When to get a Tarot Reading - Tarot FAQs #2

When to get a Tarot Reading
When to get a Tarot Reading

Some people go running to a Tarot Reader when they break a nail. Other people wait until they have had some kind of huge emotional break down before they will seek out professional advice. Right here, right now I'm gonna give it to you straight and tell you exactly the right time to click on the buy now button.

<3 When to get a Tarot Reading

Whenever the hell you feel like it. Yep, I wrote a whole blog post mostly just to tell you that. You can stop reading now if you want.

Whenever you have that thought  of 'hmmm, I could use a reading', is usually a good time to get a reading. If you are intuitive yourself you may be drawn to particular readers, and just knowwhen to contact them. I have loads of people messaging me saying things like 'I just had a feeling I should get a reading from you' or 'I was being guided to get a reading with you'. If you have that feeling, don't ignore it. It's probably your Angels and Guides trying to tell you something that you aren't hearing, or maybe you just need confirmation of what you already know. 

It's a good time to get a reading when you feel stressed, anxious, confused, unsure, generally feeling unsteady or weird, when you just met someone new, when you're not sure your relationship is going anywhere, when you want to move house, or countries, changing jobs, changing partners, changing your whole life, changing your style, freaking out, sick of crushing on the same guy/gal, just want to know WTF, when you're getting into spiritual stuff and want some guidance, wanna know what's up with your life path or purpose, when you want to create or do something cool, when you want direction, when you feel lost. These are all great times to have a reading.

When you're bored, when you fancy a little entertainment, when you can afford it, when you are lonely and have no one else to talk to, when your friends are being jerks or just not giving you great advice, when no one gets you, when you just want someone to talk to who doesn't have an agenda. These are all fantastic reasons to get a reading.

When things are going great, when you fancy a spiritual check in, when you want a spiritual clean and polish, when you're doing some personal development work, when you just want to hang with your fave tarot reader for an hour, when you feel amazing and don't want it to end. All perfectly good reasons to get a reading.

This kitty from the Tarot of White Cats is sick of juggling these pentacles, maybe he should book a reading!
This kitty from the Tarot of White Cats is sick of juggling these pentacles, maybe he should book a reading!

<3 When not to get a reading

Most reasons are perfectly valid, but there are a couple of times when going to see a Tarot Reader may not be the right thing for you.

Don't get a reading if you are just going to ask the exact same questions you asked last time and last time wasn't that long ago, you are probably going to get the same answers.

Don't get a reading if you've already been to like three other readers that week and they all said the same thing and you didn't like it. Don't get a reading if you just want someone to tell you what you want to hear. Sorry love, sometimes that guy just doesn't fancy you. :-/ But hey, maybe that's because something better is coming right!? Good readers will tell you what you need to hear, but they should still be supportive and compassionate but they shouldn't pander to your ego.

Don't get a reading if you can't afford it. A lot of people save up a few quid a week or a month and save up for a reading, but if you are desperate for guidance and cash poor there are loads of other things you can do. Watch some weekly readings online, many people respond to my videos saying 'this is just what I needed to hear'! Or 'this reading was so meant for me'! Follow your fave readers on Facebook, we're always doing fun giveaways! Head to Instagram and catch my daily cards, or all the other awesome daily cards posted all over social media, your Angels and Guides are going to get one to catch your eye and you'll know it's meant for you. ;-)

Don't get a reading if you're just going to sit there and paint your nails!
Don't get a reading if you're just going to sit there and paint your nails!

<3 How often to get a reading

There's a lot of debate about this topic amongst Tarot Pros.  Some readers won't read for you within two or three months of your last reading. But personally I'll read for you every day as long as you can afford it and you don't become obsessive about it, like be calling me at 3am because you don't know if you should get a cab home or walk (get a cab).

I don't really get why it's OK to go to therapy once a week but seeing a Tarot Reader on the regular can label you a Psychic Junkie. As long as you are following the guidance that comes through for you via your reader, and your reader is cool and actually helps you and makes you feel better, get a reading as often as you damn well like.

If the time is now for you to get a reading you can find me here! If you are crushing on another Tarot Reader somewhere on the internet, maybe it's time to go click on their pay now button!

<3 Love, light and Tarot for life <3