Be Your Own Oracle Online Course

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Be Your Own Oracle Online Course

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Learn how to:

  • Choose and bond with your deck

  • Prepare your energy for a reading

  • Discover how you receive your guidance, if you are clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairaudient or clairsentient (or a blend!)

  • Strengthen and trust your intuition

  • Understand your personal symbolism system

  • Connect with your guides, angels and higher self through the cards

  • Ask great questions to get great answers

  • Work with spreads for deeper insights

  • Manifest with your Oracle cards

  • Troubleshoot your readings when things don’t make sense, or nothing is coming through

  • Trust your guidance and use the cards to support you in living your best and highest life!

This class is for you if:

  • You’re just starting on your card reading journey

  • You want to be able to read with more confidence, get clearer messages and trust what comes through

  • You want to become more intuitive and strengthen your connection to your guidance

  • You have been reading for a while, or are even a professional reader but you want some fresh new ideas to bring to your readings

What’s included:

  • Over four hours of Video lessons including reading tips, activities, spreads and example readings

  • A PDF workbook including spreads and journal prompts

  • An energy meditation to help you get grounded, clear and protected before readings

  • An invite to a live Q+A call where you can have all your oracle questions answered (only if you enrol before the 27th of February!)