New Age Hipster Radio | Episode 24 | Bringing the Angelic Realm Down to Earth with Andrew Barker

New Age Hipster Radio Podcast Angels with Andrew Barker

I was so excited to have this conversation about all things angels, energy and spirituality with the incredible Andrew Barker.

Andrew is a Psychic Medium and Tarot Card Reader who works to make Angels more accessible to people. Through his style of reading, which he refers to as “Love, Light, and F-Bombs” he brings the world of Angels down to earth. Andrew lives in the Washington D.C. area and listens to Britney Spears more than he breathes. 

I’ve been following Andrew online for many years I absolutely love his authentic, bullshit-free take on spirituality, connecting with your angels and living your best life. I hope this conversation serves you and helps you to connect with your own Angels in your own beautiful way.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What are Angels?

  • How to meet and connect with your Angels

  • How to spot signs from your Angels

  • Angel Numbers

  • The difference between Guardian Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and loved ones in spirit

  • Working with Archangel Micheal

  • No bullshit spirituality

  • Angels working for us vs helping us do the work for ourselves

  • Manifesting with the Angels

Hang out with Andrew here:

The Secret to connecting with your guidance + intuition

The secret to connecting with your guidance and intuition x

There is so much info out in the world right now about how to connect with your intuition, your higher self, your spirit guides and angels. And a lot of it is seriously awesomesauce... 

But what if all those meet your guides and third eye meditations just don't seem to work for you? 

I tried all those things for a long time and didn't really get that far with them. I did have awesome moments of clarity, feelings of being absolutely guided in a certain direction and some major epiphanies, but these were pretty few and far between.

So how did I get from floundering around the spiritual realms to running a spiritual biz, being able to clairvoyantly see people's past lives and spirit guides?

I started working with my own energy.

I'd been working in a pretty challenging job situation with a lot of negativity and other people's energy flying out in a gazillion directions for quite a few years and it was making me miserable.

When I began to understand that I was a HSP or an Empath and was picking up on and absorbing everything around me, everything changed.

Energy centred = guidance flowing! (The beach helps too) x

Energy centred = guidance flowing! (The beach helps too) x

Being conscious of what was mine and what was not mine was MEGA. It's like carrying around a massive bag on your back for years and then one day actually noticing what's in that bag and realising it's not even your stuff!

Sidenote: I actually think we are all empaths. Some of us numb it or ignore it, some of us embrace it. No path is "right", only what is right for you and your journey.

Energetic protection has been my rock on my spiritual path. Protecting my energy so I wasn't taking on "stuff" from all over started to make it really clear what was actually mine.

I began working with my own energy in different ways - protecting, clearing (because sometimes you do take on stuff, even when you're super protected), grounding, hanging out with the chakra system.

And then guess what happened? Yep, that third eye just freaking opened and My guides and angels just started popping in for tea.

I didn't have to do anything. Of course, I'm still human. I still have times when I struggle to connect, to know what to do next, or work out which path to take, but when this happens, I go back to basics.


If you want to find out more about how to protect your energy check my totally free e-book How to Stay Shiny for loads of tips and tricks I live by.

And if you want to really get super connected and plugged into your light check out my e-course Woo Woo 101 which takes you through the energy basics, the chakras, intuition, spirit guides and drops you off at the end in the Angelic Realms. Enrol here if it calls you!

With so much love, light and awesome God WIFIs,



When spirit guides go quiet

when spirit guides go quiet new age hipster blog

Sometimes your spirit guides go quiet.

You're doing all the right things; meditation, journalling, sleeping (you know, in case they contact you in your sleep), but nada. Zip. 

You can start to feel like you've lost your magic, you've lost your team and that you're suddenly all alone in the world.

Well, you're not. But I know that doesn't really help when you feel like you are.

So here's some thoughts on what's going on and what you can when your guides go quiet.


Why do guides go quiet?

I did a reading recently for a beautiful soul who was wondering why her guides were quiet. It turned out a big reason her guides had gone quiet was because she was in a major transition in her life. Now you'd expect your guides to be louder than ever, leading you through, but was actually happening for her was that her guides were also in transition. Many of her old guides were transitioning into new roles, preparing to incarnate and moving on in their own journeys. Their work had been done and now it was time to train up some new guides who'd be the brand new energies to take her through the next chapter in her life. 

