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Frodo - Ten of Wands


What was Frodo's biggest problem? Was it that he had to carry something really far? Was it that he couldn't find any shoes to fit his big Hobbit feet? Or was it that the thing he had to carry was just so darn heavy? It's not like he was just bringing his Tesco shopping back from down the road after he'd bought way too many bottles of sparkling water. This kid was seriously burdened. And I think that's what's going on in the Ten of Wands.

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The Ten of Wands isn't just some guy with his groceries either. He's got sticks, lots and lots of sticks. How did he get them all? What are they? Well that all of course depends on the reading, but as a single card in the context of this blog post let's go with the Frodo thing. He's been given a job to do, and he is the only one who can do it. No one else can carry those sticks for him and he has to deliver them in one piece (ten pieces).

This card might seem like kind of a downer at first glance - oh crap, I've got a lot of stuff to carry/deal with/do. When will this shit be over? That feeling of having a huge weight on your shoulders. But if you're feeling like the Ten of Wands remember Frodo. He's walking, he's going somewhere, he's moving and he's on a quest to save humanity! And quests always end eventually. This feels like a card of getting somewhere with your burden. Frodo walked for 558 minutes all up. That's a long walk, but he got there in the end. He made some amazing friends on the way, had an adventure that most Hobbitses couldn't even dream of and his journey of self discovery was pretty darn epic!

The Ten of Wands is said to be the 'back pain' card, which it could totally be in a certain context. But I wonder... if he just changed the way he was carrying those sticks he could end up with some pretty sweet muscles from all that carrying!

Love light and long quests,


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