New Age Hipster Radio Podcast | Episode 25 | Love Based Spiritual Business with Mariaestela

Mariaestela New Age Hipster Radio Podcast

It was such an honour to invite the incredible Mariaestela on to the podcast!

Mariaestela is a Spiritual Business Coach, Mentor, Catalyst & Facilitator as well as Host of the Show & Podcasts The Magdalene Voices and Spiritual Business w. Mariaestela.

Through 1:1 Sessions and Group Work she supports experienced, Soul driven, Heart based Entrepreneurs & Business Owners growing, expanding and shifting their businesses in new directions.

She’s followed the Priestess Path and gone through her fair share of rude awakenings and dark nights of her soul to arrive at the place and space, within as without where she, today, cannot imagine not blending, weaving and merging the worlds of seen and unseen, spirituality with practicality and magic with the mundane.

I absolutely adore Mariaestela’s work, I’ve taken her Mastery Through Love course which I highly recommend and I am also a regular listener (OK, huge fan!) of both her podcasts.

I vibe so strongly with her take on authentic love based business and I am sure wherever you are at in your business you are going to take away some nuggets of love, truth and inspiration from this episode!

In this podcast episode we talk about:

  • Creating and running an authentic love-based Spiritual Business

  • Non-attachment to our creations, content, numbers and who shows up for our work

  • Letting people both come in to and leave your work and community with love

  • Seeing your worth as more than “numbers”

  • Making business decisions based in love rather than fear

  • Being of service in business

  • Why it’s not about the money

  • And so, so much more!

Hang out with Mariaestela here: