Your totally awesome spiritual journey starts here!

Woo Woo School


Come join me on a beginner's guide to spiritual stuff bootcamp!

Class starts 4th September 2017


In just six weeks you'll learn how to:

  • Clear and protect your energy
  • Get and stay grounded
  • Feel and see your aura
  • Work with and cleanse your Chakras
  • Begin to hear the voice of your Higher Self above all the other 'crap' in your head
  • Start to trust your intuition
  • Meet and work with your Spirit Guides and Angels


Each week you get:

  • A written PDF lesson + workbook chapters to download, print, whatever!
  • A video lesson where I explain stuff in more detail and take you through some activities (yay! activities!)!
  • A downloadable meditation
  • Journal prompts to go even deeper


  • Access to a Super Safe Secret Facebook group where I'll be available most days to answer any questions and posting even more fun prompts. Make friends with all your course buddies and chat about anything and everything that comes up for you, if you wanna. Totally optional!
  • Live Q&A calls via Facebook Live!


This course is totally for you if:

  • You are just starting out on your spiritual journey
  • You're feeling overwhelmed by the amount of spiritual info out there
  • You've been doing this woo woo stuff for a while but have some gaps in your knowledge or just want to go back to basics
  • You've been doing this woo woo stuff for ages but are looking for a new spin on old ideas
  • You want to learn this stuff online but with an actual person to guide you
  • You want a really good basic overview of a whole bunch of topics
  • You want to feel more confident about your spiritual path
  • You like my down to earth and chilled out style, no jargon or gurus here!
  • You want learning this stuff to actually be fun!
  • You don't want to be told 'this is the way' but prefer a 'this is one way' style of teaching that holds space for you to find your own way


What's the haps each week:

  • Week 1: Energetic and Spiritual Protection - you're not going out of the house without a coat
  • Week 2: Grounding and Clearing - let go of crap and get present
  • Week 3: Auras + Chakras - ooooh look at all the pretty colours!
  • Week 4: Intuition and your Higher Self - I knew you were going to say that
  • Week 5: Spirit Guides - I really think you guys should meet
  • Week 6: Angels - Guardian Angel hang out sesh


This course is not for you if:

  • You only like book learning, this course is totally interactive!
  • You want a teacher to tell you exactly what to do, this 'aint no intro to Dogma! (Although that's a great movie)
  • You like doing boring stuff, like reading all the books without talking to anyone 
  • You take yourself and your spirituality really, really seriously because we are going to be having heaps of awesome fun times! YAY!

About your guide

Vix from New Age Hipster x

I don't really see myself as being your “teacher” on this journey, but more like a sort of spiritual realms tour guide.

I can take you to the sites, but you have the freedom to do what you want when you get there. I can give you the info and tell you about my experiences, but ultimately what you experience is personal. Don't worry though, I'll be hanging around if you have any questions, I'll come find you if you get lost or need help with translation, or even if you just run out of soap. 

I'm a professional Intuitive Tarot and Angel Card Reader, trained by Doreen Virtue, a Celtic Reiki Mystic Master and level II in Holy Fire Reiki.

I have been on my own spiritual path for as long as I can remember, and I want to share with you what I know works in the real world, for real people. I also have two masters degrees in Education, so I have a bit of background with this teaching lark too. 


Woo Woo 101 Bonuses!

When you sign up for Woo Woo 101 you also get:

  • free mini readings in the Facebook Group

  • Access to students only live calls

  • be added to my private VIP mailing list to get crazy hot deals on future courses, readings, random pay what you can days and whatever else i'm up to! whoop!

All this gorgeous shizzle is just

£127! :OO

But wait! 

If you sign up before the 14th of August you can get £20 off! OMGGGGG!

Early Bird price is just

£107! :OOO




Need a payment plan??

Payment plans only available until the 14th of August!!


Option 1 can get you into Woo Woo 101 for just

£33 a month for 4 months


Option 2 can get you into both Woo Woo 101 + Totally Spiritual for just

£60 a month for 5 months


And Option 3 can get you into both Woo Woo 101 + Totally Spiritual and 2 x Spiritual Mentoring sessions with me for just

£83 a month for 5 months


Still not sure if this awesomeness is for you?

check out what woo woo schoolers said about their Class! 

Just completed woo woo 101 course what more can I say amazing course,
created by the amazing Vix thank you so much. as it has brought so
much positivity to my life, which was so needed 💖 keep spreading your
love and positivity.
— Susie
The benefits of this very casual, fun, introduction ‘school’ are many, beginning with Vix who projects nothing but friendship throughout. I found her guided meditations quite amazing. I generally can respond to guided meditation but they have to be lengthy and slowly bring me along. Vix’s are short…but effective! For me, anyway. I encourage Vix to record audio guided meditations to add to her resources. It’s been (and will continue to be) a great way to navigate through the clutter of daily life.
— Tracy G
As someone who thought she had a handle on her Woo Woo stuff, boy was I wrong. Vix’s Woo Woo 101 is a refreshing reminder of the basics no matter if you are brand new or just need a refresher. The topics are well thought out, fun and interactive with fun assignments like getting to know your guides and hugging trees! I thoroughly enjoyed taking the course and getting to know the group on Facebook too. I would highly recommend this course to anyone, especially if you’re being called to it. Thanks again Vix!
— Ariel
Woo Woo 101 was definitely a game changer for me on a soul level. Vix has a way of making information accessible, colorful, fun, fresh, and impactful. The assignments every week really help to make all of the stuff you’re learning sink in, and the online interactive group allows you to connect with like minded people in a safe and shiny corner of cyber space. Being able to open up about my spiritual experiences without the fear of judgement was profoundly nurturing. Thanks for the awesome spiritual ride, Vix!
— Julie

And here's some more awesome things people said! :O

The emails are great - you have an amazing way with words, but not like a purple prose bullshit way. To the point but bright and shiny.
— Tanya
Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. I leaned so much! Now you need a course on crystals ;) you’re a wonderful teacher Vix!
— Danna
Everything was explained very clearly, spelled out and clear, with you on the other side of facebook ready to answer additional questions. I had no idea about protection bubbles, but since I’ve been using them I’ve felt a lot better in public places and around negative energies.
— Delphine
I’ve absolutely loved every minute of it and I’m still not finished the course yet. It’s a resource that I’ll come back to for years to come. Thank you so much Vix, you are a lovely teacher and make things so fun. Thanks a million.
— Amy
I really enjoyed WooWoo101 and it’s made me focus on my spiritual devlopment. I’ve learnt new tools to protect myself and connect to my spiritual side. I really enjoyed getting to know my guides and higher self and am feeling more powerful as a result.
— Annalisa
It was a lovely, nurturing, empowering, fun journey.
— Katey


Stay in touch for info about upcoming courses and other awesome woo bits!