Are you ready to fall in #MoneyLove?

#MoneyLove New Age Hipster

#MoneyLove is an epic 28 day journey to help you shift into prosperity consciousness!

Take self study and do it now!

I have done a lot of work on my money stuff.

I've read loads of money books, journalled until my pen ran out, visualised my third eye off, tried many money manifestation techniques. I’ve made vision boards and gotten witchy with money rituals.

What I've learned along the way is that manifesting more cash money without working on myself is not the way to fall in #MoneyLove.

You can have more money and still live in poverty consciousness, and you can live on less and feel richer than ever.

This course is not for you if you want to manifest a million bucks. It is for you if you want to feel like a million bucks no matter how much you have in the bank. 

Of course you still need to get the bills paid, and this course is going to help you get your spending sorted, but it also has the potential to do a lot more than that!

This course is not just about money, it's about raising your vibe and reaching new levels of consciousness.

Money struggles have stopped bright souls from stepping into their roles as leaders, bright lights and change bringers in this world for too long.

It's time to take back your power and shift into prosperity consciousness.

Manifesting money is old school. Shifting your whole being into prosperity consciousness, that's the new wave babe.


This course is for you if:

  • No matter how much money you have or don't have you don't feel prosperous or abundant

  • You want to become a conscious custodian of money and ethical consumer

  • You want to take back your control and power with money

  • You've been working on your money stuff for a while now but fancy a bit of a refresher and a reconnect

  • You're committed to busting blocks, diving deep, doing the work and making shifts

  • You want it to be fun!


Here's what we're gonna do:

Each day you will be given an activity. Some activities are practical tasks, some are things for you to consider + journal on to help you shift your mindset and other tasks are super magical!


Week One: #YouAreHere
This week you look at your money story and start making a few simple changes to prepare for big transformation

Week Two: #PracticalMagic
In week two we work with both practical tools and magical ones to help you clear out the old and begin to call in the new

Week Three: #LevellingUp
This is where we begin to take real responsibility for our own #MoneyLove

Week Four: #ToppingItOff
This week is going to be super fun and creative, but there are a few final tasks that are going to push you further than you thought you would go!


New Age Hipster

About your guide:

Vix is a spiritual and biz mentor, an intuitive tarot reader, clairvoyant and energy healer.

Vix's money story includes such highlights as living on unemployment benefits  and being consumed by consumer debt.

On the flip side, Vix has also manifested a $25000 university scholarship, become a conscious consumer and created a profitable business out of a deck of tarot cards and an Instagram account

Vix believes in holding space for everyone's individual journey. All her teaching is #DogmaFree and focuses on holding space for you to uncover your own magic.




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Check out these beautiful testimonials...  

"I no longer find myself getting anxious or worried about not having enough. I’ve moved into a place of ease and trust, knowing that the Universe is abundant. In fact, ever since taking Money Love, I’ve noticed that I always have more and receive more than I expected.  

- Garret J

#moneylove totally helped me turn around my abundance mindset; from worrying that I don't have enough money to "hang on a minute, life is pretty sweet right now", which was a true story. There were no 'fake it until you make it' affirmations necessary. This course helped me to define what success really means to me and made my goals easier to reach. The practices were easy to implement and I loved the way that Vix created such a supportive space for us to clear some of our money blocks so that we can wake up to all of the abundance that's waiting for us.”

- Tamara Driessen

“This course was excellent. It allowed me to get honest about my money issues. The daily prompts meant that it was manageable. I’ve been able to make positive changes already.”

- Fiona

"I very much needed the #moneylove course and I think lots of people do. It reframes your relationship to money without being judgmental, and helps you get back in flow without necessarily embracing the "you just gotta manifest it" dogma. And the funny thing is, it did help me move away from the manifesting obsession a bit, but I still got a huge spike of business increase right after I took the course! So what else can I say ? It just works!"

- MB

"I'm grateful for being more aware around the energy I bring into my finances. I'm also grateful for new ways to think about it, new ideas to shift that energy, and for reading everyone's stories and feeling in kinship with everyone's journeys."

- Patricia B

"I’m grateful for the kick up the butt this has given me to get on top of my money stuff - and that it showed me I have so much more than I realised... and there’s money in my account! Meant a bigger chunk than normal getting paid off my credit card this month which is amazing!"

- Carrie P


***Disclaimer: This is a spiritually based money course to help shift your mindset and energy around money. 
This course is not a substitute for professional financial advice.