Girl Crush Pyjama Party with Rebecca Campbell!

PJ Party Rebecca Campbell

OMG Rebecca Campbell, the Queen of the Lightworkers is coming over! Grab the vacuum and give me a hand to clean this place up! YIKES! 

Rebecca Campbell is a HUGE girl crush of mine, and probably yours too! She's a kaftan wearing, soul inspiring, spirit soaring, total hottie! Oh yeah, and she's also a Hay House Author and wrote this pretty great book called Light is the New Black that you may have heard me raving about, only like, ALL THE TIME because it's AWESOME!


So, Bec, what kind of music do you want at the pyjama party? 

The Staves, Laura Shera, Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine, Amy Firth and Ben Lee.

What pyjamas are you going to wear?

I’ll be the one in a slip my mum made for me, fluffy socks and a pink nanna blanket wrapped around me ;)

So cosy! So like, how do you make money to pay for those cool pyjamas and all your awesome clothes and make up and stuff?

What I love doing most is writing in nature. I wrote all of my first book Light Is The New Black with the flowers of Regents Park. I’m a total nature girl.

When I’m not frolicking amongst the flowers I’m doing readings or spiritual mentoring and encouraging Lightworkers to come out of the spiritual closet and work out what their soul is calling them towards.

I’m working on some online courses at the moment and do workshops, events, and urban retreat days too!

WOW, you sure are busy! How did you get that job?

I followed the call of my soul and leaped a lot.

What fun stuff do you like doing on school nights?

I’m a total home-body. Most nights I have a nice dinner (total foodie), pouring a bath and reading one of my ten books that I have on the go, or watching a good US drama TV Series.

How about on the weekend?

If I don’t have an event on I’m probably drenching myself in nature, eating great food, doing a course (total course junkie) or traveling somewhere new. I love the perspective and inspiration that travelling to new lands sparks. I’m also a water baby and so any possible moment I get to get to the ocean I take it.

What do you want to be when you grow up? 

A writer and teacher who is grounded in her work and creations.

Where do you buy your super cute outfits?

I’m a kaftan lover. I tend to get these in Oz in the sales.

What are your favourite beauty products?

Absolute Rose Oil, my homemade own sea salt and coconut body scrub, Red Roses Perfume by Jo Malone and I have an Epsom salt bath several times a week.

Hmmm that scrub sounds so good! Who does your hair?

My old housemate Amy at Viva Soho.

I'm getting hungry! What's your favourite pyjama party food and beverages?

Popcorn and anything with bubbles… Verve anybody?

Oh and these amazing Raw Chocolate Pie things with Pink Himalayan Salt made in Cornwall… seriously beyond.

OMG NOMS! Favourite pizza topping?

I’m pretty simple, margharita and chilli flakes for me…. But gotta be from a proper Italian place. I try and stay clear of gluten and diary where possible, so if I’m eating pizza I make it worth it ;)

OMG I LOVE chilli flakes on Pizza too! Favourite high school movie?

Murial’s Wedding – best movie ever.

Agreed! It's getting late so we have to tell ghost stories! Do you believe in ghosts?


Have you ever had a spooky or paranormal encounter? 

Yep loads! My first was when traveling in Scotland when I was a teenager. My most recent was in Merlin’s Cave in Cornwall a couple of days ago.

What do you think happens when we die? 

I’m in awe of the mystery of it. When I feel into it I feel that we return to oneness and by that I mean we don’t have the duality that Earth has. The ego/mind and body is no more but our soul lives on. I believe we also learn and devote ourselves to be of service in between lives, and that we choose to incarnate on different planets aside from this one.

Who do you think you were in a past life? 

High Priestess of Avalon and Isis, a hard working farmer in China, an Essene Mystic in Palestine, a Sufi poet in Jordan and a witch (wise woman) in the middle ages/burning times.

What time do you usually go to bed?

11ish… but it should be earlier.

What do you want to do tomorrow?

Hug my fiancé – I’ve been away in Glastonbury for over a week and miss him!

Who's your crush?! 

Serbian performance artist Marina Ambrovic. Her work and the way she lives her art inspires me so much. And Sufi Poet Hafiz, his words are like honey in my heart. Can’t get enough.

Because you are so girl-crush-worthy probably lots of other girls and boys are going to want you at their pyjama parties too. How can they find you?!

On my website, facebook, insta and twitter…. Or by coming along one of my events or picking up my book Light Is the New Black 


Thank you so much Rebecca for coming to my party! It was freaking amazing to have you here!

And if you guys are also crushing on Bec SO bad right now, check out her totally free and most AWESOME video series that will help you to shine your light brighter than ever before! 

Now go and get yourself a copy of Light is the New Black, and I'll see you all in a couple of days!

Love, light and lightworker sleep overs!