I think this is happening for many of us right now. We've come a long way, and some of the guides who have led us to where we are now have completed their tasks and are now onto bigger and better things. And so are you. 

Sometimes guides go quiet to let you work things out for yourself.

Many times when faced with a decision we call on our guidance and get really clear answers. Sometimes we don't, but it's not because they aren't helping you, it's because there's more for you to learn and more growth for you to do by working things out on your own at times. They still have your back and are there to catch you if you fall, but remember:

your spirit guides are just here to guide you, not to make all your decisions and live your life for you.


Sometimes it's not them it's you.

If you're struggling to hear your guides take a look at what you're doing to hear them. Are you making sure you have quiet time? Are you meditating and journalling? Are you actually calling on them and asking for help? So many times people are like OMG can't hear my guides, and I'm like, well are you asking them questions? And the person's face goes o_O 

I do it all the time. Honestly. I always forget to ask for help. I even had to put up a card on my wall to bloody well remind me to ask for answers and to ask for help. 

It's easier to get help and answers when you ask.

ask for help spirit guides and angels new age hipster


What you can do about it

When the guides you usually connect with go quiet it's a great opportunity to connect with someone else.

Whether it's calling on your Guardian Angel, The Fae, Jesus, Ganesha, the Goddess, or any other divine being or deity. It can be a great chance to connect with some energies you wouldn't have otherwise

Also it's a really great opportunity to connect with your own self. 

Working with spirit guides is very much about connecting with other beings to help you, but what if you looked within and started trusting your own self even more?

Perhaps that's the real reason spirit guides go quiet is because they want you to connect with your own intuition, higher self and your own soul. 


If you would like to meet, reconnect or connect even deeper with your spirit guide/s check out The Spirit Guide Reading! :D

With so much love and light!



Girl Crush Pyjama Party with Diana Cooper

Diana Cooper is one of my favourite spiritual teachers on the planet right now and a New Age Hipster way ahead of her time (or are we just way behind?)!

I've read a bunch of her books on Angels and Ascension, meditated to her guided meditations and had the immense pleasure and joy seeing her speak and lead us through spiritual exercises for Ascension at the I Can Do It conference last year in London and so when she said she was popping over for a PJ party I nearly jumped out of my sleeping bag!

Diana's energy is so high vibe that you could easily be mistaken for thinking that in her presence you've walked into some kind of Atlantean Healing Temple (or maybe that's just where you recognise her from)!

If you want to find out more about Diana's work and learn How The Angels Can Help You be sure to check out her new online course which is only a tenner right now, and worth so, so much more. I'm signed up and absolutely loving it! 

OK! Now on with the partay! :D


What kind of music should we have at this party?

I’m of the Buddy Holly era and I still love that music. It gets everyone moving!


What favourite make up or beauty products are in your overnight bag?

You should really be asking my 13 year old granddaughter. She is the make up queen. I always have moisturiser, then Lancome foundation and powder and blusher. I put my eyeshadow on with my finger which apparently is terrible. I was told by a Lancome assistant that their products were never tested on animals, but according to the internet the ingredients are tested on animals but not the end product. I think that’s a cop out. So I will be replacing my make up with Lush or another make that definitely does not test any part of their product on animals.


i agree, it's so important to know where our beauty products are coming from, start to finish.

Who does your hair?

I go to a hairdresser’s home because I can take my dog.


And what hairstyle would you have if you could have anything (I'd have a big poodle perm!)?

Oh cool, long blonde straight hair that never needed any attention. Unfortunately that would look terrible on me!


Where do you get all those amazing outfits you’re always wearing?

If I see a colourful top I run in and buy it!


How do you make money to pay for all these things? What’s your job?

I write books about all sorts of spiritual subjects and record CD’s so I receive royalties and I give seminars all over the world. I also have an angel correspondence course and some short on line video courses.


How did you get that job?

After an angel visitation I trained to be a hypnotherapist and set up in practice. Because I worked with angels and guides I attracted people they could connect with. So my work (or joy as I prefer to think of it) evolved from one to one, to groups, to workshops to international seminars and conferences. It has progressed over thirty years one step at a time.


What fun things do you like doing on school/work nights?

Having friends round. Sometimes we eat, watch DVD’s, do spontaneous drawings, read the cards.


