Nashville Shadow Work Tarot Spread

Things I love: Nashville, Tarot + a bit of personal development.

Shadow work is not a term I use a lot. Not because I don't do it, but as a "lightworker" I kind of feel like my whole life is shadow work! Shadow work to me is really just looking at our own shit and sorting it out. If you wanna be a lightworker you're not going to get very far by just ignoring your human self stuff and your ego. Shadow work helps us to work with our ego rather than against it, or just ignoring it!

But sorting yourself out does not have to be boring right?! 

Nashville has some interesting characters, and you can't really watch it without thinking - OMG these guys so need to do some shadow work. 

You can use this spread with any kinds of cards although I find regular ole' Tarot the best for this kind of thing. 

You don't need to know the show to use this spread, but I highly recommend checking it out, especially if you're into cute cowboys and country music. I think it's a past life thing for me. Or maybe in a parallel incarnation I'm actually Taylor Swift before she went mainstream. Just a thought. 

Word of warning: shadow work is not for the faint of heart. It often kicks your butt and pisses you off before it sets you free. It shines light on all the places where you're being a dick and some people don't dig that kind of thing. Personally I find it quite liberating as long as I'm in the right frame of mind to be doing it.

Don't attempt shadow work on a day when you're feeling sorry for yourself or low vibe. 

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LAYLA - what dream always evades you?

Poor Layla. She wants to be a big, big star but there's always someone or something holding her back.

This card will shed some light on that big dream of yours that just never seems to get any traction. 


WILL - what part of yourself do you hide from the outside world?

Will has spent a lot of time hiding his sexuality from the world, fearing that people won't like him if they know the truth even though I'm pretty sure we all love a gay cowboy with a great voice who looks a hell of a lot like Luke from the OC

This card will show you what part of yourself you're hiding from the outside world. 


MADDIE - what big dream are you not quite ready for?

Maddie just really wants to have a recording contract and be the next big thing in Country, but her Mom says she's not ready. Boo!

This card will show you something you're not quite ready for. Doesn't mean it's not going to happen, just not just yet! 


REYNA - what are you trying to control?

I love Reyna so much. I mean, her hair right? But she is pretty much a control freak.

What are you trying to control in your life right now that you should probably loosen the reigns on a little?


DEACON - what are you addicted to?

Deacon does a damn good job of dealing with his addictions. How are you doing with yours?

Addictions can be big or small; coffee, Facebook, drama or hard drugs. What's your poison? 


JULIETTE - what illusions do you have about your life and your dreams?

Juliette is super famous, and being super famous sometimes gives you some pretty whack ideas about life.

This card will help you discover what illusions you have about  your own life. 


JEFF - where are your morals a little sketchy?

Jeff isn't really a bad guy, but he sure does make some pretty ruthless decisions sometimes. Hey, none of us are perfect. Hopefully you're not blackmailing anyone into letting minors sign with your label or getting the police to cover up your almost-lethal pool parties...

But if your morals are a little sketchy in some way, this card will let you know where. 


AVERY - what negative thought patterns are holding you back?

I honestly have a big ole' country crush on our boy Avery Barkley, but I don't think I could actually date him. I mean, he's just a bit too much of a brooding downer most of the time. Urgh. Like lighten up a little man! 

This card will let you know where you're negativity is holding you back. 


SCARLETT - what old dreams need reviving? 

One minute she's having a meltdown on stage while playing for a packed out arena, next episode she's singing at the Bluebird! You can always revive old dreams, no matter how stale they are, or how much you swore you'd never do it again!

This card will let you know what old dreams you have that can be revived if you want them!


GUNNAR - where are you wearing your rose coloured glasses?

Gunnar is totes adorbs. He falls in love with every girl he meets and still holds a flame for them all, jumping at the first chance to get back with his ex, or his other ex, or his ex's best friend. It never totally works out for him though. I wonder why hmmm?

This card will help you see where you're wearing those rose coloured glasses in your own life. 


So go get your Nashville boxset and a deck of cards and get your shadow work on country style!

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With love, light and vegan cowboy boots,