New Age Hipster Radio | Episode 13 | Loneliness, Friendships + Relationships on the Spiritual Path

New Age Hipster Radio Ep 13

This one is a solo ramble on loneliness, isolation and relationships when you're on the spiritual path.

I share some tips on how to deal when you have people in your life who just don't get it and even those people who are actually kind hateful about it.

I also talk about how to connect with your soul fam via Instagram, social media and Facebook Groups.

This convo might also be for you if you've been finding a lot of old friends falling away, people who've ghosted you and the void that sometimes exists between your old friends and your new.


Places to come hang out if you're looking for your soul peeps:

Spiritual Journey Pitstop Group

The Circle


And here's a pic taken a few weeks ago with the glorious Hannah Wallace + Lauren Barber, a couple of soul sisters I met online! x

Vix Maxwell, Hannah Wallace + Lauren Barber x