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Work Your Light Oracle x

testimonials from previous students:

I love your energy and teaching style. I have learnt so much more than I thought possible, I’ve unlocked a door now that I do not want to ever close behind me, it’s amazing. Sounds weird but I have felt empowered and focused by doing this course. Thank you so much for all of this Vix you are amazing.
— Kelly
This course for me what exactly what I needed to help me on my spiritual journey, Vix provided me with the basic understanding on a variety of topics. I felt like there was so much information out there and I didn’t know where to start. Woo Woo School 101 helps you learn the fundamentals in a fun and interactive way, it was value for money, and you always felt Vix was close by to answer any questions. If you are looking for somewhere to start your spiritual journey, I say start with Woo Woo School.
— Zoe
Just completed woo woo 101 course what more can I say amazing course, created by the amazing Vix thank you so much. as it has brought so much positivity to my life, which was so needed 💖 keep spreading your love and positivity.
— Susie
The benefits of this very casual, fun, introduction ‘school’ are many, beginning with Vix who projects nothing but friendship throughout. I found her guided meditations quite amazing. I generally can respond to guided meditation but they have to be lengthy and slowly bring me along. Vix’s are short…but effective! For me, anyway. I encourage Vix to record audio guided meditations to add to her resources. It’s been (and will continue to be) a great way to navigate through the clutter of daily life.
— Tracy G
Woo Woo 101 was definitely a game changer for me on a soul level. Vix has a way of making information accessible, colorful, fun, fresh, and impactful. The assignments every week really help to make all of the stuff you’re learning sink in, and the online interactive group allows you to connect with like minded people in a safe and shiny corner of cyber space. Being able to open up about my spiritual experiences without the fear of judgement was profoundly nurturing. Thanks for the awesome spiritual ride, Vix!
— Julie


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