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"If you feel drawn to working with Vix in any way, trust that instinct, it is guiding you to a very authentic and magical place." Lauren Barber

Hi! I'm Vix, a Priestess for present times, a spiritual teacher in Converse sneakers, magic maker, indie author and vegan pizza lover!

Welcome to my magical little corner of the internet!


I work with #Starseeds, #Lightworkers, #Empaths and the Spiritual Connected + Curious to help y'all to navigate through the human experience from your soul's perspective. x


You can find out more about me by clicking here!

Let's make some magic!

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The Circle is my passion project!

A spiritual home for Lightworkers, Starseeds, Empaths, Sensitive Souls + Spiritual Seekeers, each month you get a video lesson, PDF workbook including info, journal prompts + a tarot/oracle spread, downloadable MP3 meditative journey and access to a community of gorgeous like-minded souls, all hanging out and supporting each other on the spiritual path.

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This month we are working with the Dragons, wanna join us? :D

Also, I wrote an Amazon YA time travel best seller!

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