Karmic Cycles Complete with the Ten of Swords

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The Ten of Swords is a pretty creepy looking card.

I mean, a dude with ten swords in his back? Some serious shizzle has gone down here peeps.

In this episode of "scary tarot cards" we're gonna look at what this card is really all about, and help you to see the positive aspects of this card so that when it pops up in your daily draw you're all good, and when your querent freaks the eff out you can help them down off the ceiling quick sticks.


Karmic Cycles

I love this card when it pops up to let us know that karmic cycles are now complete. If you've been struggling with something for ages, hanging onto a path that doesn't serve you, dealing with some heavy relationship stuff, when you see this card, know that you have done your part.

There is nothing left for you to do. You can now walk away knowing your job is complete. 

If you've been going through a difficult time you can be sure that when you see this card the end is near and soon you'll be moving into a new energy.


Tens = Completion

Tens are the number of completion.

When you see the Ten of Swords you can start looking forward to the new energy that's coming for you, but don't get too excited just yet! You still have some ten energy to hang out in for a while, otherwise you would've pulled an Ace right?

Tens for me are all about feeling the feelings as the beautiful Louise Androlia would say.

Tens are about tying up lose ends, getting your affairs in order.

Moving out of your place, quitting your job, setting intentions for change and generally getting through that last month of school.

Get prepped, great things are coming, but stay in the completion energy until you are totally ready.


Do not resuscitate

I find this card comes up a lot for people who have been putting up with situations for way too long.

You know, giving people (who probably don't deserve them) extra chances, giving that job six more months even though it's mega soul destroying. It's the guy who cheats on you so many times and you keep taking him back. 

I see this a lot for people who are trying to "fix" things that are done. People who are trying to resuscitate something that is dead. A relationship, job, situation, lifestyle that is killing you. Change your ways babe, let dead things lie and move on.

When this card comes up it's a big, big message from the universe that whatever you're holding onto is done.

You can try to ignore all the signs to move on, but eventually you're gonna have to let that coffin drop. Don't be clutching it when it does.


I'm done!

It can be super hard to see this card when you're asking about a relationship, especially something you really want to see manifest, or something you want to keep.

Know that the Ten of Swords isn't here to take anything away from you, it's here to clear and complete the energy of what you're currently in so that you can find new love, with someone new or in a new way and a new energy with someone from the past. 


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With so much love, light and happy endings,