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Today I want to introduce you to my main man (apart from the bf of course!). The Archangel I work with the most, and the first Archangel many people who start getting into angels start working with. Newbies love him because he is super easy to get to know, and his job is protecting you, which is one of the the first things we really need to place our focus on when we start hanging out in the spiritual realms. Apart from your Guardian Angels who's soul purpose is protecting you, AA Michael can protect you whenever you start feeling the heebie jeebies. Home alone and freaking yourself out with a scary movie? Thought you saw a shadow? Walking back from the pub a little later than usual? Just whisper his name into the breeze, or shout it out loud and he's with you. 

When Archangel Michael swoops in he’s able to lift you out of fear and help protect you from anything that’s not from the light - including your own negative thoughts, freak outs, anxiety, stress or whatever is manifesting in your life that could use an etheric cord cutting!


Who is Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael is the angel of protection. He's a warrior and all about confidence and honour and power! He can protect you physically, and although your Guardian Angels can protect you too, he kind of a greater power than they do. For example, your Guardian Angels can make you swerve out of the road if a truck is coming at you, Archangel Michael can stop the truck. The Archangels are more powerful than Guardian Angels and can be everywhere at once. Your Guardian Angel can only be with you, but Big Mick can be with anyone who calls on him, anytime anywhere, kind of like Jesus. Speaking of Jesus, you don’t have to be a Christian to work with angels, or Archangels, but you totally can be too! He’s non denominational and sees past all that religious dogma. In fact, Angels have been around in history way longer than Christianity.


How can we connect with him?

Archangel Michael is crazy easy to connect with. All you have to do is ask him to have your back. “Archangel Michael, please have my back” will do. Kyle Gray has this cool way of talking to Angels which has a fun manifesting vibe - he suggests that saying “Archangel Michael, thanks for having my back” is a stronger prayer. I totally agree, but I like to do both. I like to throw in a please, then a thank you, but you can do whatever works for you! How you talk to the angels is between you and them. You’ll work out your style of communication and learn what works for you.

Aside from just chatting, you can connect in other ways too. Archangel Michael’s colour is blue, like a deep royal blue, but you might see him in a different shade which is totally cool too.

<3 Meditate and visualise either AA Michael or blue colour or light around you

<3 Burn some incense, you can get a special AA Michael one, or some nice Angel oil!

<3 Use crystals to connect - Angelite, Celestite, Anything royal blue-ish that grabs you

<3 Light royal blue candles

<3 Use Angel cards to connect, specifically asking for an answer from AA Michael

<3 Pull out an AA Michael card and place it by your bed, or somewhere you will see it often


Ways to work with Archangel Michael

So once you've connected and you're pretty sure Archangel Michael is with you you’ll find that he can help you with so much.

<3 Any time you’re feeling nervous or scared call on him for protection

<3 You can ask him to protect you physically, emotionally and spiritually

<3 Ask him to cut your cords

<3 Ask him to vacuum your house of any low level energies (not just ghosts, but like your own, or other people’s negativity that comes in!)

<3 Have him hang out with you on days when you’re feeling extra anxious or worried

<3 Visualise his shield in front of you and his wings outstretched behind you

Archangel Michael is great to call on whenever you are doing spiritual stuff. Whenever I read cards, tarot or angel cards, I always ask him to be with me, to protect me and the reader and keep the space safe for us both. You can’t always be sure in a reading what you are going to pick up (I’ve picked up some weird things!) but you can be sure that if you ask for Angelic protection that the vibe will raise and any negative goo will struggle to hang around.

If you have never worked with Angels before Archangel Michael is the perfect angel to start working with. He’ll show you that working with the Angels is safe, uplifting and life changing!


I would love to know how you get on working with Archangel Michael (or any of the angels!) and if there are any other ways you connect with him too! We all develop our own ways to connect with the angels and these are just some of mine and they are always evolving too! Please let us know in the comments or over on social media what’s occurring between you and this powerful and amazing Angelic dude!


<3 Love, light and angelic blessings <3