Favourite ways to spend the weekend?

First a long walk with my dog, Venus. Then lying in a hammock in the hot sun with friends or family popping round.


Sounds pretty good to me! 

Favourite party food and beverages?

Smoked salmon and champagne.


Favourite pizza topping?

Very boring I’m afraid. I always order a Marguerita.


Favourite movies and TV shows?

Top of my list is a really old one. Sister Act takes a lot of beating. I love films where someone does something courageous and special and wins through, especially if it is inspirational. So another oldie is Saving Grace. The Hundred Foot Journey has lots of message. I adored Avatar.

I do watch TV police dramas like Endeavour but prefer series like Cranford or Lark Rise to Candleford that unfold gently and you learn a great deal. Cesar Milan is wonderful! He has a great personality and I constantly find out what I have done wrong in training my dog.


Sister act is one of my all time faves too!

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one?

Ghosts are the spirits of those who have not passed properly. Yes I have seen many. There was an old lady in my house when I moved in. I used to see her peeping out of the window when I arrived home. She didn’t want to leave but some friends and I persuaded her it was time to pass over properly. She came back and thanked us.

We also had a spirit dog in my home for a while, a naughty Jack Russell, and he led my dog, Venus astray. Until I persuaded him to leave he constantly influenced Venus to escape from the garden. Once that spirit dog had returned to the light Venus never tried to escape again.


Have you ever had any other cool paranormal encounters?

I’ve met angels, and unicorns and dragons and Illumined masters. One of my favourites was when I walked with my daughter in the forest, pushing my three week old granddaughter in her pram. We turned a corner and there were fairies, elves, goblins, pixies and a whole array of elementals sitting on the bank waiting for us. They wanted to see the baby. My daughter agreed and the elementals formed a line and one by one jumped onto the pram and gave her a blessing. The little creatures were so excited because they rarely get to meet a human baby.

I haven’t had any scary paranormal encounters but I have heard angels and elementals singing my name, which was incredibly beautiful and healing.


That sounds incredible, I love the elementals. 

What do you think happens when we die?

It depends on your beliefs. Everyone goes through a life review but this may happen at different stages according to your levels of awareness. Those who have entrenched religious beliefs go to a place where they are given what they expect. This is to lessen the shock of finding out that there is a higher spiritual perspective. Those who have no beliefs are gradually opened up. Those who are very sick may go to spirit hospital for healing. Those who ascend are met by glorious Archangels and welcomed with joy. Everyone eventually returns to their home planet to be debriefed and prepared for the next stage of their soul journey.


Oh I resonate with that explanation so much!

Who do you think you were in a past life?

I have had many past lives as a warrior and can be quite martial. I have also had several as a nun. And my most important one was in Golden Atlantis as a High Priestess.


What time do you usually go to bed?

About 11.


Who’s your girl crush? Who are some women that you really admire?

I really admire Mother Amma, known as the hugging mother, who has dedicated her life to spiritual service. I stayed in her ashram many years ago and was impressed by her joy and lightness, despite the fact that she takes in so much of people’s karma.

I think J.K. Rowling is fantastic. She must have been so prepared before this incarnation to bring through such an amazing piece of work as Harry Potter. And I love the way she handles her wealth and fame with such common sense.

Then there is Aung San Suu Kyi who has undergone relentless imprisonment but always upheld her principles. Such courage.

Also Judy Dench who always gives her best. I once heard her say that she walks into the studio, a tall leggy blonde and comes out on the film as a short old pygmy. That seemed such a human statement.


How can people find you so that they can invite you to their parties too?


Thank you so much Diana for coming over! It was such an honour and a joy to have you, come back any time! :D

With so much love and light!



Advice From Archangels Angel Spread x

Advice from Archangels x

A couple of weeks back I posted an Angel spread to help you connect with your Wingmen, and today we're taking it a little further and basically getting a whole heap of advice from a a bunch of Archangels in one go! YAY! 

This spread is perfect for when you want a general WTF is going on with my life kind of thing. A great daily, weekly or whenever it feels right spread.

This is not about getting your Archangels in a row - e.g pulling the Azrael card in the Release position, although it's been known to happen! This spread is just to help you connect with any Angels and Archangels to help you see what's going on for you in the moment. 

So go ahead and grab your Angel, Oracle or Tarot cards, pull out 7 cards and set them out as above!

Oh, and check out the video below for extra info!


How the Angels see you

Imagine you are zooming out of your life and looking down on yourself. Take a second here to see yourself how the Angels see you. They may want to remind you what you're doing well, give you a pat on the back, a huge hug or deliver a message about what you really need right now.


Michael - Life Purpose Stuff

Archangel Michael is great at clearing and protecting, but he's also pretty good at helping with life purpose and life path stuff. Here he's giving you a clue about what you need to know to make sure you're on the right path


Raphael - Healing

This card represents your healing journey. What needs to be healed? What does Archangel Raphael want to heal in your life? This can be related to any kind of healing that is taking place, or needs to be.

Healing professionals - this could also relate to your work! 


Ariel - Finances and Work

What does Archangel Ariel want you to know about your work and cash flow stuff? The messages here can highlight blocks but also give you some insights into ways to get your abundance is flowing. If you have pets they could show up here too. 


Uriel - Action

Archangel Uriel is all about that inner spark and he's here to encourage you to take action in your life. Uriel is also the dude for calling on if you need help with ideas. What idea do you have that wants to become a reality? What do you need to stop dreaming about and start doing? 


Azrael - Release

What do you need to release right now? A relationship, situation, mindset? This card is all about saying see ya later to this thing that no longer serves you to make room for other stuff that wants to come into your life. 


Gabriel - Self Expression

Archangel Gabriel wants you to know how to express yourself in the most authentically way possible. This card is all about creative pursuits and speaking your truth. What's inside you that needs to come out?


I would love to know if you found this spread useful! Comment below and/or make sure to share your pics of your spreads on Instagram! Hashtag #newagehipster so I can find you!


With love, light and Angel wings!



Wingmen Angel Spread x

Wingmen Spread

Seems like everywhere you look people are posting Tarot Spreads, but where are all the Angel Spreads at guys?! 

Don't even worry your pretty little wings about it though, because starting today I'm going to do you a blog series with some fun ways to use your Angel cards! YAY! And if you need an Angel deck - check out my new video featuring my Top 5 Angel Decks

You can also use these spreads with tarot, any oracle deck, Happy Families or whatever. I also think it's totally fine to use Angel or oracle cards with most tarot spreads too, just as a side note, but if you're looking for spreads designed specifically to help you hang out with the Angels - welcome to New Age Hipster's Angel Spreads party! Whoohoo! 

If you have some stuff you really want to talk about with Angels just let me know in the comments, over on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and I might create a spread specifically for your issue! How awesome is that?!

So most of us are cool with the basic three card spread - past, present, and what I like to call the potential outcome, because you know, you can totally create your own future if you believe you can. This three card-er is a fun way to use a quick three card spread to get in touch with your favourite wingmen!

In this spread I've used Big Mike and Raph, because they are the two Angels I work with most right now, and also, they are seriously super helpful. You can switch this up to get some messages from any of your Angels, other Archangels, whatever you want to do with it! This is just a guideline guys! You can cast the cards in any order and read in any order too, but I'm going with middle as one, left for two and right for three

Here's one I made earlier... If you've got like, way too many Angel decks why not mix them up!? (this is Life Purpose Oracle, Goddess Guidance Oracle and Daily Guidance from your Angels all by Doreen Virtue. x

Here's one I made earlier... If you've got like, way too many Angel decks why not mix them up!? (this is Life Purpose Oracle, Goddess Guidance Oracle and Daily Guidance from your Angels all by Doreen Virtue. x

Card One - Message from yo'self

So this is like a message from yourself, from your higher self, or from the Angels who know you better than you know yourself. Woah!

This is kind of like- what you probably already know but need to be reminded about. Maybe it's something that you know you need to do or say but you haven't yet.

It could be a message about the stuff that you haven't yet totally acknowledged, something you need to work on within yourself. Personal development and all that jazz. 


Card Two - Message from Michael

Because this is a message from Big Mike, it can be about any or all of the following:

  • A protection message
  • A message about what needs to be cleared
  • A message about courage and how to move forward
  • A message about your life path
  • Anything else you associate AA Michael with! 

I love to see this as a clearing card, as it's in that past kind of position, but who knows what Michael is going to want you to know, be open to whatever he tells you!


Card Three - Message from Raphael

Raph is the healing Angel, so this card is going to be all about what needs to be healed in your life in some way including:

  • Emotional stuff to heal
  • Blocks that need clearing
  • Relationship stuff (romantic, family, friendships)
  • Messages about your chakras especially your third eye!


The best Angel cards to use with this spread are probably more general decks, but yes you can totally use Angel Tarot or Archangel cards too! No problemo if you pull the Archangel Raphael card in the Michael place, maybe it's a message about healing and clearing! Pull Archangel Ariel in the AA Raphael spot? No worries, could be a message about clearing some financial stuff?! I'll show you exactly how to do it all in the video below

If you are sharing your spreads on social media be sure to hashtag #NewAgeHipster so I can find you! I'd love to see how this spread works for you! And stay tuned for the next instalment of New Age Hipster Angel Spreads

Love, light and your favourite Angel deck,



Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael Angel Tarot New Age Hipster

Today I want to introduce you to my main man (apart from the bf of course!). The Archangel I work with the most, and the first Archangel many people who start getting into angels start working with. Newbies love him because he is super easy to get to know, and his job is protecting you, which is one of the the first things we really need to place our focus on when we start hanging out in the spiritual realms. Apart from your Guardian Angels who's soul purpose is protecting you, AA Michael can protect you whenever you start feeling the heebie jeebies. Home alone and freaking yourself out with a scary movie? Thought you saw a shadow? Walking back from the pub a little later than usual? Just whisper his name into the breeze, or shout it out loud and he's with you. 

When Archangel Michael swoops in he’s able to lift you out of fear and help protect you from anything that’s not from the light - including your own negative thoughts, freak outs, anxiety, stress or whatever is manifesting in your life that could use an etheric cord cutting!


Who is Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael is the angel of protection. He's a warrior and all about confidence and honour and power! He can protect you physically, and although your Guardian Angels can protect you too, he kind of a greater power than they do. For example, your Guardian Angels can make you swerve out of the road if a truck is coming at you, Archangel Michael can stop the truck. The Archangels are more powerful than Guardian Angels and can be everywhere at once. Your Guardian Angel can only be with you, but Big Mick can be with anyone who calls on him, anytime anywhere, kind of like Jesus. Speaking of Jesus, you don’t have to be a Christian to work with angels, or Archangels, but you totally can be too! He’s non denominational and sees past all that religious dogma. In fact, Angels have been around in history way longer than Christianity.


How can we connect with him?

Archangel Michael is crazy easy to connect with. All you have to do is ask him to have your back. “Archangel Michael, please have my back” will do. Kyle Gray has this cool way of talking to Angels which has a fun manifesting vibe - he suggests that saying “Archangel Michael, thanks for having my back” is a stronger prayer. I totally agree, but I like to do both. I like to throw in a please, then a thank you, but you can do whatever works for you! How you talk to the angels is between you and them. You’ll work out your style of communication and learn what works for you.

Aside from just chatting, you can connect in other ways too. Archangel Michael’s colour is blue, like a deep royal blue, but you might see him in a different shade which is totally cool too.

<3 Meditate and visualise either AA Michael or blue colour or light around you

<3 Burn some incense, you can get a special AA Michael one, or some nice Angel oil!

<3 Use crystals to connect - Angelite, Celestite, Anything royal blue-ish that grabs you

<3 Light royal blue candles

<3 Use Angel cards to connect, specifically asking for an answer from AA Michael

<3 Pull out an AA Michael card and place it by your bed, or somewhere you will see it often


Ways to work with Archangel Michael

So once you've connected and you're pretty sure Archangel Michael is with you you’ll find that he can help you with so much.

<3 Any time you’re feeling nervous or scared call on him for protection

<3 You can ask him to protect you physically, emotionally and spiritually

<3 Ask him to cut your cords

<3 Ask him to vacuum your house of any low level energies (not just ghosts, but like your own, or other people’s negativity that comes in!)

<3 Have him hang out with you on days when you’re feeling extra anxious or worried

<3 Visualise his shield in front of you and his wings outstretched behind you

Archangel Michael is great to call on whenever you are doing spiritual stuff. Whenever I read cards, tarot or angel cards, I always ask him to be with me, to protect me and the reader and keep the space safe for us both. You can’t always be sure in a reading what you are going to pick up (I’ve picked up some weird things!) but you can be sure that if you ask for Angelic protection that the vibe will raise and any negative goo will struggle to hang around.

