Soul Reading

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Soul Reading

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In a Soul Reading I do the work for you via email or MP3.

This is just as effective as working one to one via Zoom, in fact, sometimes it can go even deeper due to being able to channel the information for you directly.

These readings can end up going in many different directions as they will be whatever you need on the day.

Some things that we can do in these sessions are:

  • Look at your how your energy is currently working

  • Identify any blocks, cords, implants or anything else that's affecting you negatively and clear and heal it

  • Give you tips and tools for working with your energy moving forward

  • Connect with your guides, angels and team in spirit

  • Look at relationship issues from the perspective of your soul self for healing and advice on moving forward

  • Past life work + healing

  • Looking into your Akashic Records

  • Passing on information about your life path and purpose

  • Look into your soul's origin

  • Support for you on your ascension path or other spiritual paths

  • Space held for conversation, talking through what's coming up for you in any area of your life

  • Whatever else we need to do to help you (back!) on your best and highest path

A full video reading is a minimum 1600 words and the mega reading is a minimum of 2400 words.

Full readings via MP3 are a minimum of 40 minutes long, mega readings are a minimum of one hour long.

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