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What the heck is intention?


There's a lot of talk going around in spiritual circles about 'intentions'.

So like,  what is an intention anyway?!

An intention isn't like, just thinking about something you want. "I want pizza" doesn't always equate to pizza magically turning up. But if you really make it your intention to get a pizza into your life you'll think about, salivate over it, yearn for it and stick your hands down the crumby cracks of the couch to find your loose change and make it happen. That's intention.

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It starts with a thought, sure, but it has to either come from a deeper place, or you have to put that thought into a deeper place to make it an intention.


OK, let's go back to the pizza analogy. In version 1, you might not have even realised you wanted pizza. Maybe you were watching Breaking Bad or some other show with a cool pizza scene and you find yourself thinking - "Hmm, I wouldn't mind a pizza right about now." You start thinking about the pizza more and more, you find yourself checking the Just-Eat app to look at pizza menus and you realise - I am going to make this pizza thing happen. Boom! Intention.


In version 2 you are driving home from work and you have a sudden realisation - you just have to eat a pizza. No question, no doubt, you will have pizza! That's intention!

Think about how many fleeting thoughts you have in a day, then think about the things that stick. That feeling that you need to get out of your job, or that your boyfriend is a jerk and you can probably do better. Or, if you're like me, you'll have that nagging feeling of needing to get to work on some project you've been procrastinating about (hello blog). Changing or fixing those things make awesome intentions!

But it doesn't have to be that full-on! I was all in love with aqua aura crystals a couple of weeks ago. I pinned about a hundred of them and today my aqua aura crystal turned up in the mail! OK, so I bought it off Etsy, and maybe that doesn't count as actual manifestation, but *I* made it happen! I made that crystal go into a baggy in Hawaii and turn up at my doorstep in England - as if by magic!


So once we work out what we want, whether it's a new boyfriend or a pizza, how do we get it? You can't buy everything off Etsy after all.  Now, I'm no genius in manifestation, but I do OK. I'm still waiting on the dream job and the house but hey, all in divine timing right?! but for now, one of my favourite intention fire starters is...


When I'm in the shower in the morning I basically meditate and do all my prayers and shielding stuff. I get in there at around 5:30am so let's just say some days it goes better than others, but I always try to finish off with an intention for the day. I don't just say the first thing I think of - 'my intention today is to win the lottery so I never have to get up this early again!' No, I can do better than that! I'm basically part incarnated angel and so I'm not really all that good at sticking up for myself and speaking my truth (oh hello aqua aura!), so that's been something I've been putting in my morning intentions, and yes, it is working!

It's not like you're doing that much else in the shower right? You can spare ten seconds each morning to make an intention for your day, even if it's just to order a pizza when you get home, because that sounds pretty damn good to me!

Love, light and pizza intentions,




Aqua Aura Quartz

f9a5adfe2f2802c5ad69928ebb4c35c3 Aqua aura quartz is just gorgeous! I was searching for electric blue aura quartz the other day and came across aqua aura completely by accident. As soon as I saw it I remembered a dream I had about a crystal that was so vibrant blue and glowing and I wondered if I had actually dreamed about this crystal?! When I looked up it's properties it made sense that it would be a good crystal for me. Hello synchronicity!

Aqua aura is a man made crystal - made from clear quartz which is heated with a fine layer of gold bonded to it to create the beautiful blue colour. I sometimes wonder about these man made crystals, but I am so drawn to the aqua aura I can't possibly deny it's power!

It is said to be especially beneficial for the throat chakra which is an area that has been calling for my attention for quite some time! As well as communication, spiritual growth, healing and cleansing the auric field and activating the chakras. You can find more information  here. It's also said to be a very high energy stone, some people have difficulty wearing them for long periods of time.

The value of aqua aura is pretty hard to work out. Trawling through the crystal stalls at the Wellbeing Festival I found quite a few nice pieces but all around £50! Looking at Etsy you can get a pendant for anything from about £10 to £100! So if you are wanting to invest in one of these crystals shop around!!

It's my birthday coming up soon and I've decided aqua aura is going to be my birthday present to myself, see how I justify it? Also, it was in my dream so I have to get it right? Isn't that a sign?!

Below are a few of the beautiful pendants I have my eye on on Etsy...



This is one of my favourites. So pretty!


I love it with gold! :-)


These are so simple and the cheapest aqua aura pendants I could find on Esty. £12 each.

Love, light and aqua aura!