If you have never worked with Angels before Archangel Michael is the perfect angel to start working with. He’ll show you that working with the Angels is safe, uplifting and life changing!


I would love to know how you get on working with Archangel Michael (or any of the angels!) and if there are any other ways you connect with him too! We all develop our own ways to connect with the angels and these are just some of mine and they are always evolving too! Please let us know in the comments or over on social media what’s occurring between you and this powerful and amazing Angelic dude!


<3 Love, light and angelic blessings <3





Weekly Reading - Guardian Angel Tarot - 27 April to 4 May 2015

Guardian Angel Tarot - Doreen Virtue + Radleigh Valentine
Guardian Angel Tarot - Doreen Virtue + Radleigh Valentine

Sometimes you just need a cuddle, and Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine's Guardian Angel Tarot is the perfect deck for those times. We've had a big reading last week and this week I wanted to bring you a reading that had a softer touch and came with a cup of virtual hot cocoa.

Start of the week - Ten of Emotion

Oh, well that's werid, this is the exact same corresponding card from the Tarot of White Cats we had last week! Another message for us to put our gratitude and focus on those who we love. If you had nothing else; no money, no 'stuff', no new clothes from Urban Outfitters who would you be? Who are you without your stuff? Remember what's really important. Take a break from trying to make the big bucks and online shopping sprees and go and hug someone you love.

Middle of the week - A New Beginning

Ah, finally! A chance to break through some of thisstuck, stagnant energythat's been around for a while. You're only going to be able to move forward if you look at some of your blocks though. What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of failing, or you are actually just a little bit afraid of winning?

End of the week - Helper of Thought

If you managed to look at your blocks in days previous this weekend has the potential to be ON FIRE! Things could start moving faster than you know what to do with them! You have to really think about prioritising your tasks this weekend or else you could start getting way too overwhelmed and not be able to do anything! Make a to do list, then underline the REALLY important things. There's no time to get sidetracked looking at cool hashtags on Instagram this weekend, sorry!

I'll be pulling cards for you from this deck at my Tarot Tuesdayevent this week! Make sure you pop along, it's totally free! I can't wait to see you there! :-D

<3 Love, light and getting unstuck! <3



Guardian Angels

Guardian Angel Tarot - Doreen Virtue + Radleigh Valentine It seems like everyone is talking about Guardian Angels right now. I think I've had more conversations about them in the last week than I have all year! I think that when something comes into your awareness this crazy obviously it’s kind of a sign. So here I am, sharing my thoughts about Guardian Angels!


What are Guardian Angels?

You have your Guardian Angel from the moment you are born, I think even before! This is an angel that stays with you for your entire life. Other angels and guides may come and go depending on what you you need and what energies you could most benefit from working with, but your Guardian Angel is with you all the way. They know you better than anyone, I mean imagine how close you are with your friends from school who you've known for years and years,  now times that by a billion because your angel hasn't only known you for your whole life, they have no ego and have never bitched about you to someone or dated your high school crush or gone to a concert without you.

Even if you don’t talk to them regularly, or at all, this angel has your back 100%. However, they respect your free will so they can’t intervene with your life unless a) you are about to die before your time, or b) you ask them to.

You have at least one Guardian Angel, but you can totally have more. I really don’t think it matters how many you have, or why some people have more than one. There are so many other angels you can call on to build your Angelic team so if you think you want to have like at least four with you at all times, you can make that happen - but more about other angels later!


Sensing Guardian Angels

Your Guardian Angel stands at your right shoulder (I wonder if they stand on your left if you’re a leftie?). See if you feel anything at your shoulder right now while you are reading this. I’m feeling just like really aware of that side of my body, almost like that feeling you get when someone is standing behind you, but not in a creepy way! Someone you actually like!

You might feel shivers or goosebumps when you connect with your Angel. You might get really hot or really cold. Whatever you feel should feel good in some way and should make you feel like your vibe is getting higher. Angels are a high vibe helpful love energy and wouldn’t want to scare you. If you get freaked out just stop for now. You can always try to connect again when you feel more in the angel zone.


