. I have learnt so much more than I thought possible, I’ve unlocked a door now that I do not want to ever close behind me, it’s amazing. Sounds weird but I have felt empowered and focused by doing this course. Thank you so much for all of this Vix you are amazing.
— Kelly
Woo Woo 101 has really been one of the best online classes I have taken. It was relaxed and friendly, well structured and paced so I never felt overwhelmed or lost, and the lessons covered so many of the essentials that I know I will be using these materials again and again in the future when I feel the need. It really feels like I have come away at the end with a solid spiritual toolkit in place, so many thanks Vix!
— Sarah
I had let my daily spiritual practice slide for a few months and I was feeling it! I knew that Woo Woo School 101 would be the right thing to get me back on track. Vix’s style is fun, informative, and helpful. I could make her techniques my own and use what really worked for me. Her meditations have been so helpful in clearing out negative energy (my own and other people’s) and I’m so grateful! You get to have creative and spiritual fun and meet the other cool woos in your class. If you’re considering it, please do join. It’s too much fun to miss!
— Meg
Woo Woo 101 with Vix has been a joyous journey the whole way through! While I’ve tried to learn more about energy work, guides, Angels, etc. on my own, Vix’s approach to the material made the course so accessible and high vibe! It’s laid a foundation for me to continue and deepen my own spiritual practices. The community that has arisen around the course is so welcoming and inspiring. I’ve learned so much from sharing with my fellow woos. With tremendous gratitude to Vix and this woo community, thank you for your talents, stories, art, and light!
— Megan
The woo woo course was fantastic. I have been into “woo woo” stuff for years but never seemed to be able to focus on developing my skills. This course was perfect for me and the grounding/clearing/protecting techniques have been invaluable for me and made such a difference to my day to day life! The meditations you receive are the perfect length to fit them into your daily routine. Vix is a great teacher and support and sharing experiences with my fellow woo woo’s was a great help. I learnt so much over the 6 weeks and am still learning more as I review each topic.
— Lisa
I cannot possibly say enough good things about Vix and this course. What a fun experience, not to mention enlightening. Vix has such a wonderful, warm, genuine quality about her and she’s a riot to boot. I love her approach to things and this past Monday it was a sad morning to not wake up to another video lesson in my inbox since the course concluded last week. I love that there is a Facebook group for each session where you can get to know your fellow “Woos” and chat with one another and Vix about your experiences and how things are going. I’d take another class with Vix in a heartbeat! (In fact, I signed up for her Pop Culture Tarot class through Tarot Academy as well and can’t wait for that to start!) Thanks, Vix! My world is much more sparkly place thanks to you. Love and light
— Tina