When I started working with my energy everything changed for me


For years I had tried to tune into my intuition and guidance. I'd try third eye meditations, intuition exercises, talking to my guides and angels, and although I had moments of clear insight and knowing they were pretty far and few between.

When I began to ground, clear and protect my energy every day I didn't have to try to hear my guides, they were just there. I didn't have to freak out about making decisions, I was just able to know what to do and what path to take.

That's why I'm so gosh darn passionate about helping people sort out their energy, because when your energy is sorted, so are you.

Daily Energy Meditation

This meditation will get you feeling grounded, clear and protected in just 7 minutes. 

Carve out some time on the meditation pillow before your day starts, stick it on while you're in the shower or listen to it on the tube, train or bus (not while driving though OMG!) into work and just see how much better your day turns out. :)


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