How to connect with your Angels

So we've focused on our shoulder to see what we feel, now we’re going to talk to our Angel! It’s so easy, all you have to do is say - “Hi, Guardian Angel? Do you wanna hang out?” or your version of this! You can do this anywhere at anytime, after all, they are always with you! But ideally you’ll find a nice quiet place to chat to them the first time. Maybe after a meditation, before bed, any quiet time you can find. You might want to light some candles or even listen to some Angelic harp music to help set the mood!

All sorts of things may happen next. You might hear a voice - and you might hear this as your own inner voice, so don’t be surprised if it comes from within you rather than a booming outside voice. You might feel tingly or even feel a breeze, you may get the sensation of angel wings surrounding you and giving you a hug! You might just burst into tears.

Or you might feel nothing. If you feel nothing don’t give up! There are things you can do to make the connection clearer.

<3 burn oils - frankincense, lavender, whatever you have on hand.

<3 burn incense - you can get some specifically for connecting to your Guardian Angel and I really think it help!

<3 use crystals - hold a celestite or angelite crystal, or even a clear quartz would do!

<3 get a deck of angel oracle cards and give those a go!


Your Guardian Angel’s name

Once you've established some kind of connection you can go ahead and ask your angel for it’s name. Whatever you hear or feel is the right name. Don’t be disappointed if your angel ends up being called Sarah or John. They give you whatever name is going to be best for you to use to call on them. It’s not actually even important what you call them, giving them a name is simply like getting their phone number. Instead of calling the Guardian Angel receptionist you can call their direct line by using their name.

If you don’t hear or get a name, don’t worry. Start paying attention to signs and names that seem to come up all the time. For example you might meet three people in one day called Simon and then walk past a sign for something something Simon. You might hear a song on the radio and the name Amanda suddenly pops out to you. A sign is a only a sign if it grabs your attention and makes you feel something, pay attention to them!


How can you work with your Guardian Angel?

Some people like to talk to their Angel about every little thing and become serious besties. Other people call on them a couple times a day - usually when they need help or are worried about stuff. The thing is though, once you’ve connected you can talk to them any time. Now you have them on speed dial you can chat away when you are in the car, the shower, in your head while you’re at work or in the bathroom! Anytime, anywhere and about anything.

I call on my Guardian Angels every morning in the shower. I thank them for being with me and I ask them to keep me safe. If there is something I’m worried or anxious about I’ll tell them. Guys, I’m anxious today about finding my way to this new place I have to go to. Please help me get there OK. Angels, I’m really worried about this job interview, please guide me through it. I have to do this presentation this afternoon, please stand behind me and give me a boost of confidence, let me know you are there... Get it?

They are also great to call on when you are having a complete melt down. Ever been dumped? Had something really terrible happen? It might be the last thing you want to do to call on an Angel, I mean how did they let this happen to you?! But it can be good just to know they are there and you're not alone. You can totally yell at them too. They don’t mind that. Your angel has no ego and so won’t hold it against you. They can see you are hurting and will hold the space for you to scream, shout, hurt and heal. Angel energy is very peaceful so you will find it will help calm you in very stressful situations.

Think of your Guardian Angel like the best friend who never gets tired of hearing about your crap and doesn’t have anything else to do except answer the phone. They just want you to tell them once in a while that you are grateful and thank them for their help. It’s their job to look after you, but they also want you to raise your vibe by speaking more positively about yourself and your life!


This is just the tip of the Guardian Angel iceberg, and when you start talking to them and working with them you will go on your own amazing journey, safely supported and guided by these amazing Angelic beings who want nothing more than for us to have an awesome, safe, happy and productive time here!

It would be awesome to chat with you in the comments or on social media about your own experiences with your Guardian Angels! I'd love to know your stories!

<3 Love, light and Angelic good vibes <3



What I know about Angels

What I know about Angels

So I've been going on about Angels for a while now but haven't really stopped to talk about what I really think about Angels. I thought it might be nice to sit down with a tea and tell you what I know about Angels...


1. Angels will get your attention when the time is right

Whether you've had your own spiritual thing going on for years, or you're just starting to ask the big questions, I believe that Angels will make themselves known to you when the time is right - perhaps it's even from reading this! Some people work with Angels when they are little kids, some people (like me!) only discover them later in life. It wasn't that I didn't believe in Angels, they just weren't resonating with me. Honestly, I always thought of them as like 'Christmas Tree Angels'. Something you sang about in Church and saw statues of, and although I thought they were kind of beautiful, I didn't really think that they had anything to do with my life. I don't even know what promoted me to do it, but one day while crystal shopping online I added a deck of Angel Oracle cards to my order, without thinking too much about it... and the rest, as they say, is history!

You may hear people talking about Angels, or start stumbling across blog posts like this one. You may see signs like walking past a shop that has Angel wings in the window, seeing white feathers by your feet, or anything else that reminds you of Angels.


2. Angels are energy

I'm going to say something that could be pretty controversial here so hold onto your hats! Angels are energy. Pretty awesome energy that you can call on for help, and energy you can build relationships with, but you know how everyone sees Angels as these like Renaissance dudes with wings? That's just how some artists around that time saw this energy. Many other people have seen angels and described them as lights and colours. So it goes that back in the days when all these amazing art works were being created people 'mistook' the light that this energy brought as 'wings'. Hey, whatever works for you guys. And I'm so glad they thought it was wings, because how cool do wings look?!

Where Angels come from nobody really knows. God, the Pleiades, Other star systems, Concious collective thought, or maybe we even create them ourselves. OH WHAT?! Stay with me... So for example, yesterday I had a headache. I called upon Archangel Raphael (the healing Angel) to heal my head. So what's really going on when that happens? I'm simply calling upon healing energy to help me right? Wherever that healing energy comes from is fine by me as long as it's from the light! I like to think of it as this cool hot human like glittery man leaning over me with his healing hands and bright white wings healing me because that's what works for me. But if you like to think of the healing Archangel Raphael energy coming from space, or God, or from with inside yourself, bloody go for it!


3. Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides might be one and the same

Some people have this whole tribe of Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, passed over loved ones and I don't even know who else all sorted out into perfect positions. A lot of people think that Spirit Guides and Angels are totally different, which they might be for you, and that's so cool. But for me I've got a Spirit Guide who appears to me with wings, and other one who is like this aqua blue colour, yeah, I dunno, I guess that's how he had to appear to me so I'd know who he was or something! Doreen Virtue talks about Earth Angels; Incarnated Angels who chose to come and have human lives, which is pretty cool, but if Angels can come to earth as humans, why can't Spirit Guides be part Angel too? Woah, mind blown!

I was meditating one day on this idea, after spending ages trying to work out who the heck were my Angels and who were my Guides and I got this message: 'Call me Angel, call me Guide, just call me'. It was just a message from the energy of those around me, collectively perhaps, but it worked for me. So now when I'm in the shower I just shout out a 'hi God, Guides, Angels and whoever else is with me from the light'!


4. Read books and blogs but go with your gut

There are so many Angel books out there and so many of them are AWESOME! I don't always totally resonate with everything I read about Angels, and I don't think I'm meant to. Each book written about Angels is about one person's ideas and experiences and all of us are going to experience Angels differently. You don't have to agree with what everyone says about Angels, or spirituality for that matter! Read and learn whatever and whoever you feel drawn to, but make sure to focus on spending time talking to the Angels yourself. Ask them to guide you to good information about them, Oracle Decks that will resonate with you and people you can talk to about them without feeling crazy. Journal, play with Angel cards and get to know them one on one, or one on however many you have in your camp!


5. When you follow their guidance things go better

When you get that little nudge to sign up for a course, talk to that person at work or stop drinking caffeine and you follow it, things get better. However this guidance comes to you - whether it's an Angelic whisper, a repetitive thought, hearing or seeing signs - if it feels good and it feels right (even if it feels scary or unusual!) that's your guidance right there. I was guided to write this blog post today. I could have gone downstairs to watch more episodes of Friends (OMG Friends is ALWAYS on!), but instead, I sat here and typed this. And maybe it's all just for you to get these messages! Or maybe it's because the Angels are just really bored of watching the whole Rachel/Ross thing... again.


I would love to know your thoughts on what I know about Angels and even share some of your own! Either below in the comments, or you are always welcome on Facebook where there is always someone to chat to about this stuff (usually me!). Also, sign up for the Newsletter below to make sure you don't miss any good stuff. I'm about to start a series of posts on different Archangels and how to work with them! But in the meantime, check out this post on Archangel Orion to keep your Angel cup full!

<3 I'm sending you so much love, light and Angelic Blessings! <3